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komikku Buta Connection Other Films || Main | Mailing List | Films | Search | Ghiblink | Feedback || Other Films Please choose from the following films: The Adventures of Hols, Prince of the Sun (Taiyou no Ouji Horusu no Daibouken) Hols is one of the classic masterpieces of anime in Japan. This was the first feature film Isao Takahata ever directed. The theme of the movie was "the unity among people", and the staff members tried to make Hols in a "democratic" way, meaning many ideas from all the staff members, including Miyazaki (who worked as a key animator on the project), were incorporated into the final film. The film took more than three years to complete, way beyond the initial schedule of eight months. However, it was embraced enthusiastically by many young Japanese, such as university students (considering that anime, or manga movies as they were called, were considered "kid's stuff" even more than now, this was really something). Hols is also the origin of Miyazaki anime in many ways. Links of interest: Puss in Boots

Shinmanga : blog sur le manga et le japon Миядзаки и Студия GHIBLI - Мужчина средних лет едет в глушь (1993) Мия-свин в трёхколёсном авто - я раньше не видала! ^_^Совсем маленькая (всего три страницы) манга, вышедшая в журнале Navi Magazine в 1993 году. вторая страничка почему-то меньше размером :( via The Ghibli Blog Shuna no Tabi - The Journey of Shuna: Departure Departure << Previous || Pages 8-11 >> p. 4-5 p. 6-7 Back Email me -

Welcome | Tezuka in English Ghibli Blog - Studio Ghibli, Animation and the Movies: Hayao Miyazaki Comics - Painting Techniques (Updated w/Translation) I found this one-panel Hayao Miyazaki comic on Twitter early this morning, and immediately re-tweeted it. Turns out many of you enjoy seeing these great manga comics as well. I don't know the specifics of this comic or its original source. In addition to creating the occasional serial comics, Miyazaki often draws a single-page comic for other authors. Every time I think I've chronicled or collected everything, I discover another series of magazine covers or book illustrations. This particular comic details the hows and whys of an artist's drawing set, including the watercolors. I really love Miyazaki's watercolor manga comics. You can click on the photo to view in its full size. Update: Thanks to reader "beyond," who informed me that this panel comes from the Ghibli Museum Sketch Set, which is sold at the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka, Japan. (Title) "My Recommendation: Transparent watercolor is good!" (Instructions) 1.