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Garlic Butter Rolls › shutterbean

Garlic Butter Rolls › shutterbean
For those of you who swoon over garlic twisty bread but can’t bring yourself to order whole pizza to make the delivery worthwhile, this one’s for you! They are scrumptious! Dip some in marinara or serve them with a salad and pasta! You could also eat them alone, directly from your kitchen counter. No one will know. Promise. To push them over the edge of deliciousness, I am going to tuck a little bit of Parmesan cheese in the middle of each roll before I form them into little dough balls next time! I used Trader Joe’s plain pizza dough for this batch! Start by mincing 4 cloves of garlic. While your dough is getting to room temp, get your muffin tin ready and put some oil in a little bowl. Cut the dough into 12 pieces. Put a pinch of garlic on top. Brush the tops with olive oil and place in the oven for 15-18 mins. Here’s what they look like after 17 minutes in my oven. Dip them in a bowl of melted butter and parsley. You have yourself a very delicious little garlic knot/roll. Makes 12

What was I thinking? Have you ever tried to make homemade cake doughnuts? Not the yeast kind… the cake kind? Well, I tried to last weekend and it was a disaster. I had dough stuck to my hands. Stuck to the counter. I did manage to squeak out a few doughnuts, but they ended up with crusty outsides and doughy, sticky insides. Pizza Stuffed Pretzels As a stay at home mom, I tend to eat whatever I can find for lunch. The only exception is when I have friends over for lunch dates. Normally, I'll have lunch already prepared before my friends arrived but that wasn't the case the other day. My friend Suzanne came over recently and I had nothing really ready.

Baked Parmesan Zucchini Sticks I got kinda hooked on these this summer. I’ve always loved the zucchini sticks my parents served at their pizzeria and used to eat them often when I worked there. But let’s be real, though they are a “vegetable”… the deep fried part kinda trumps the veggie part don’t ya think? Cheese Pinwheel Rolls Sooner or later, all my conversations inevitably turn to food. Don’t believe me? Call me up sometime and try to, say, sell me some insurance. I guarantee that before we get off the phone, I’ll be giving you my recipe for blackberry jam. I can’t help it. It’s just how I work.

Twice Baked Potatoes with Garlic Herb Shitake Mushrooms I’ve been on a veritable binge with sweets, chocolate and desserts in general for the last few days! Have to fess up I’ve been totally overindulging in “poor me I’m going to be an empty nester”! Think not? Well here’s just one example; Filippo wanted oatmeal raisin cookies at 10:30 the other night. Yep, turned on the oven and within half an hour we were munching on warm oatmeal cookies!

The nutella Cheesecake This is definitely one of the most delicious dessert I have prepared in the last months. Its soft and creamy texture and its crispy base make this Nutella cheesecake one of my favorite dessert ever now! I’ve made it yesterday afternoon since I stayed home and I had plenty of free time. 10 Ways to Dress Up and Improve a Frozen Pizza » Man Made DIY My special someone is out of the country for the next eleven days. I can certainly fend for myself nutritionally, but, I'm probably not going to get too culinarily ambitious. I find I either want to cook for lots and lots of folks (hence my two dinner parties over the weekend), or not really mess with it. I mean, who I am gonna impress and treat?

Chicken Parmigiana This is one of the go-to dishes I make for my family of six. Rich, flavorful, and totally satisfying, we all love it, including my big, strapping cowboy of a husband. And that’s a very, very good thing. Break out the good Parmesan for this one, my friends.

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