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StreamTransport - Hulu downloader/ Youtube downloader/ FLV downloader helps download hulu TV shows/ record hulu movies/ capture hulu videos.

StreamTransport - Hulu downloader/ Youtube downloader/ FLV downloader helps download hulu TV shows/ record hulu movies/ capture hulu videos.
Download from almost any video-sharing sites With StreamTransport, the free online video downloader, you can easily browse and download either on-demand videos or live streaming videos from YouTube, Hulu, Yahoo Video, Vemio, Metacafe, Facebook, FC2, and more… Detect video URL automatically for download With the embed browser of the free FLV downloader, you can browse and detect URL of the playing video automatically. And your next step is just highlighting the URL, click download and wait. Enrich your Audio/Video collection for Free Enjoy videos and movies online are a lot of fun. With StreamTransport, you can expand the fun by saving and take full charge of them. Besides, you can watch them on iPhone/iPad with the help of other freeware here. Fast download multiple videos at one time Create one download task and go back to the main interface, you can create another task.

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The Ultimate Wget Download Guide With 15 Awesome Examples wget utility is the best option to download files from internet. wget can pretty much handle all complex download situations including large file downloads, recursive downloads, non-interactive downloads, multiple file downloads etc., HTTP Ripper Alternatives and Similar Software It's awesome that you want to help us remove incorrect alternatives. Feel free to report more applications below. But keep in mind that the only reason for an alternative not to be valid is if it doesn't share common functionality with HTTP Ripper .

Run Jesus Run a.k.a. The 10 Second Gospel Run Jesus Run: aka the 10 second gospel Made in 4 days for the Experimental Gameplay Project - theme "10 seconds" Instructions: click on the Flash object to start. You have 10 seconds to redeem the humanity. Arrow keys: Run. wget - Resume downloads, limit the speed and much 1 wget is a command line tool used to download files, or complete webpages, it is a great utility with lots of options, as you can see if you read the wget man page Some months ago, I have written about how to download files with wget, now I want to add some other tips to those already explained that day. Resume a download If you need to stop a current download, and pretend to resume it later, you should use the -c option i.e.:

WordNet+Artha: A great Linux thesaurus combo I am a writer. I write loads of technical documentation as well as novels (check out my fiction on Smashwords and Autumnal Press). Because of my trade I am always seeking out tools to aid in my own process. FSL - Super Finder XT Powerful replacement for Windows XP™ built-in search.Search files, folders and other data efficiently and easily. Are you frustrated by the standard search utility? Try Super Finder! An example: Windows XP search utility won't search the source codes for html file, but Super Finder does, and that's very useful for web designers. Right-click on the results, and you get the usual context menu, letting you open the html files with notepad or our preferred editor. (this is just one of many cases that Super Finder can solve)

To: Customize your Ubuntu Live CD Live CD are great, they let you try out a distribution without installing it. They allow you to run your favorite distribution on any computer and on the top of this, they become handy to recover a system. Ubuntu live CD is already packed up with some pretty nifty software that allow you to do pretty much everything with the Live CD, but still, they might be some software you don't need that are include with it or, some software you need might be missing.

Media Converter - Free Fast conversion of many files on multi-core processor systems Windows Explorer integration Video/audio file information, error descriptions and file launching Ubuntu Unofficial Repository - SABnzbd-Mozilla Firefox JCFP maintains an Ubuntu package which is stored in an unofficial repository. Attention: As of Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid, SABnzbd is part of the standard Ubuntu repository "multiverse". Installing SABnzbd is easy: Start the Software Center and search "sabnzbd" (or "sabnzbdplus").

FSL - BakadoPlayer Subtitles oriented media player: No more subs overlapping! Some features: Separated and sizeable areas for subtitles and movie (no more subs overlapping!). Overlapped subtitles (Classic Media Player) Separated subtitles, no ovelapping (BakadoPlayer)