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Trashwiki: the world-wide guide to dumpster diving

Trashwiki: the world-wide guide to dumpster diving

Velowiki : Free Accommodation Around the World For many people who enjoy travelling, accommodation is a continual and draining financial concern. Everyone has their own budget and if you are looking for luxurious and expensive hotels, I advise you look elsewhere. This page concerns travellers who are concerned with the ultimate in budget travel, free accommodation. If you are prepared to broaden your mind and look away from the typical hotel / hostel beds that many of us are used to, you will see that there is a great big world of beds available to you for very little financial commitment. Sleeping at someone’s house, free-camping, housesitting, and volunteering are all perfect examples of how you can stay somewhere for free. Testament to this, I recently spent five months hitchhiking through 24 different countries in Europe and only paid for accommodation in four towns (mainly to meet friends on holiday). The following sleeping options are only overviews, but I hope that they can help you to travel more, for less. Pros and Cons

About Us | Flex Your Rights Home / About Us Our YouTube channel has surpassed 31 million views! Flex Your Rights (Flex) is a 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit launched in 2002. As a civil liberties organization, we are laser-focused on improving the constitutional literacy of all Americans. To accomplish this, we create and distribute the most compelling, trustworthy, and practical know-your-rights media content in the universe. Success Online & On the Streets The Flex Your Rights YouTube channel has surpassed 31 million views and 99 thousand subscribers. And in addition to changing individual lives for the better, our work fights injustices and disparities in the criminal justice system by… Building better case law by packing courts with more sympathetic and intelligent plaintiffsEmpowering community activists push back against unjust stop-and-frisks and other invasive police practices, andInfluencing entire police departments to respect citizens’ constitutional rights Constitutional Literacy Toolkit

Hitchwiki: the Hitchhiker's guide to Hitchhiking David Graeber on MAUSS Have you noticed how there aren't any new French intellectuals any more? There was a veritable flood in the late '70s and early '80s: Derrida, Foucault, Baudrillard, Kristeva, Lyotard, de Certeau ... but there has been almost no one since. Trendy academics and intellectual hipsters have been forced to endlessly recycle theories now 20 or 30 years old, or turn to countries like Italy or even Slovenia for dazzling meta-theory. There are a lot of reasons for this. Of course this in itself is hardly going to faze the sort of Americans who read Deleuze and Guattari. As a result, some of the most interesting scholars in France today you never hear about at all. A word of background. By all accounts, though, Mauss was never taken completely seriously in his role of heir apparent; a man of extraordinary erudition (he knew at least a dozen languages, including Sanskrit, Maori and classical Arabic), he still, somehow, lacked the gravity expected of a grand professeur.

Travel Without Money Break the rules and throw away your preconceptions. This page is all about travelling without money. Sprawled across the internet are heaps of pages about free travel and ways to travel the world for free. Normally they relate to bonus schemes or getting someone else to pay for your travel. What I will say about this page, is that it isn’t complete. This piece is about how you can travel the world with the smallest possible amount of money. If you like you hotels and your home comforts, this page is not for you. I will now break all of this down into manageable chunks so that you can handle it. There are only five things that we need for survival: AirWaterFoodSleepHealth When travelling the world, the list is not so clear cut. To See Remarkable ThingsTo Meet Beautiful PeopleTo Experience the WorldTo Get From One Place to AnotherTo Not End Up in Prison I will begin with necessities. What you need for survival Air. Water. Food. Sleep. Health. What You Need To Enjoy Yourself Toilets. Washing.

Zines! Zines EVERYWHERE | Community Action and Social Justice Coalition This is a page for the comprehensive online listing of the CASJ Zine Library. CASJ itself is a diverse organization and a broad coalition and the documents contained here do not represent the views or thoughts of every individual member. These zines are merely intended to educate individuals interested in learning more about social justice related theories and to act as a resource for activists and member organizations. Here are links to specific zines Alternative Teaching Methods American University Protest Guide Anarchism and American Traditions Banner Drop Borrow and Loot Chapter Building and Student Organizing Basics Communique from an Absent Future Consensus Cyberpunk Apocalypse Pornopticon Gentrification – Not in My City Go Fuck Yourself HPV (Partial) Instead of a Primer Learning Good Consent Medi-zine Men Unlearning Rape Menstrual Extraction Natural History No I Don’t Dig Up Bones Not Without My Consent Or Let It Sink Said the Pot to the Kettle – Feminist Theory for Anarchist Men Spices Like this: Follow