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Internet Radio - Internet Talk Radio

Internet Radio - Internet Talk Radio

DIY: 6 Simple Steps To Start Podcasting | Dumb Little Man Are you one of those hard-headed individuals that prefers to reinvent the wheel each time instead of learning from the experience of others? Don’t be. After going through a laborious week of research, question asking, and more research, I’ve finally got Podcasting all figured out. I’ll help you learn what took me about 40 hours — in the next 4 minutes. Now that I’m in the know, I present you the simplest 6 steps to start podcasting.Equipment: Alesis Podcasting Kit You might have speakers and a microphone installed right into your computer, which is cute, but it’s not high enough quality to make your podcast sound professional. The Microphone connects via USB, and the headphones connect into the regular headphone jack. I ordered my Podcasting Kit from JR and received it promptly in a couple of days, with free shipping on top of that. Calling: Skype. I can’t imagine having anything more convenient than this. Recording: Call Recorder. Editing: Garageband. Sharing: iTunes.

One Llama: Find Radio Stations With Your Favorite Artists OneLlama is an online radio aggregator that collects music data from tens of thousands of Internet radio stations, filters and categorizes it using their own proprietary technology. You can use this online radio station finder to radio stations that you are most likely to listen to. So when you search for an artist, it shows a list of stations that recently played the artist, and also stations with similar artists to your search. You can browse the stations: by Artist: lists stations that recently played the given artist. by Popularity: Shows most popular played artists in a given timeframe (minute, hour, day, week, month) by Genre: Lists most popular genres being played. by Location: Lists ratio stations by location using Google Map. You can save stations to your Favorites at the bottom of screen. While listening to an Artist, you can also browse artist’s Discography, stations currently playing and other information like related tags, genres, similar artists and official website. Features:

Going to Computers in Libraries 2009? | LISNews If you have a long plane trip for Computers in Libraries 2009, we've got some podcast recommendations to help keep you informed and amused. You can catch up on programs you might have missed with Tech for Techies, LISTen, and Hyperlinked History. Network producers do crank out a bit of content during the week. Links for network programs to plug into your podcatcher are: Hyperlinked History: LISTen: Tech for Techies: All Network Programs In One Feed: Other programs to potentially try include: To those traveling, fair winds and calm seas.