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A R M A N D   S E R R A N O

A R M A N D   S E R R A N O

Tom Whalen | Strong Stuff Illustration & Design Ken Wong : Artist, Illustrator, Designer Art I've created professionally for video games & fanart for other games Know Your Street Fighters Created for the Combo Attack show at iam8bit gallery to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Street Fighter! Mario Dreams Mona Scythian Created for the Sword & Sworcery A/V Jam. Snailfight An early piece to establish the feeling of Alice: Madness Returns, a game for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, released in 2011. Big Eyes Early concept art for the titular character in Alice: Madness Returns, depicting the difference between her London and Wonderland identities. Alice: Madness Returns color script We made use of color scripts to keep the environment fresh and distinct as the player progressed, and communicate certain ideas or emotions. Epic Link A "what-if?" Jungle Temple Environment design for upcoming free-to-play game BigHead Bash, from Spicy Horse. Baijiu Racing Mood piece for a racing game based on Chinese vehicles. Ling Ling Character idea / mood piece for racing game based on Chinese vehicles. Yanzi Boxland

One Frame Per Doodle fashion from old people Valentino Fall 2014 Menswear Inaugural dress of Fay Webb Gardner, 1928-29 Fuchsia Dress c. 1923-1925 Nasjonalmuseet for Kunst, Arketketur, og Design (via omgthatdress) Hi, this is Emily, and I know this isn’t a dress, but I thought I would put up a link to this project all the same for folks that might be interested… I’m part of the new line-up of art books for Benign Kingdom’s Spring 2013 collection! Thanks! I’ve been watching the excellent BBC show The Hour and if you like vintage fashions, man, point your eyeballs at that one. Michael Kutsche Hyperrealist Drawings by Paul Cadden Incredible hyperrealist Draitings by Paul Cadden, an artist from Glasgow, Scotland. Paul focused on subtle details the subjects he depicted and created the visual illusion of a reality of the portrait drawings. He also incorporated emotional, social, cultural and political thematic elements in his works as an extension of the painted visual illusion. View the website

Welcome to Daisuke Tsutsumi's Blog vesner (Kate Redesiuk) on deviantART Improve Faster - by Mitch @ Pencil Kings by *NaomiRomero on deviantART art of the criminal mastermind Therese Larsson on Behance UNDERSTANDING ANATOMY: part IV by Character Design | Artist Interviews