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Free Knitting Patterns by Category - 9,000+ Free Knitting Patterns and Crocheting Patterns

Free Knitting Patterns by Category - 9,000+ Free Knitting Patterns and Crocheting Patterns
Crochet Patterns Knitting Patterns Sewing Patterns Cross Stitch Patterns Quilt Patterns Yarn Stores Search for: in: Free Knitting Patterns by category (over 9,000 free patterns!): © 2014 | Popular Searches | Knitting & Crochet Books | How to Crochet | How to Knit | Contact | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use Related:  Knitting...tricotdebspearls

Free Crochet and Knit Patterns Slippers: NEW!Apache Tears Slippers (Crochet) - I love the Apache Tears Afghan, so decided to work this design into a slippers pattern. I love it! NEW!Summer Slippers (Crochet) - Airy, cool slippers for the warmer weather. NEW! NEW! NEW! NEW! Crocheted Plaid Slippers - Made with worsted weight yarn, 3 colors of your choice. Crocheted "Knit-Look" Slippers - These slippers look a lot like they were knit. Crocheted Seed Stitch Slippers I found these very easy to make. Sue's Knit Baby Slippers These are based on my Knitted Moccasin Slippers for adults. Slip Stitch Knitted Slippers These are very easy to make. Men's Slip Stitch Knitted Slippers These are made with double strands of yarn. Crocheted Baby Sneaker Booties This is my version of Crocheted Sneakers for babies. Crocheted Sneakers This pattern is similar to the old Sneaker Slippers which I don't feature anymore as this new pattern is easier to make. Crocheted High Top Striped Slippers Easy to make. Socks: NEW! Men's Knitted Socks Hats: NEW!

Free Shipping Codes & Coupons to 4,000+ Stores!™ 653 Patterns To Knit With 1-285 Yards Of Yarn As promised, here are all 653 pattern links. Some of the yardages are guesstimates. I've placed question marks after those. If someone knits these, post a comment letting me know how much yarn you used and I'll change it. There's more! Feel free to post more pattern links in the comments section of this post. A note: Please be courteous to the bloggers whose patterns are on this list. 1-3 fw Valentine heart ring3? 10? 20 ww Hexagon fish blankie (per fish)20 ww Fun fur hanger cover20 ww Felted mushrooms20? 30? 40?

DIY Easy Norwegian House Slippers (the crochet version by Mommyknows) | Kim Becker {aka MommyKnows} Last week after Craftzine so kindly put my Candy Sushi post up on their site, I found this nifty tutorial for Norwegian house slippers over there as well. I loved them, and the crafty side of me, that I try so very hard to suppress, just came bubbling to the surface. I was going to make these slippers! There were a few problems though … I didn’t have the right weight of yarn –> Ah, to heck with that, I’ll just make do with what I do have, as long as it’s wool and will felt … who cares right? So once again, I was making a craft and following none of the instructions! My materials: 3 colours of wool yarn (suitable for felting) (4 weight, I think) 1 crochet needle (mine is a size 5 from Lizzy’s Klutz kit) I did the whole pattern in single crochet. Sizing: according to the instructions you need 16 stitches across to make a size 5, but her yarn looked pretty thin compared to mine and the stitches more loose. I was careful to make sure all my squares were the same size.

Free Craft eBooks - Officially The Coolest Free Baby Sweater Pattern On The Net! · Knitting | Oct The sweater is knit in two pieces. The main piece is knit up the back and down the front. and it’s here, on the Jimmy Beans Wool website: Valerie won this contest last April and I can see why. Valerie is a stay-at-home mother to five very interesting children. By Terrye chaussons adultes au tricot - Petits plaisirs avec de la laine encore un modèle tout simple de chaussons on dirait une pochette et quand on glisse le pied dedans voilà ce que ça donne les explications j'ai utilisé la laine "royal "de zeeman (100% acrylique,0,99€ la pelote de 100g,241m de fil ) et des aiguilles 4,5 1 seule pelote suffit dans ce cas ci pour tricoter la paire j'ai adapté pour mon pied (rappel pointure 37) on commence par le milieu de la bride monter 5 mailles ,tricoter 8 rangs en points endroit (si vous souhaitez faire des lanières pour nouer ,tricotez + que 8 rangs) continuer à l'endroit en augmentant 1 maille (dans la première maille que je tricote 2 fois une fois en prenant le brin avant et une fois dans le brin arrière) jusqu'à ce que j'ai 20 mailles,ensuite doubler le nombre de mailles en tricoter chaque maille 2 fois (une fois par le brin avant une fois par le brin arrière)=40 mailles une petite fleur et un tour en mailles serrés et les voilà terminés

Garden art on the cheap DIY: Glass marbles in your fence | Garden Drama Colorful marbles make a plain old fence sparkle. I had the pleasure of speaking at the Lake Owasso Garden Club this week. It was a full classroom of avid, fun-loving gardeners and the topic at hand was Art in the Garden. As I told the group, I think art and the garden go together like peas and carrots and as I prepped my talk, I was reminded of one of my favorite DIY project from my own garden, the Garden Drama test garden. Festooning a six foot privacy with marbles is addictive fun that really adds a pop and punch to the garden setting, especially when the sun hits it from the back. I would recommend using new marbles. Then go to town. I lose a marble or two over the winter from the wood contracting and expanding and maybe a couple over the summer, but a little vigilance, popping them back in is all that’s needed. Beware though, once you get going on this one, you will want to be be-dazzling your entire fence. Like this: Like Loading...

