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Lier la tablette numérique avec l'ordinateur

Remote Desktop | Wyse PocketCloud Device Requirements: iOS 3.2 or later Android OS 1.6 or later Supported connections include 3G and Wi-Fi Host Machine Requirements: Remote Desktop Connection enabled on a 32-bit or 64-bit Windows OS (Wyse PocketCloud and Wyse PocketCloud Windows Companion software support a 32-bit or 64-bit Windows OS): Windows 2003 Standard/Enterprise with SP2 or later Windows 2008 Enterprise Windows XP Media Center Edition with SP2 or later Windows XP Professional with SP2 or later Windows Vista Business/Enterprise/Ultimate with SP1 or later Windows 7 - Professional, Enterprise/Ultimate Windows 8 - Professional, Enterprise/Ultimate Windows OS Home editions do not include remote desktop support; use the VNC feature For VMware View Users: VMware View 4.5 and above For VNC Users: All supported Windows OS listed above and Home editions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 on the host machine Mac OS X 10.6 or 10.7 on the host machine For Wyse PocketCloud Windows Companion Software Use Only:

remote for android - HOME Overview Use your android device as a remote touchpad or keypad to control your Windows or Mac PC via Wifi or USB. With gPad you can download specific keypads from the gPad categories or define your own keypads and share them with the world. Expand the controls of your PC, automate key sequences and facilitate your digital experience! Screenshots gPad menu screen The gPad menu screen has the following options: tOuchpad to use gPad as a remote touchpad with buttons and scroll areagPad overview with a list of all your created and downloaded profileseDitor, where you can create and edit all your profilessEttings page to setup your connection type and button appearance Fully functional keyboard gPad features a full functional qwerty keyboard to remotely control your pc or mac. Letters (a-z)Symbols ( . , / \ [ ] ...)Alt/ctrl/shift/...F1-F12Mac key Custom gPads This is just a grasp out of the shared library with customized and customizable gPads! gPad editor Category selection screen for gPads tOuchpad