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More Creative Furniture for Cramped Urban Living: 20 Pieces of Ingenious ‘Flat Pack’ Furniture

More Creative Furniture for Cramped Urban Living: 20 Pieces of Ingenious ‘Flat Pack’ Furniture
Flat Pack: 20 Creative Furniture Designs for Cramped Living Article by Urbanist, filed under Furniture & Decor in the Design category. (Check out our complete collection of Unusual, Creative and Transforming Furniture.) [Above: flat pack book case design by Jeremy Grove] Flat pack furniture is exactly what it sounds like: furniture that starts out entirely as sheets of wood, metal or even cardboard. In addition to being clever and simply aesthetically awesome, flat pack furniture is also eco-friendly and highly creative. Designer Keiji Ashizawa has applied flat-pack design principles in developing his sleek set of furniture objects including the above chairs and stools. RawStudio is the brainchild of Nick Rawcliffe, a talented designer with an impressive resume. The desFurniture group designs impressively simple pieces of furniture that “push the boundaries of efficiency while maintaining craftsmanship.” where you flip the supports open and the shelves fall into place?

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Laser-Printed Furniture?! Draw It in 2D then Build It in 3D Imagine any strange or amazing object, sketch it up in two dimensions, feed it into a computer program and watch the flat-pack pieces print out in real life. This may be the most revolutionary use of three-dimensional laser cutters yet conceived – a way to turn consumers into producers, turning an average amateur do-it-yourself furniture builder into the new Frank Gehry of furnishings. The advantage and disadvantage of laser-cutting machines is their naturally flat products: in most cases, they inevitably produce a 2D result. Fortunately, flat-pack cardboard, plywood and sheet metal designers have been figuring out ways for decades to make sturdy furniture objects that save on space and materials and start with fully flat parts. In theory, the software should also keep you from making serious structural errors – a short-cut strategy to teach you what most furniture makers take decades to learn and integrate into their design/build intuition.

Tee Off During Tea Break With Walmart Brazil What better way to fight off labels like “faceless corporate monster” than planting a mini-golf course on your head office roof! That’s right, I’m talking about Walmart getting together with the boisterous designers at Guto Requena Studios, who also brought us a 3-D printed voice chair. They incorporated this quirky feature at Walmart’s Brazillian head office in São Paulo, to apparently alleviate board-meeting boredom and promote work-place harmony.

Pleated Inflation is an amphitheater composed of 990 porous structural pleats. Details: Pleated Inflation is the name of a permanent informal amphitheater in Argeles, France designed by architect Marc Fornes of THEVERYMANY. The lightweight, selfsupporting structure is composed of 990 3mm aluminum shingles, each overlapping its neighbor to form tangential continuity and rigidity. Says the architect, “A playful dialogue between lightness and boldness characterizes Pleated Inflation… Bringing together structural performance and spatial experience, the permanent installation immerses students of Lycee Christian Bourquin in ornate shadows cast from porous structural pleats.” The permanent installation was commissioned by Region Languedoc Roussillon, as part of the French 1% Artistique program.

RA-FA rack&sofa fabricacion This object creates spot or meeting point, which gives you ability to park your bicycle, kickscooter or skateboard, at the same time, to sit down and spend a while with your friend. Principle is adaptable to any type or shape of public space.Dimensions: 190 x 122 x 109 cm, sitting level: 32- 52 cm Design by Michal Kukucka, finalized by help of FabLabBcn. Idea explanation

Works on Paper: Design Miami / Miami Design Greetings from gorgeous South Florida where I have been soaking up the sun and art fairs for the past few days. I will refrain from telling you just how perfect the weather has been here as I know my friends in New York are freezing and Paris is covered in a very rare blanket of snow. Suffice to say, Miami was everything I had hoped for as a pre-Christmas getaway! I will also refrain from giving you a blow-by-blow description of the multitude of art fairs occurring simultaneously with the big attraction, Art Basel Miami Beach.

CONTACT Follow our website updates on Twitter : @THEVERYMANY Follow our website updates on Instagram: THEVERYMANY Follow our project updates on FaceBook: MarcFornes Gneral contact, new projects: Dusky's Wonders Maybe you don’t think a post on bridges sounds very interesting. How about a bridge that folds into a circle to let boats by? Or one that has a meditation center and museum on it? Or a coffee shop? I hope some of the amazing designs, cool lighting or perfect locales on this page change your mind. Open Shop - Matt Batchelor – Engineer & Designer Open Shop is a mobile factory unit that gets young people excited about design and making by building their own skateboard. Working out of a mobile toolchest, the factory visits skateparks and a master craftsperson helps them create their own skateboard deck. In the process, the young people build their understanding of manufactured objects and develop the imagination, skills and persistence that they need to start to build themselves a successful life. Open Shop Mobile Factory Unit

Make Local MakerCon: 24th September Maker Faire: 26th and 27th of September 100k Garages, ShopBot and Opendesk have come together for the New York maker showdown that is the World Maker Faire. For the last decade Maker Faires have been showcasing the best makers and designers and the latest trends in the maker movement - it’s been progressive and technologically led. Now we have come together for the two days with an experience that tangibly brings distributed manufacturing to life.

Flip & Fold Seating by Karl Marius Sveen Who wants standard seating when you can have Flip & Fold designed by Karl Marius Sveen? Not me. This modular seating system flows in a natural, pleasing way – and would be a great addition to any space people might casually congregate. “A module-based furniture system for special rooms and premises. Simple yet advanced design offers a sophisticated way to provide several sitting surfaces at different levels. 736 × 549 - 438 × 329 - 1200 × 898 - 400 × 280 - REACTIVATE!! Part 2, Instant urbanism REACTIVATE!! is a two-fold exhibition which runs until late August, at the Espai d' Art Contemporani de Castelló, near Valencia in Spain. The first part, which i covered earlier this week (see REACTIVATE!! Part 1, Urban reanimations and the minimal intervention and Retired priests have all the fun) engages with recent architecture projects which makes the most of disused, outworn or inadequate urban spaces and buildings to create striking new edifices. On the cheap and with jaw-dropping results. Heri & Salli, Real Landscape-Real Mistake.

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Minimalist Henri Stool Furniture with Scandinavian and Japanese Style by Alexandre Reignier Sponsored by: Minimalist Henri Stool Furniture with Scandinavian and Japanese Style by Alexandre Reignier Minimalist Henri Stool Furniture with Scandinavian and Japanese Style by Alexandre Reignier In the following, we present you a simple designed furniture, namely Minimalist Henri Stool Furniture with Scandinavian and Japanese Style by Alexandre Reignier.