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CloudCompare - Open Source project

CloudCompare - Open Source project
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3D Point Cloud Editor *Sample data sources: USC lidar simulator, the Stanford 3D scanning repository and Overview The point cloud editor is a software supporting a set of features for visualizing and editing point clouds with a large number of points. The visualization functionalities include: Input file format supported: .xyz, .las. Cloud rotation. The editing functionalities include: Point selection by mouse picking, 2D rubber band, and 3D cube. Documentations Tutorial Downloads Contact Info Bug reports and other comments: send email to Yue Li or Matthew Hielsberg Related Links Related Projects Computer requirements... Hello all, this is a subject that has been covered quite extensively here but there are still too many questions unanswered since it is pretty complex and no one has enough time to test every possible configuration.I have read every post here concerning this topic but I still have some doubts.If I understood correctly, the basics that we know so far are these:The more memory the better. Small projects (no more than 30 or 40 14 Mpix pictures) will do with 32 to 64 GB of RAM and bigger projects will need more than 256 GB of RAM. This applies specially for using the Ultra High setting when building the Dense Cloud.Video Cards: AMD cards are much faster than Nvidia ones for PS. If you can afford 2 or more even better. ...Thanks a lot for your insights in this matter.Leo

Point-Cloud Processing and Visualization Software - Pointools Quickly visualize, manipulate, animate, and edit point clouds all in a single workflow. This streamlined process helps you decrease production time and increase overall accuracy. Process point clouds for all your infrastructure projects, with Bentley Pointools. High-performance point-cloud engine Fast level of detail, layer-based editing and segmentation of data Professional-quality images, animations, and movies Clash detection Bentley Pointools is powered by Pointools Vortex, the industry’s leading point-cloud engine, which enables the support of very large point clouds. With Bentley Pointools, you can easily import and view three types of objects: Point clouds, which can be imported from a large range of scanners Textured 3D models, which can be imported from a number of common model formats 2D CAD drawings, which can be imported from DXF, DWG, and SHP file formats

openMVG: "open Multiple View Geometry" "open Multiple View Geometry" is a library for computer-vision scientists and especially targeted to the Multiple View Geometry community. It is designed to provide an easy access to the classical problem solvers in Multiple View Geometry and solve them accurately. The openMVG credo is: "Keep it simple, keep it maintainable". OpenMVG targets readable code that is easy to use and modify by the community. All the features and modules are unit tested. This test driven development ensures that the code works as it should and enables more consistent repeatability. openMVG multiview module consists of a collection of: solvers for 2 to n-view geometry constraints that arise in multiple view geometry. a generic framework that can embed these solvers for robust estimation.openMVG provides a complete Structure from Motion incremental chain.

cuda-waste - Why Another Simple Trivial Emulator for CUDA? CUDA Waste is a wrapper for emulation of CUDA programs. Why this emulator? In 2010, Nvidia decided to drop the emulator mode from its CUDA SDK (version 3.1). At this time, CUDA instructions for the GPU (PTX) are emulated by an interpreter. You can download the installation program, or you can "svn co" the sources, and build the latest version if you like. System Requirements 1) User program must be a 32-bit application. 64-bit applications will not run. 2) You are running Windows 7 or 8. 3) The CUDA Toolkit is installed. Install CUDA Waste 4) Download the MSI installation file for Waste and install it. 5) Modify the PATH environmental variable to include c:\program files\waste\waste\, the directory containing Waste's Exe and Dll. 6) Start a cmd or bash shell. Run CUDA Waste 7) Execute your program in a cmd or bash shell using: waste [options] your-program.exe [program-options] Your program will execute with the CUDA emulator by default. Options -s=NUMBER, --padding-size=NUMBER -t, --trace $ .

Point Cloud Processing | 3DReshaper | 3DReshaper (Home) 3DReshaper makes accurate and easy points selection from clouds. Clean point clouds automatically and efficiently 3DReshaper® is a tool to process 3D point clouds wherever they come from: 3D scanners, laser scanning, UAVs, or any other digitization device... You can import one or several point clouds whatever their origin and size (see the file formats supported by 3DReshaper). Point cloud preparation is often the most important step to handle in order to save time with the subsequent steps (i.e. meshing). That is why 3DReshaper provides a complete range of simple but powerful functions to process point clouds like: vtk - How to visualize TOF-Sensor data in PCL (with Qt)