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Viewpoint: Richard A. Sears Moderator: Hi Everyone. We will be getting started in just a few minutes. Richard Sears : I am looking forward to answering your questions. Moderator: Good Afternoon everyone. Saudi Oil Production Declining Saudi oil production has been declining modestly for the last 2-3 months (depending on your preferred data source) while the oil rig count in country has continued to increase. See above graph (the black line is the average of five sources of production information on the left scale, while the red curve in the lower part of the graph is the Baker Hughes rig count on the right scale). For readers that don't follow every twist and turn of Saudi oil statistics let me sketch the back story since 2005.

The Third Carbon Age by Michael T. Klare When it comes to energy and economics in the climate-change era, nothing is what it seems. Most of us believe (or want to believe) that the second carbon era, the Age of Oil, will soon be superseded by the Age of Renewables, just as oil had long since superseded the Age of Coal. President Obama offered exactly this vision in a much-praised June address on climate change. IPCC Fifth Assessment Report The decision to prepare a Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) was taken by the members of the IPCC at its 28th Session (09-10 April 2008, Budapest, Hungary). Following the election of the new IPCC Bureau at the 29th Session of the IPCC (31 August - 04 September 2008, Geneva, Switzerland) and discussions about future IPCC activities at the 30th Session of the IPCC (21-23 April 2009, Antalya, Turkey), a Scoping Meeting was held (13-17 July 2009, Venice, Italy) to develop the scope and outline of the AR5. The resulting outlines for the three Working Group contributions to the AR5 were approved by the 31st Session of the IPCC in Bali (26-29 October 2009).

beyondbrics: News and views on emerging markets Guest post: don’t discount risks of trade protectionism By William R. Rhodes, William R Rhodes Global Advisors Political and economic conditions are evolving in ways that could promote the onset of a new era of global protectionism. A revival of beggar-thy-neighbor policies cannot be discounted. Blind Spot Blind Spot is a documentary film that illustrates the current oil and energy crisis that our world is facing. Whatever measures of ignorance, greed, wishful thinking, we have put ourselves at a crossroads, which offer two paths with dire consequences. If we continue to burn fossil fuels we will choke the life out of the planet and if we don’t our way of life will collapse. According to one review, it makes An Inconvenient Truth look like a sitcom. There’s a lot of environmental films out there that while not painting a rosy picture still want us to feel a sense of hey things will still be ok, not so with Blind Spot.

Oil Extraction Causes Biggest Recorded Earthquake in Oklahoma The largest-ever recorded quake in Oklahoma was caused by the injection of wastewater, a byproduct of oil extraction, into the ground, new research confirms. On Nov. 6, 2011, a series of earthquakes, including a 5.6-magnitude temblor, struck the rural town of Prague, about 37 miles (60 kilometers) east of Oklahoma City, crumbling homes in the area and damaging a federal highway. The quake could be felt as far away as Milwaukee. "We don't normally feel earthquakes, it was shocking," said study co-author Katie Keranen, a seismologist at Oklahoma University.

Fossil fuel subsidies 'reckless use of public funds' 6 November 2013Last updated at 21:50 ET By Matt McGrath Environment correspondent, BBC News Fuel subsidies to US farmers amounted to $1bn in 2011 says the ODI The world is spending half a trillion dollars on fossil fuel subsidies every year, according to a new report. The Overseas Development Institute (ODI) says rich countries are spending seven times more supporting coal, oil and gas than they are on helping poorer nations fight climate change. Some countries including Egypt, Morocco and Pakistan, have subsidies bigger than the national fiscal deficit.

What's Really Warming the World? Climate deniers blame natural factors; NASA data proves otherwise Climate scientists tend not to report climate results in whole temperatures. Instead, they talk about how the annual temperature departs from an average, or baseline. They call these departures "anomalies." They do this because temperature anomalies are more consistent in an area than absolute temperatures are. For example, the absolute temperature atop the Empire State Building may be different by several degrees than the absolute temperature at New York’s LaGuardia Airport. But the differences from their own averages are likely to be about the same.

The ICSR blog FREErad!cals is a forum for debate and fresh ideas on radicalisation and political violence. It features some of the most innovative, young thinkers, discussing radicals and radicalisation. They are looking at how the challenge has been understood, and how it should be addressed. M!ddleEasterners is a forum for debate and fresh ideas on the Middle East. How Limited Oil Supply can lead to a Continuing Financial Crisis I recently wrote an article called Oil Supply Limits and the Continuing Financial Crisis, which has been accepted by the journal Energy. It is still in pre-publication status, but the corrected proof is available for purchase. Because of copyright limitations, I can’t reproduce the article, but I wanted to at least provide a summary. When I submitted the article, I was asked for five highlights.

Thorium-Fueled Automobile Engine Needs Refueling Once a Century By: David Russell Schilling | October 28th, 2013 Thorium Concept Car - Image Courtesy There are now over one billion cars traveling roads around the world directly and indirectly costing trillions of dollars in material resources, time and noxious emissions. Imagine all these cars running cleanly for 100 years on just 8 grams of fuel each.

Russia, Turkey pivot across Eurasia Russia, Turkey pivot across Eurasia By Pepe Escobar The latest, spectacular "Exit South Stream, Enter Turk Stream" Pipelinistan gambit will be sending big geopolitical shockwaves all across Eurasia for quite some time. This is what the New Great Game in Eurasia is all about. Toolkit for the European Green activist” This three day seminar – already a traditional offer by GEF, this year being its 5th edition - will give you an overview of the different European institutions - you will learn about their functions, their competences and their roles in the EU-level decision making processes. The seminar gives you the opportunity to meet and discuss with people working for various EU institutions or other Brussels-based organisations and to get familiar with the European political debates and its Green actors. The program is also focused on a number of key-policy areas (focused on the future of the EU’s economic and political integration) that will be presented and discussed with European experts.

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