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The world-wide guide to dumpster diving

The world-wide guide to dumpster diving
Pictures of the moment More than often you will find a lot of food in these low and large box-looking gray dumpsters, in Luxembourg. Copenhagen: A Floating City trailer loaded with the catch from only one organic food container. The Floating City is a project where people build boats and other stuff mostly from material they find for free in the city. Anyone can join the project and live and work here. Dumpster dived food from one street in Toulouse.

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Ten Anime Series You Should See Before You Die First off I’d just like to say a huge thank you to everyone that read my list of ten anime films you should see before you die—the response has been phenomenal—not just the number of people who read it, but also those who took the time out to get involved in the following discussion. Some people loved my selections, some people thought I was well off the mark, but it was clear that there was no way I was going to be able to avoid putting together another list, this time of TV series. It has been a far harder list to compile. Not only because of the vast selection to choose from, but also because I knew from the start that I would be leaving out some shows that a lot of people hold very dear. La Démarche La langue est le socle de notre culture. Elle est le liant fédérateur entre les individus d’une société. Nous ne cherchons pas à promouvoir la rhétorique au sens artificiel du terme. Nous souhaitons davantage mettre en avant la culture du dialogue et du débat. Cette culture qui respecte les connaissances de chacun, où débattre est indispensable pour se construire, s’enrichir et s’affirmer. Imaginé par Stéphane de Freitas au sein de La Coopérative Indigo, Eloquentia est un programme d’expression publique au cours duquel les candidats se voient proposer une formation et un concours encadrés par des comédiens, des avocats et des experts de l’éloquence.

Velowiki 50 Kick-Ass Websites You Need to Know About It's time to update the entries in your browser's links toolbar. But with recent estimates putting the size of the internet at well more than 100 million distinct websites, it's getting harder and harder to get a handle on all the great stuff that's out there. That's why we've compiled this list. And unlike some lists you may have seen, which try to name the very "best" websites, but end up just telling you a lot of stuff you already know, we've chosen instead to highlight 50 of our favorite sites that fly under most people's radar. Think of it as the Maximum PC blog roll (remember those?).

Dans la rue - Artistes variés Les fonds amassés iront au Programme de musique de Dans la rue. Cette deuxième compilation musicale rend hommage au Père Emmett Johns « Pops », fondateur de Dans la rue. Nous sommes fiers de vous présenter POPS CULTURE, fruit d’une collaboration entre des artistes québécois de renom et des jeunes, auteurs et compositeurs de leur chanson. Plus qu’un simple CD, il s’agit avant tout d’une co-création, axée sur l’échange, l’humilité, le partage et l’acceptation de la différence. Dans la rue est très fier de ce projet qui fait émerger la solidarité, le plaisir d’être ensemble, l’harmonie en lieu et place de l’isolement, de la marginalisation et de l’exclusion. L’ensemble de cet album a été enregistré au studio de musique de Dans la rue, par Julien Peyrin (musicothérapeute et responsable du programme de musique) assisté de Maxime Leclerc (ingénieur du son); la chanson Friends a été enregistrée en direct du Lion d’Or par Maxime Leclerc.

Kitchen of the Future Kitchen of the Future Energy-saving light bulbs will only take us so far. We need to push ourselves to rethink domestic appliances entirely, to rethink how homes consume energy, and how entire communities can pool resources” says Clive van Heerden, Senior Director of Design-led Innovation at Philips Design. Philips believes the solution is likely to come from biological processes, which are less energy-consuming and non-polluting.

How to Build a Universe That Doesn't Fall Apart Two Days Later First, before I begin to bore you with the usual sort of things science fiction writers say in speeches, let me bring you official greetings from Disneyland. I consider myself a spokesperson for Disneyland because I live just a few miles from it — and, as if that were not enough, I once had the honour of being interviewed there by Paris TV. For several weeks after the interview, I was really ill and confined to bed. I think it was the whirling teacups that did it. Elizabeth Antebi, who was the producer of the film, wanted to have me whirling around in one of the giant teacups while discussing the rise of fascism with Norman Spinrad... an old friend of mine who writes excellent science fiction.

Back to the Future India Song After a life-changing journey to Rajasthan in 2008, artist Karen Knorr wanted to celebrate the visual richness found in the fables, myths and stories of northern India using sacred and secular sites to highlight the caste system, […] Cecilia Camouflaged With the help her assistants, make-up and body paint, Peruvian artist Ceclia Paredes seamlessly blends herself into her own intricate, botanical paintings. Unlike Liu Bolin, she carefully chooses her poses and leaves her hair unpainted, which […]