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US Reported In Panic After Chemtrail Planes Forced Down In India, Nigeria Russian Military Analysts are reporting in the Kremlin today that US Military Forces are “panicked” over the forced landings ordered by Indian and Nigerian Air Forces of two Ukrainian AN-124 aircraft [photo top left] operated by the United States Air Force and based at their gigantic, but secretive, Diego Garcia air base located in the Indian Ocean. According to these reports, China’s People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) notified both India and Nigerian intelligence officials about the presence of these US operated Ukrainian aircraft over their growing concerns of the United States spreading of “biological agents” throughout our Earth’s atmosphere, and which some Chinese officials are warning is an American-European attempt to conduct mass genocide via the spread of the H1N1 swine flu virus which has put the entire Global population at risk. And to those, like us, who continue to shout true warnings at them? [Ed. Translation to Spanish by: Sister Maru Barraza, Mazatlán, Mexico

The most beautiful mushrooms in the world Look at the most beautiful and wonderful mushrooms that exist on our planet. The Flood Observatory Weather Modification, Bill Gates and NASA » Weather Modification, Bill Gates and NASA Editorial Staff contributing writer Profiteering and Geoengineering In 2008, a team of geoengineers financed by Bill Gates filed over 5 patents. Patent # 20090177569 described as, “A method of managing risk, comprising: selling insurance policies regarding areas to be protected by storm suppression equipment, the storm suppression equipment including wave driven water temperature alteration equipment; and funding at least one of purchase, operation, or maintenance of the storm suppression equipment at least partially through premiums collected from the selling.” “1. 2. The Plan & NASA Nathan Myhrvold from Intellectual Ventures, member of the team of inventors and formerly the Chief Technology Officer at Microsoft, actually said in an interview, “The idea is to put them out there in January, and they sit there all year, mixing the sea just a little more than the sea would otherwise be mixed.” Connecting the Dots Here are related links:

Woman Dances with Tiger Sharks To Protest Against Killing Sharks In a performance protest against the Australian shark cull and the global slaughter of sharks, a woman risks it all to dance on the sea floor with swarms of tiger sharks up to 17 feet long without any dive or protective gear. PLEASE sign petition to permanently end Australia’s shark cull: SIGN HERE Australian Hannah Fraser, the world’s most celebrated mermaid/underwater model and a dedicated conservationist, decided to dive head-first into the battle and make a profound statement in opposition to her government’ shark cull philosophy. Their objective – to present these magnificent creatures in a true and positive light by capturing iconic imagery of Hannah face-to-face with a massive 15 foot tiger shark, her hand resting gently on it’s massive head. In a knee-jerk response to several shark attacks off the west coast of Australia, the West Australian (WA) government implemented a shark cull to make beaches “safe” again for bathers. Music by Phutureprimitive – Enemy (feat.

A quoi ressemblerait la terre si toute la banquise fondait ? Depuis plusieurs années maintenant, les problématiques de réchauffement climatique sont prises très au sérieux par les scientifiques. Mais nous rendons-nous bien compte de la gravité de la situation ? Afin de mettre en avant les risques liés à la fonde des glaces, le National Geographic a publié sur son site, différentes cartes de ce à quoi ressembleraient nos continents si toute la glace de notre planète fondait. Les cartes suivantes montrent notre planète telle qu'elle est actuellement, à la seule différence que la limite du niveau des mers et océans est décalé. Notre planète comprend aujourd'hui encore 5 millions de mètres cubes de glace, et d'après les scientifiques cela prendrait tout de même 5 000 ans pour que la totalité fonde.

Chemtrail or Contrail: 50 Shades of Spray Image by David Dees at It is a documented fact that technologies exist to modify the weather, and or disperse chemicals onto unknowing populations. They are called Environmental Modification Techniques or ENMOD technologies. In 1977 the UN acknowledged these technologies at the Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques. The United States, at the height of the Vietnam war, engaged in Operation Popeye using a method called ‘cloud seeding’ to weaponize the weather. The United States military and others from around the world take this topic very seriously. Former Secretary of Defense William Cohen in 1997 stated, “weather weapons,” which can set off earthquakes, hurricanes, and more through electro-magnetic waves already exist, and are a threat to national security. President Obama’s science czar, John P. “And by the way, it’s not really a moral hazard it’s more like free riding on our grandkids.”

The Oldest Living Tortoise In The World Photographed In 1902 And Today Meet Jonathan, the 182-year-old giant tortoise. He just might be the oldest living tortoise, or even terrestrial animal, in the world. It is thought that Jonathan was brought to the island of St. Helena in 1882. Jonathan is probably the oldest land animal currently living, but he isn’t the oldest ever – other tortoises have lived longer, with one unconfirmed tortoise in India that may have lived up to as many as 250 years of age. SEE ALSO: 10 creatures that lived longer than the oldest known human

L’élévation du niveau des mers pourrait atteindre 2 mètres à la fin du siècle Selon une nouvelle étude américaine, la fonte de la calotte antarctique va entraîner une montée des eaux bien supérieure aux précédentes estimations. LE MONDE | 30.03.2016 à 19h01 • Mis à jour le 31.03.2016 à 07h36 | Par Clémentine Thiberge Si la montée des eaux est inévitable, elle risque également d’être plus importante que prévu – jusqu’à 2 mètres d’élévation d’ici la fin du siècle. C’est ce que suggère une étude américaine publiée jeudi 31 mars dans la revue Nature. Les auteurs, Robert DeConto, de l’université du Massachusetts, et David Pollard, de l’université de Pennsylvanie, ont modélisé la contribution de l’Antarctique à l’élévation des mers et ont mis en avant la sensibilité de cette calotte glaciaire. Pour établir leurs résultats, les chercheurs se sont basés sur deux précédents épisodes de déglaciation. En combinant données géologiques et données atmosphériques, les auteurs ont ainsi pu proposer un modèle applicable aux conditions actuelles.

