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Discovery Education UK TV and radio presenter Diane Louise Jordan is a well-known and much loved public figure who is often referred to as a "presenter across boundaries" in recognition of how comfortably and naturally she relates to people from all walks of life. Currently Diane can be heard every Sunday morning on BBC Radio 2's The Sunday Hour and is a regular face on Songs of Praise (one of the BBC's longest running programmes). Diane came to prominence in 1990 when she was invited to become a member of the legendary Blue Peter presenting team.

So what is SolarCurator and why should you care? Expert curation: a fresh antidote to content proliferation On recent road trips to the SolarTech leadership summit and PV America West show, I started telling folks about and the concept on which this new site is based: “content curation.” What became clear is that apart from many of the marketing and publishing professionals I spoke with, few knew what the hell this curation stuff was all about. Ten ways in which Shakespeare changed the world Back in 2012, the British Library displayed a rare book that attracted as much media attention as a Gutenberg Bible. It was a mass-produced edition of a text once owned by Nelson Mandela, inked with his pen. Mandela had kept this volume by his bedside for more than 20 years and it had sustained him through his darkest hours on Robben Island. Sometimes he had read aloud from it to his cellmates. It was not scripture, but its sacred characters – from Hamlet to Prospero – had often been a source of inspiration.

Yes, They Apply To Curated Email Newsletters byPhil Hill - Founder & CEOFollow me on Twitter here. From one of the big voices of content curation, Steven Rosenbaum is the CEO of, this article has some good pointers, especially for curated email newsletters. I was on a panel yesterday talking to a group of small business owners and they all had pain in their eyes when talking about what content to use in newsletters and how to technically get it into their campaigns. Tapping into curated content for these newsletters was my one big tip for them.

Comments Peter Green Heard a lovely item on radio 4 on Thursday, not entirely convinced it's true but it was reported that an American couple were talking after seeing their first Shakespeare play. The wife said she quite enjoyed the play but thought "it was full of cliches!" Hahaha. 20 Free and Fun Ways To Curate Web Content Do you suffer from info overload? Is your RSS reader bursting at the seams? Have your bookmarks gone bonkers? Like that alliteration? Me neither. Norway’s Greatest Vulnerability Is Also Its Greatest Strength The unspeakable horror of this weekend’s massacre in Norway is exaggerated exponentially by terrorist Anders Breivik’s abuse of one of civil society’s most distinctive features: the trust that the public places in law enforcement. And Norway may be particularly vulnerable to such a breach, as a country with a particularly deep faith in its the integrity of its institutions. Norway’s best civil qualities, in this case, also made it most vulnerable to the worst impulses of this killer. Like its fellow Scandinavian countries, Norway is near the top of the world’s charts in many enviable ways: high standard of living and productivity, high levels of happiness, impressive longevity, low levels of economic inequality and corruption and in general, extremely low levels of violent and other crimes.

Disability Social History Project - Timeline "Freak Shows" in the United States (1840-1940) How'd You Like to be a Giant? For one hundred years (1840 - 1940) the freak show was one of America's most popular forms of entertainment. Today the same shows would be considered unacceptable and cruel, or as one disability rights activist put it, "the pornography of disability." Tumblr Does Its Own Curating With New Storyboard Project Aiming to help curate the site's vast array of content, Tumblr has launched a new initiative called Storyboard, billed as "tales from behind the dashboard." The micro-blogging platform and social networking website will be posting regular features from those within the Tumblr community with an interesting story to tell. Whether it's highlighting content from writers and musicians to animators, scientists and comedians, Storyboard will highlight one new story each day and become a hub for in-depth conversations within its community. "We could never possibly tell everyone's story, even if we told 100 stories a day," Tumblr Editor-in-Chief Chris Mohney said in a video post via "But we can help bring people to light that one sector of the community may never encounter through their natural organic reading of Tumblr."

Mother killed herself and daughter in car fire A single mother who was the focus of a sustained campaign of abuse from a gang of youths killed herself and her teenage daughter by setting her car on fire, an inquest heard yesterday. Fiona Pilkington, 38, committed suicide in October 2007 by parking in a lay-by in South Leicestershire with her daughter, Francecca, 18, dousing the back seat in petrol before setting it alight with both women still inside. The fumes in the car caused an explosion, destroying the Austin Maestro and killing Ms Pilkington, who was in the driver's seat next to her daughter. The pair had to be identified by matching DNA samples taken from relatives with swabs recovered from the scene. The inquest, held yesterday at Loughborough Town Hall, heard that Ms Pilkington and her two children had been targeted by a gang of 16 youths that carried out a string of abuse to their home in Bardon Road, Barwell.

The Fallacy of Information Overload inShare381 Some of you know me through my work in studying how social media and disruptive technology impact business and culture. Others have worked with me in translating insights into action and change within the enterprise. Every now and then, I share another side of myself that evokes the aspiring social scientist in me as I explore how all of this is affecting us as individuals and human beings. Not a day goes by when I’m not asked about whether or not the social media bubble will finally burst.

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