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Wrap: Create 3D Polygon Models direct from 3D Scanner Data Art and Sculpture Create perfect works of art, scale sculptures, and archive and restore fragile or eroded artifacts with the help of 3D. Artists and sculptors everywhere are using Geomagic Wrap to represent physical objects in 3D design environments, delivering watertight 3D data in a wide range of industry-standard formats. 3D Imaging for Analysis, Animation and Filmmaking Rapidly create perfect, watertight 3D models of physical objects from 3D scans and use them to perform advanced functions such as Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). In addition, visual effects artists and animators can use these 3D models in Maya, 3ds Max and more.

15-463: Computational Photography INSTRUCTOR:Alexei (Alyosha) Efros (Office hours: Tuesdays 5pm-6pm, EDSH 225)TA: Marynel Vázquez (Office hours: Wednesdays 10am-11am, NSH 4227)UNIVERSITY UNITS: 12SEMESTER: Fall 2012WEB PAGE: Piazza Course WebsiteLOCATION: GHC 5222TIME: T R 12:00--1:20 PM COURSE OVERVIEW: Computational Photography is an emerging new field created by the convergence of computer graphics, computer vision and photography. Its role is to overcome the limitations of the traditional camera by using computational techniques to produce a richer, more vivid, perhaps more perceptually meaningful representation of our visual world. The aim of this advanced undergraduate course is to study ways in which samples from the real world (images and video) can be used to generate compelling computer graphics imagery.

Plugins - CloudCompareWiki From CloudCompareWiki Point-Cloud Processing and Visualization Software - Pointools Quickly visualize, manipulate, animate, and edit point clouds all in a single workflow. This streamlined process helps you decrease production time and increase overall accuracy. Process point clouds for all your infrastructure projects, with Bentley Pointools. MeshLab Mozilla Firefox From point cloud to BIM Survey software provider Kubit, recently acquired by Faro, goes back to basics with its analysis of the implications and ways of surveyed data capture Figuire 1 Point cloud as reference model: 3D view (left), planar view of the point cloud region (upper right) and the resulting 3D model (lower right) Building Information Modelling (BIM) methodology is increasingly penetrating into building design.

Point Cloud Processing 3DReshaper makes accurate and easy points selection from clouds. Clean point clouds automatically and efficiently 3DReshaper® is a tool to process 3D point clouds wherever they come from: 3D scanners, laser scanning, UAVs, or any other digitization device... Geomagic grape3D Laser scanners : Reconstructor To make more effective the use of the x300, Stonex, has developed a powerful and flexible software called Stonex Reconstructor. The Stonex Reconstructor software is based on the well known JRC 3D Reconstructor ® technology. JRC 3D Reconstructor® is a software package worldwide appreciated for 3D laser scanner data processing in several application fields. Description The software – engineered and powered by Gexcel srl, under Stonex requirements - comes from the convergence of two experiences: the academic know-how of University studies and the applied research achievements of the European Joint Research Centre (JRC), located in Ispra (Italy). The software aim is to turn the latest scientific achievements in the Geomatics field into an hi-tech software for wide application areas.

kubit Dresden, Software for Surveying, Construction and Architecture MeshLab