Geoengineers » Geoengineers The Geoengineering Salesmen In this video the most internationally recognized “geoengineer” of all, David Keith, does his best to sell us on just how easy and inexpensive it would be to “geoengineer” the planet. People Behind the Lie In the email thread below, Joan Muncaster confronts Scientist/Geoengineer Ken Caldeira about the ongoing geoengineering programs. NASA Presentation, Geoengineering And Climate Change Yet again agencies of the power structure point out the elephant in the room, geoengineering, and then pretend its not really there. Geoengineering: Governance and Technology Policy R41371 - This report outlines many aspects of global geoengineering and makes proposals for the governance of same. Planet Earth Under Chemical Attack from ChemTrails For almost two decades now the planet has been in the grip of a chemical and biological attack from the air. For almost two decades now the planet has been in the grip of a chemical and biological attack from the air. Evergreen Air HHARDtalk

This Is What Earth Looked Like 4 Billion Years Ago At the beginning I have to say that we have a very thin picture of what was happening at a time when the earth was formed. But a new research project aims to show exactly how our planet looked 4 billion years ago. Basically? Hell on Earth. SEE ALSO: How much of the world will be underwater if the polar ice caps melt? Earth and Moon in the Hadean epoch were pummeled by large impacts letting magma flow out. Planetary scientist at the Southwest Research Institute in Boulder, Colorado, lead study author Simone Marchi, said: “It was thought that because of these asteroids and comets flying around colliding with Earth, conditions on early Earth may have been hellish. SEE ALSO: Mars evolution

Le réchauffement climatique va modifier l’amplitude des marées en Europe Les fluctuations du niveau des océans pourraient fragiliser le littoral et entraîner des perturbations de l’écosystème. Entre 1901 et 2010, les niveaux des océans et des mers de la planète ont augmenté d’environ 19 centimètres à cause de la fonte des glaces. D’ici à la fin du siècle, l’élévation de leur niveau pourrait même atteindre deux mètres si les émissions de gaz à effet de serre continuent d’augmenter au rythme actuel. Conséquence directe du réchauffement climatique, cette hausse engendre d’autres phénomènes. Selon un article de chercheurs français publié dans la revue scientifique Continental Shelf Research, lundi 10 avril, l’amplitude des marées va osciller de 15 % par rapport au niveau moyen des mers. Ainsi, si la mer monte d’un mètre, l’écart entre la marée haute ou la marée basse avec le niveau moyen serait de 15 cm. Lire : L’élévation du niveau des mers pourrait atteindre 2 mètres à la fin du siècle Baisse de la marée au Mont-Saint-Michel, hausse à Calais

Géo-ingénierie : scientifiques, milliardaires et militaires s’allient pour manipuler l’atmosphère Pulvériser du soufre dans la stratosphère, modifier la chimie des océans… Pour contrer le réchauffement climatique, des techniques de manipulation du climat à grande échelle sont à l’étude. Des projets déjà expérimentés, hors laboratoire et sans aucun contrôle international, qui attirent scientifiques, milliardaires et compagnies pétrolières. Alors que des organisations de la société civile demandent un moratoire, les militaires s’y mettent et appellent à se doter d’armes météorologiques. La « géo-ingénierie », une nouvelle menace environnementale et… anti-démocratique ? Dans les arcanes gouvernementales, on la surnomme « le plan B ». Modifier la composition chimique des océans Quelque 45 techniques de géo-ingénierie sont recensées dans l’encyclopédie Wikipedia. Une expérience de trois mois conduite dans l’océan Austral en 2009 a refroidi les espoirs placés dans l’ensemencement en fer. Pulvériser du soufre dans la stratosphère Des brevets qui attirent les milliardaires Sophie Chapelle

When Animals Fall from the Sky The surprising science of animal rain. By Justin Nobel on March 18, 2014 Photo Illustrations by Gluekit In the 1999 fIlm “Magnolia,” a star-studded ensemble about Los Angeles lives that collapse and come together on a single day, the weather is practically the main character. “This happens,” says kid quiz show whiz Stanley Spector, watching the shower of amphibians from inside a library. It turns out, he’s right. Reasons for animals hurtling from the sky range from signs of the apocalypse to everyday meteorology. The reports, although uncommon, are peppered throughout modern and historic newspaper articles, blurbs in meteorological journals like the Monthly Weather Review and articles in more recognizable journals like Science and Scientific American. Biologist Alexander Dimitrivitch Bajkov happened to be in town. How does one explain it all? One of the most confusing parts of this persistent phenomenon is the notion of “falling.” But what about the fish and frogs?