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Sport: News, exclusives, reports, previews, live blogs
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SPORT 24 - Συνεχής Αθλητική Ενημέρωση Do we take Harry for granted? Mention of Harry Redknapp’s managerial qualities is always guaranteed to spark some serious debate but is there more to his armoury than just an arm round the shoulder? Emmanuel Adebayor seems to think so and he has gone on record this week in suggesting that the Spurs boss is equally as good as his Real Madrid coach, Jose Mourinho. “Harry Redknapp is a top manager. I would put him closer to Mourinho because of the way he treats players. He gives you full confidence. He too knows how to talk to players and that makes him special as well,” Ade said. Asked if Harry could take Spurs back to the Champions League, the player added, “For sure, yes. Admittedly Adebayor was speaking in the Hotspur so he was never going to compare Redknapp to say, Dave Bassett but the assessment is worth taking notice of.

Is Harry Redknapp really the right mug to be the next England manager? | Paul Wilson | Football When Alan Shearer says, as he just has, that Harry Redknapp would be ideal for the England job because he is great at man-management, it basically tells you two things about his take on a task that has proved troublesome for even the best-qualified coaches yet still attracts the interest of inexperienced hopefuls such as himself. The first is that he believes Fabio Capello has failed thus far because he is poor at man-management. Shearer may not care to say so quite as bluntly, although there is plenty of anecdotal evidence to support such a claim, but word has clearly reached him either in his capacity as a BBC pundit or someone who still retains close links with current professionals, to suggest that Capello is too distant and authoritarian a figure to bring the best from his players. Fair enough, though don't go mad with the I spy points yet. England had tried hiring man-managers before. Just to be clear, Capello is the manager with all the success at club level, not Redknapp.

Redknapp Moves With The Times, Spurs Prosper « TOTTENHAM ON MY MIND Harry Redknapp is the quintessential English manager. Working class roots, played football since he was a kid, steeped in the game, worked his way up in management from the lower leagues. Close to his players, he preaches the virtues of hard work and character. He has prospered in the modern era but his teams would look familiar to fans from any era of English football – big men at the back, tough tackling midfielders and wingers with another big bloke up front. He’s often scornful of tactics, preferring or so he claims, to assemble good players and let them express themselves on the pitch. Teams play from the back – get it right there and everything flows. As a result, Van der Vaart has prospered. The other major development is our centre midfield. The modern game is so much about possession and movement off the ball. Scott Parker is good at many things but this is finest quality. At his best, the game moves at his pace, hums to his tune. This isn’t about straight lines, remember.

Harry Redknapp: 'You can have all the computers in the world but your eyes have to be the judge' - Premier League - Football "My dad would watch Jamie every week at Liverpool no matter where he played. He would get the train," Harry says. "My mum would make a cheese and pickle roll for Jamie to eat after the game. "Jamie would meet my dad after the game and take him back to the station and once Steve McManaman was in the car with them. The passion burns strong for Harry Redknapp Jnr, 61 years old, and every inch the man of the moment as he leads an extraordinary revival of Tottenham Hotspur. Yesterday he was urgently required in a meeting to discuss the plans for Spurs' new training ground in Enfield but with Harry there is always a time for a chat about football, his dad, the West India Quay docker, or the squirrels in his garden in Poole. The squirrels have been a bit neglected of late with his hectic schedule. It is a very busy life for a man who could have chosen to put his feet up and see his time out at Portsmouth. The temptation with Redknapp and Tottenham is to ask the simple question: how?

Redknapp pips Pep to Coach of the Year - Football news In a poll conducted by MSN Sport Harry Redknapp secured 23% of the 14,000 votes to make him our 2011 Coach of the Year. The Tottenham manager beat Spanish, European and World conquering Barcelona boss Pep Guardiola (22%) who narrowly finished runner-up, while Sir Alex Ferguson (16%) finished some way behind in third place after winning the English title for the twelfth time in his 25 years at Manchester United. Vote in the 2011 MSN Sport Football Awards Redknapp has turned Spurs from a team struggling in the relegation zone into genuine title contenders. However, with the England role vacant after Euro 2012, the former West Ham boss is the favourite to succeed Fabio Capello, a fact that will please many England fans but, perhaps, not those from the white side of north London. Bringing up the rear are the two Rugby World Cup coaches of Wales and New Zealand, with, perhaps, surprisingly the tournament champion Graham Henry (4%) losing out to Warren Gatland (3%).