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Node.js Manual

Node.js Manual

Packages/1.0 - CommonJS Spec Wiki Implementations JSBuild, PINF JS Loader, ArangoDB Packages This specification describes the CommonJS package format for distributing CommonJS programs and libraries. A CommonJS package is a cohesive wrapping of a collection of modules, code and other assets into a single form. 10 Excellent New Free Fonts Here at WDL, we know how important it is for our readers to have as many good resources as possible in their design library. That’s why we do our best to gather what is new out there and deliver it to you. So today we have a new round of free fonts to give you plenty of typography options for your upcoming designs.

Felix's Node.js Style Guide/en « Home / All Guides IMPORTANT: This version is outdated, the latest version is available on GitHub. There is no official document that governs the style of node.js applications. How to redirect your site to a mobile version through JavaScript « Sebastiano Armeli's Tech Blog The user needs to be redirected to the mobile version of the site (home page) if it’s trying to access the site from a mobile device. UPDATE 25/07/2011 : Version 0.9.5 released with support for “tablet_url”, “keep_path” and “keep_query” properties. Ipad and other tablet devices have been excluded from the list of mobile devices by default. node.js Node's most valuable feature is the friendly and colorful community of developers. There are many places where this group congregates on the internet. This page attempts to highlight the best forums. GitHub

LavaLamp for jQuery lovers! Hover above and feel for yourself, the nifty effect of Lava Lamp. What you just experienced is nothing but the LavaLamp menu packaged as a plugin for the amazing jQuery javascript library. I personally believe that the effect rivals that of flash – Don’t you? Especially considering the fact that it is extremely light weight. Just so you know, it weighs just 700 bytes(minified)! Often I have noticed, that the credits are usually granted towards the end. Essential Node.js patterns and snippets In this post, I take a look at the different patterns that you need to know when using Node.js. These came from my own coding and from a look at the code behind Tim Caswell’s flow control libraries. I think it is necessary to know how these basic patterns are implemented even if you use a library..

twich: php + node.js realtime web-based chat Twich was first mentioned back in July when the author, Isaac Su, posted a news item to Hacker News titled “I made a browser-based chat app. Based on node.js and nodechat.”. Yesterday (October 27, 2010), Isaac posted another news item to Hacker News titled “Remember (node.js realtime chat)? Here is the source as promised.”, officially open sourcing his code for all the world to see. Isaac does mention in the #readme that Twich is based on node_chat by Ryan Dahl Installation Install node.js without using sudo « Nurture your inner geek Update: 2012/02/21 As Jonathan pointed out below, the information in this post has been made obsolete by the now supported ‘–prefix’ option in the Node.js configure scripts. As the instructions point out: ./configure --prefix=/your/chosen/path

Mastering Node Node is an exciting new platform developed by Ryan Dahl, allowing JavaScript developers to create extremely high performance servers by leveraging Google's V8 JavaScript engine, and asynchronous I/O. In Mastering Node we will discover how to write high concurrency web servers, utilizing the CommonJS module system, node's core libraries, third party modules, high level web development and more. In this chapter we will be looking at the installation and compilation of node. Although there are several ways we may install node, we will be looking at homebrew, nDistro, and the most flexible method, of course - compiling from source.