Easiest Beginner Knit Hat Pattern Ever| The Any Size, Any Yarn, Any Needle Hat When I started teaching knitting and crochet I wanted to give my students something they could work on besides a scarf. I think 90% of us made a scarf for our first projects but after making one scarf, you don’t always feel confident enough to tackle a more difficult pattern so you get hung up on creating scarf after scarf. I created the “Any Size, Any Yarn, Any Needle Hat” instructions for just that purpose but I soon learned that even experienced knitters loved them for their ease of use and because you can make hats in a variety of different styles and stitches that fit perfectly every time. Instead of being made to size from a pattern, these hats are made to measure. Basically, you are just knitting a long rectangle, so no advanced skills are necessary. To start, you will first need to take some measurements: Measuring Your Head Measure the circumference of the head and the depth of the crown as shown in this image. Men: 22″ circumference, 8″ crown

Ballerina Top Adult size Free Pattern Ballerina Lace Top Adult size By AnnooCrochet Designs (Pattern is for XS size ) You will Need: Crochet hook : 3.25mm Tapestry Needle Cascade yarn in Grey and Creamor any Dk, Light 8ply yarn Stitches used ch: chain sc: single crochet dc: double crochetcl: cluster st: stitchessk: skip Pattern: You will Use The Grey Yarn ( some of the pics are not true to color but are there only for tutorial Purpose) Body: With Grey Yarn ch 120, Round 1: sl st in first ch, making sure your chain is not twisted, sc all around sl st with first sc. Round 2: ch3, 2dc in same st, [sk2 st, 3dc] all around, sl st with first ch3 You will have 40 shells in totalRound 3: ch, sc in same st, sc all around, sl st with first sc Round 4: ch3, 2dc in same st, [sk2st, 3dc] all around, sl st with first ch3 Round 5: ch, sc in same st sc all around Join with first scRound 6-14: Repeat Round 2 to 5 Place little scraps of colored yarn at the beginning of your row and count 20 shells, place a second one Front shoulder Straps: ch3 sc all along turn Back:

DROPS Jacket, pants, soft toy and blanket in Alpaca DROPS ALPACA UNI COLOUR (50g) 5.40 USD DROPS ALPACA MIX (50g) 5.40 USD DROPS 152-155 are now available in the stores for $2 per catalog – no yarn purchase required! The catalogs are printed in a limited edition, so visit your local DROPS store today! Find the DROPS Spring & Summer 2014 Collection here! The DROPS knitting and crochet experts are also working full time making new tutorial videos for this new collection! NOTE: This pattern is written in American English. Knitting gauge: 26 sts x 52 rows on needles size 2.5 mm / US 1 in garter sts = 10 x 10 cm / 4'' x 4''. Garter sts: Knit all rows Knitting tips: Every time you turn the piece, slip 1 st after turning and tighten thread before continuing. JACKET: Start on left front, knit towards the sleeve, the back, the other sleeve and finish with right front. Assembly: Sew the openings under the arms. Right leg: Cast on 52-60-64 (70-74) sts (incl 1 edge st each side) using needle size 2.5/US 1 and light mint and knit garter sts.

Easy Patterns You Can Knit While Watching TV We’ve all been there: you’re dying to knit, but you’re also dying to watch the latest episode of your favorite TV show. Our free time is precious, so combining two of our favorite pleasures makes sense. But if you don’t choose the right knitting project, bad things can happen. It’s impossible to focus on what’s happening on The Walking Dead while you shape a sleeve. Here’s what to look for when choosing a knitting pattern to work on while watching TV, plus a few pattern suggestions to help you out. Photo via Craftsy member ambah obrien What kinds of patterns to look for Avoid a pattern that requires counting rows or stitches. There’s no way you’re going to be able to focus on counting while also watching good-looking actors and actresses or even a fast-paced drama. Keep the shaping simple. Shaping usually means looking down to make sure you’re knitting increases and decreasing without losing any extra stitches. Stick with one-color patterns. That means no fancy colorwork, knitters!

Color Theory 101: selecting yarns that go together A lot of patterns going around at the moment feature stripes: two or three colors that go together perfectly. You could follow the colors suggested in the pattern sample… but you want to try something a little different. But how in the world do you pick a colors that go together? Most yarn lines contain a wide range of of colors. Whoa! But don’t fret. It’s not all of the yarns, of course! Most yarn companies design their colors of yarn with compatibility in mind. Fortunately, there’s a name for the art of picking colors that go together: color theory. There are three color schemes that, if followed, will create knock-your-socks-off color combos: analogous, complementary and split complementary. Analogous Analogous colors are the ones that are next to each other on the color wheel: This scheme can work with any number of colors… pick two that are next to each other, three or four! Complementary I love using complementary colors. Split Complementary See… it’s not so bad? Related

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