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More Creative Furniture for Cramped Urban Living: 20 Pieces of Ingenious ‘Flat Pack’ Furniture

More Creative Furniture for Cramped Urban Living: 20 Pieces of Ingenious ‘Flat Pack’ Furniture

ByProducts Transforms Waste Wood Offcuts Into Flat Pack Furniture Looking for a simple seating alternative that’s eco-friendly and won’t take up a lot of space? Then check out ByProducts’ eco-conscious, clever, and compact tables and stools, which are made from discarded wood cutoffs. Constructed from baltic birch, each chair and table capitalizes on the shapes of the offcuts that they were sourced from. + Eujin Pei Laser-Printed Furniture?! Draw It in 2D then Build It in 3D Imagine any strange or amazing object, sketch it up in two dimensions, feed it into a computer program and watch the flat-pack pieces print out in real life. This may be the most revolutionary use of three-dimensional laser cutters yet conceived – a way to turn consumers into producers, turning an average amateur do-it-yourself furniture builder into the new Frank Gehry of furnishings. The advantage and disadvantage of laser-cutting machines is their naturally flat products: in most cases, they inevitably produce a 2D result. Fortunately, flat-pack cardboard, plywood and sheet metal designers have been figuring out ways for decades to make sturdy furniture objects that save on space and materials and start with fully flat parts. In theory, the software should also keep you from making serious structural errors – a short-cut strategy to teach you what most furniture makers take decades to learn and integrate into their design/build intuition.

Eco-Friendly Cardboard Chair Designs Flat-Pack Furniture | Home Design | Modern Architecture | Home Interior Design | 4 pic December 22nd, 2010. Chair, Eco-Friendly Cardboard Chair Designs Flat-Pack Furniture. Eco-Friendly Cardboard Chair Designs Flat-Pack Furniture : Designed for all bedrooms for a playroom or even interactive children’s theater classics, cardboard chair ottoman creation and design by David Grass has evolved considerably over time from simple objects to freestyle very stylish decoration. Later, support surfaces and follow the same principles of industrial design and have the same structural principles that make these forms act as rigid objects bear a load. Here is the picture furniture of Eco-Friendly Cardboard Chair Designs : Graas has also experimented with more complex shapes and features, such as the hitch assembly stool that is both geometrically more attractive and functional, more compact and easy to store. source : Under Topics: furniture. creative chair. cardboard. shape. chair.

Portable Eco Friendly Cardboard Bed from It-Happens | IGreenSpot Are you tired already of transporting your transportable bed that is made of steel? Do it no more to day because a stackable bed made of cardboard is now available. Just conveniently unfold it if needed, and the spaces underneath can be a good space for storage. This bed is perfect for students who are in a dormitory that have very limited spaces. In addition, families living in the city with homes of limited spaces can also use this foldable bed. Moreover, since made of cardboard, this bed can easily be transported from one place to another. From : it-happens Advertisement Posts related to above article:

RA-FA rack&sofa fabricacion This object creates spot or meeting point, which gives you ability to park your bicycle, kickscooter or skateboard, at the same time, to sit down and spend a while with your friend. Principle is adaptable to any type or shape of public space.Dimensions: 190 x 122 x 109 cm, sitting level: 32- 52 cm Design by Michal Kukucka, finalized by help of FabLabBcn. Idea explanation Final version and its color variations. Plywood laser-cut model. a) T-splines NURBS surface b) Intersections with simple Grasshopper definition c) Waffle structure joints with Grasshopper definition d) Final polysufrace for rendering. Manufacturing preparations. Final adjustments. Usage. Under-lighting for easier localization during night.

Ready-to-Assemble Cardboard Lamp Ships in its Own Shade | Designs & Ideas on Dornob daniu Ready-to-Assemble Cardboard Lamp Ships in its Own Shade | Designs & Ideas on Dornob LIGHTs daniu Creative Cardboard Hanging, Floor & Table Lamp Designs | Designs & Ideas on Dornob daniu Articulating Secret: Wood Cube Shade Conceals Desk Lamp | Designs & Ideas on Dornob daniu Moving Boxes: DIY Modular Cardboard-Recycling Bookcases | Designs & Ideas on Dornob DiYs daniu Flat-Pack Furniture: Eco-Friendly Cardboard Chair Designs | Designs & Ideas on Dornob daniu Black Labels, Bright Lights: 5 DIY Wine Bottle Lamp Projects | Designs & Ideas on Dornob Nessa Floating Frames: 6 Hanging Bed + Swinging Mattress Sets | Designs & Ideas on Dornob Perfect Home Bedrooms ArtBrain 50-Cushion Couch: Super-Soft Convertible Sofa + Sleeper | Designs & Ideas on Dornob Crafty Ideas daniu Sculptural DIY Lamp made of Wooden Plates Shade Naos Lamp | Home, Building, Furniture and Interior Design Ideas Bon-Ton Web exclusive! Home & Garden Bon-Ton Web exclusive! Bon-Ton Web exclusive! Bon-Ton Web exclusive!

