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Ghibli Blog - Studio Ghibli, Animation and the Movies

Ghibli Blog - Studio Ghibli, Animation and the Movies
The big surprise on Japan's home video front this weekend is the announcement of a massive Hayao Miyazaki box set, containing all of his directorial feature films, including Lupin the 3rd: Castle of Cagliostro, Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind, and the Studio Ghibli features. Prices for this set are, well, horrifying - 64,800 Yen ($627.78 USD) for Blu-Ray. Similar box sets for TV series like Heidi, Girl of the Alps sell for over $300. So this is definitely one for the diehard fans with the fat wallets. Studio Ghibli released a similar box set on laserdisc years ago, and it has become a highly sought collectors' item (it remains the only place to find the TV interview featuring Miyazaki with Akira Kurosawa). The inclusion of Castle of Cagliostro is a huge surprise.

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Миядзаки и Студия GHIBLI - Мужчина средних лет едет в глушь (1993) Мия-свин в трёхколёсном авто - я раньше не видала! ^_^Совсем маленькая (всего три страницы) манга, вышедшая в журнале Navi Magazine в 1993 году. вторая страничка почему-то меньше размером :( Other Films || Main | Mailing List | Films | Search | Ghiblink | Feedback || Other Films Please choose from the following films: The Adventures of Hols, Prince of the Sun (Taiyou no Ouji Horusu no Daibouken) Hols is one of the classic masterpieces of anime in Japan.

komikku Ghibli Blog - Studio Ghibli, Animation and the Movies: Hayao Miyazaki Comics - Painting Techniques (Updated w/Translation) I found this one-panel Hayao Miyazaki comic on Twitter early this morning, and immediately re-tweeted it. Turns out many of you enjoy seeing these great manga comics as well. I don't know the specifics of this comic or its original source. In addition to creating the occasional serial comics, Miyazaki often draws a single-page comic for other authors. Every time I think I've chronicled or collected everything, I discover another series of magazine covers or book illustrations. I don't think anybody knows for certain how many of these Miyazaki-san has created.

Shuna no Tabi - The Journey of Shuna: Departure Departure << Previous || Pages 8-11 >> p. 4-5 p. 6-7 Back Email me - Buta Connection: news Ghibli Blog - Studio Ghibli, Animation and the Movies: Ghibli Museum Sketching Set - Miyazaki Teaches You How To Paint The Ghibli Museum Sketching Set is a ready-made watercolor painting kit available at the museum's "Mama Aiuto" shop. Available since 2003, this kits includes a pencil, pencil sharpener, paintbrush, palette, sketchbook, and a full-color booklet drawn by Hayao Miyazaki, detailing instructions and advice for all beginning artists. The 24 paints included in this set were personally chosen by Miyazaki, and reflect the choice of colors used in his work. These differ slightly from the standard 24-paint set supplied by Holbein, who worked with Studio Ghibli for this package (along with Mitsubishi Uni, Staedler, Tokyo Namura, Sakura and Fo-Homo).

Ghibli Blog - Studio Ghibli, Animation and the Arts: Hayao Miyazaki Comics: "A Trip to Tynemouth" Time for another installment in our series on Hayao Miyazaki manga comics. Let's take a look at his 2006 color comic, "A Trip to Tynemouth." Miyazaki's comic was published as a companion piece to British author Robert Westall's short story, "Blackham's Wimpy," which was first published in his 1982 anthology, Break of Dark.