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Awesome Minimalist Disney Posters FTW

Awesome Minimalist Disney Posters FTW
Something about minimalist art just looks great on movie posters. Combine that with Disney movies and you get a whole new edge. You might think most of these posters are for some dark, avant-garde indie film, not a cute animated kid’s flick. Also, be sure to check out: Minimalist Posters of Cult Classics and Awesome Minimalist Book Covers FTW (image) Liverpool graphic designer Rowan Stocks-Moore designed these. The above (and others) are all available in poster form on Rowan Stocks-Moore’s Etsy account He has recently had a lot of requests for his stuff so expect to wait about 14 working days for a print, longer for United States customers. Awesome Minimalist Disney Posters FTW Related:  Cool art/Tattoos/Comic artRaro

The eco artists turning trash into treasure In the "Waving Wall," designers and water crisis campaigners Bloo Nation highlight the considerable water footprint linked to the production of day-to-day goods like coffee, jeans and paper. Artist and photographer Mandy Barker has created a series of images, dubbed "SOUP," that highlight the mass accumulation of discarded plastic and debris in an area of The North Pacific Ocean known as The Garbage Patch. "The Ice Typography series consists of three-dimensional words fabricated in ice that speak to our relationship with the environment," says Canadian artits Nicole Dextras. "These frozen words absorb light, melt and eventually leave no trace ... They are signs with nothing to sell, hoping to gain your attention for only a brief moment of reflection on the natural world around us." These ethereal "Frozen Trees," installed at a plaza in downtown Lisbon, Portugal, are made from thousands of IKEA plastic bag dispensers. 'The Waving Wall,' Bloo Nation 'SOUP,' Mandy Barker Mandy Barker Stacy Levy

586 Things I'm Not Allowed to do at Hogwarts - 1. I will not poke Hufflepuffs with spoons, nor will I insist that their House colors indicate that they are "covered in bees". 2. No matter how good a fake Australian accent I can do, I will not imitate Steve Irwin during Care of Magical Creatures class. 3. "I've heard every possible joke about Oliver Wood's name" is not a challenge. 4. Putting up Doug Henning posters in Filch's office is not appropriate. 5.

Ben Folds Ben Folds en concierto. Benjamin Scott Folds (Winston-Salem, Carolina del Norte, 12 de septiembre de 1966 – ), más conocido como Ben Folds, es un cantautor y pianista estadounidense conocido por ser el antiguo vocalista del grupo musical Ben Folds Five.Actualmente participa en Overflow Crowds Band. Ha publicado recientemente un disco con letras de Nick Hornby ("Alta fidelidad", 1995) llamado Lonely Avenue. En marzo de 2010 se convirtió en un fenómeno de YouTube por un vídeo titulado "Oda a Merton" en el que Folds improvisaba canciones sobre la gente que aparecía en la popular red social Chatroulette al estilo de Merton, otro fenómeno en YouTube que mucha gente pensó que era el propio Folds.[1] [2] También a trabajado en varias películas infantiles como: Vecinos Invasores (Over the Hedge en íngles) Regresando a la escuela 2 (Back to School 2), etc. Discografía[editar] Referencias[editar] Enlaces externos[editar]

Sarah and the Seed - Part 5 ShareThis Copy and Paste The Prettiest Little Monster - Tattoos I Love Go to mobile version LiveJournal You are viewing 's journal The Prettiest Little Monster Tattoos I Love Freakish Stats:: Name Harlot (FreakShOw) View Recent Ramblings:: Archive:: Lovers:: Harlot Bits & Pieces Links Freakshow:: The Model 1/10/11 02:23 pm I have a whole folder of tattoos I've come across online. I love these! I've always found something breathtaking and magical about tattoos, especially the simple text tattoos. Words can be heartbreaking and life-altering. Tattoos like this have always drawn me in. 1 Shout Drop A Line:: 11/27/11 05:04 pm (UTC) I always thought that if I got a tattoo, it'd be a pretentiousness quote, but my favorites are of the birds on the fence posts and the pocket watch. Reply Thread Powered by

Finger Shadow Illusions I, myself know how to make a bird, a dog and a deformed rabbit but I never thought you an actually make some many different shapes of animals with your fingers. You can even do an elephant with your fingers. Now when I looks how’s it’s done it doesn’t seem so difficult but I doubt I can do these even after seeing them. Find more posts about everything amazing Tags: finger, Finger Shadow Illusions, illusion, shadow Can’t Be Unseen (3 ← 17 More Images That Can’t Be Unseen Can’t Be Unseen (3) By Jeff Wysaski | Published January 31, 2012 | Full size is 460 × 308 pixels Can't Be Unseen (4) Can't Be Unseen (2) Related Posts: The 60 Funniest Webcomics of 2013 Man Documents Mustache Progress With Celebrity-Inspired Selfies Baby Elephant Charges Tourists Bookmark the permalink. Leave a Reply Your email address will not be published. You may use these HTML tags and attributes: <a href="" title=""><abbr title=""><acronym title=""><b><blockquote cite=""><cite><code><del datetime=""><em><i><q cite=""><strike><strong> Proudly powered by WordPress.

Deschanel for President. Like father like son. Very British problems. Cheetahs are incredibly nervous animals. Ready... set... NOPE. Dad stop this is serious. Sometimes when I'm sad...