Space-Saving Magic: "Hide" Your Dining Table On The Wall! Before they bought their current home in Washington D.C.'s Mount Plesant neighborhood, Josh and Lauren lived for six years in a studio apartment. Determined to host dinner parties in their tiny space, the couple came up with an inspired idea that allowed them to have a instant dining room--but only when they needed one. They bought a dining table light enough and compact enough to be hung on the wall when not in use. The Workscape Folding Table from Design Within Reach (on sale for $501.50 right now) was the table that fit the bill. The aluminum is relatively lightweight and it folds flat to 3" thick. Josh and Lauren liked the concept so much they carried it over to their new, much larger, home, which is photographed above and below. On the average day, the family eats at the kitchen counter or at the folding table, which is outside during the nicer months and inside when it's cold outside.

PRAKTRIK | Puzzle furniture Go Green at Home: 15 Eco-Friendly DIY Projects Feeling creative? Nothing’s more eco-friendly than transforming junk headed to the landfill into something useful, or using everyday items to create clean, green energy. If you’ve got things like plastic bags, floppy disks, cardboard and old tires laying around, you can use these 15 eco-DIY tutorials and project examples to make things like shoes, furniture, handbags and even greenhouses. DC Bicycle Pedal Power Generators (images via: MakeZine) The folks at Science Shareware figured out how to convert a regular bicycle into a pedal-powered generator. Magazine Coffee Table – No Cutting, No Glue (images via: Yanko Design) You wouldn’t think six copies of a magazine would be enough to create a stable, strong 3-D piece of furniture, but this design by Vered Zaykovsky proves that it’s possible. Plastic Bottle Greenhouse (images via: CleanTechnica) Got a lot of plastic bottles laying around? Planner Made from Trash (images via: Green Upgrader) A Shipping Envelope from a Shopping Bag Cardboard Stool

Fernanda Brunoro for Schuster London-based Brazilian designer, Fernanda Brunoro presents her new furniture range for Schuster that launched last week in Brazil. Inspired by the designer’s archaeological research on various South American civilizations of the pre-Columbian period: Aztecs, Incas, Mayans and Moches. The designer explains, “The pre-Columbian culture is characterized by mystical elements, superstitious connections and pagan symbolism. The exoticism of clothing and accessories, the richness of body ornamentation, the sophisticated architecture, impressive mathematics’ field and astronomy were also used as a reference when developing the collection.” Descriptions below are from the designer: Redonda armchair Elegant and charming the armchair has soft cushions, round wooden base and curved backrest which is made by fiberglass, creating a rather cozy and warm feeling. Pedraria table Elegant and imposing, the legs of the table were inspired by details of accessories and clothing from the pre-Columbian period.

Twistab, our first product coming soon! Twistab es un proyecto de diseño abierto creado por Isaac Pierre en colaboración con Fablab Barcelona, Anastasia Pistofidou y Shashank Shrivastva. El proyecto se inicio a través un taller de autofabricación de mueble impartido por Fab Lab Barcelona en la primavera del 2013. Desde entonces ha crecido mucho. El prototipo Twistab es un taburete compuesto de 3 piezas de contrachapado de alta densidad de 18mm. que se monta sin necesidad de tornillos o herramientas. Los 3 primeros prototipos se han lacado en tres colores (rojo/amarillo/azul) dandole contundencia al acabado y ejemplificando la possibilidad de crear nuevas versiones al intercambiar piezas de distintos colores. Durante la primera fase hemos generado una maqueta (escala 1:10) para evaluar los aspectos técnicos y estéticos del diseño. “He querido crear un diseno que sea lo más simple y coherente posible; de crear un objeto que sea sobrio, funcional y interactivo.” bozeto del diseño original maqueta escala 1:10

Leo Kempf - Cardboard Furniture FF1 Two Belgian designers James Van Vossel and Tom De Vrieze, together Fox & Freeze, created this ultra light and rather gorgeous lounge chair. The product, called FF1, is made from a single sheet of synthetic felt. There is no waste of material (except from the drilled holes), the structure of the piece is not supported by wood or metal. It all rests on the clever fold that makes FF1 durable as well as comfortable. Open Shop - Matt Batchelor – Engineer & Designer Open Shop is a mobile factory unit that gets young people excited about design and making by building their own skateboard. Working out of a mobile toolchest, the factory visits skateparks and a master craftsperson helps them create their own skateboard deck. In the process, the young people build their understanding of manufactured objects and develop the imagination, skills and persistence that they need to start to build themselves a successful life. Open Shop Mobile Factory Unit The mobile workstation contains everything needed to make a skateboard deck. Research Workshops Working with a group of young people at a youth centre in North London, skateboards were chosen as a product with which they were familiar and enjoyed using regularly. Why Make Things? A growing number of academics have started to press for a reappraisal of the value of craft in our education and economic system. The Open Shop Guild System Each deck takes around six hours at a cost of GBP40 per contact.