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Broomstick Lace Bracelet

This weekend I learnt broomstick lace. I saw a photo of a broomstick cuff on Ravely but the pattern just says “work 3 groups of 5 stitches of broomstick lace for the length of your wrist.” which wasn’t quite the level of detail I was hoping for! As with the crocodile stitch I’d been putting off learning this stitch because it looked quite complicated and there seemed to be a lack of left-handed written instructions, and again once I got my head around it it was actually quite easy. The most useful instructions I found were detailed written instructions from - as usual though the instructions are for the right-handed majority so I’ve created a photo tutorial here for all the lefties out there to even things up a little. I think completing this pattern with a fluffy or highly textured yarn would be a bit of a waste – you need a nice smooth yarn that will show up all the stitches. Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Phew! Step 10. Like this: Related:  Crochet

Tuto bracelet au crochet , Challenge 12 mois, 12 projets* Alors voici mon mini tuto pour confectionner ce bracelet au crochet vous aurez besoin de : - Du fils de coton - Un crochet. J'ai utiliser un crochet de grosseur 1.6mm - Une attache à bracelet - De la petite chaîne en métal - De la colle à tissus ( assez liquide et transparente) Commencer par faire 3 cercles au crochet comme ceci: Faire un anneau de 8 ml 1er tour: 12ms ds l'anneau, 1mc ds la 1ère ms. 2ème tour: 1ml, 1ms dans la ml, 2ms ds chq ms suiv, 1mc ds la 1ère ms. 3ème tour: 4ml,[1br,1ml] 23 fois, 1mc ds 3ème ml. 4ème tour: 2ml, sauter 1ml, 1ms ds ms suiv, [1ml,sauter 1ml,1ms ds ms suiv] 22 fois, 1ml, sauter 1ml 1mc ds 1ère ml. 5ème tour: 3ml, sauter 1ms, 1mc ds la ms suiv, [3ml, sauter 1m, 1mc ds la m suiv] 22fois, 3ml sauter 1m, 1mc au pied ds 3ml du début du tour. Une fois mes 3 cercles fait, je les ai assembler ensemble en me servant du bout de fils que j'avais laisser à la fin de mon ouvrage à l'aide d'une petite aiguille J'espère que cela vous à plu A+

Sunburst!! (A Sun Hat Pattern for Adults) I have had quite a few requests for an adult sun hat. I hope this is what ya'll are looking for. :) It's only 26 rows and works up in an afternoon or less, depending on speedy you are.Thanks to my model, Riley. Cotton Sun Hatby Elizabeth Mareno, 2011 Supplies needed:1 ball 4 ply WW cotton kitchen yarnI hookLarge eye needle for finishingthis awesome pattern!! View from the front. Finished brim with reverse single crochet. Lots of breathing room for your head. Pretty sunburst on top.

Video Tutorials | Make Bracelets! Up-cycled Beaded Silk Wrap Bracelet Tutorial Irish Linen Sparkly Wrap Bracelet Tutorial Beaded Wrap Bracelet – Waxed Irish Linen Tutorial Bijoux Adorables bijoux fleuris ♥♥ colliers , bandeaux cheveux , boucles d'oreilles , écharpes ♥♥ , trouvés sur le site de " " , avec ses grilles gratuites ! Clic sur les images pour les agrandir ! Clic sur les images pour les agrandir Clic sur les grilles pour les agrandir Clic sur l'image pour l'agrandir Je souhaite un bon crochet à toutes celles qui voudraient réaliser ces jolis bijoux ! ♥ Pour se faire plaisir ou offrir un cadeau ♥

Kokeshi amigurumi... Hooola, olas!Hi! Les comparto una pequeña Geisha o Kokeshi amigurumi, en éstas galerías de Flickr encontré las imágenes que me pusieron manos a la obra :I share a small Geisha or Kokeshi amigurumi, on Flickr galleries found these images that I put to work: 1. Receta de Marta para las cabezas de gumis...I head following the recipe on her blog "Liando los hilos", stuffed and did not finish closing the ball to continue weaving ...Tutorial for the heads of gumis ... 3. Upon reaching the bottom, stuffed body and knit all decreases to leave the flat base... 4. luego la pegamos o cosemos a la peluquita, con pegamento o cosiendo... hen paste or sew the little wig, with glue or sewing ... 5. 6. 7. I embroidered the face, there are some very cute dot eyes and mouth who do not pay, is the taste of each one, then fixed his hair glued into its final ... 8. 9. La tejí con hilo de crochet no. 20 y un gancho de acero Imra #6, se las muestro en el teclado para que vean lo chiquitita que me salió :)...

How To Make Wrapped Leather Bracelets Triple-wrap leather bracelet with blue tigereye beads Let me begin by stating the obvious – this style of wrapped leather bracelet is EVERYWHERE this season. Everywhere! Even my athletic clothing catalogs – which only have maybe three pieces of jewelry – are featuring this style. Why? Because it is casual yet chic and infinitely customizable! Five different leather wrapped gemstone bracelets designs: green opal, mookaite, African turquoise, hematite and rhodonite The supply list is pretty short: 4-6mm round beads We used gemstone beads, but glass, crystal beads or pearls would also be lovely. Wrapped bracelet made with green opal gemstone beads and natural Greek leather. The technique: Choose your bracelet length and cut your leather. If your button has a small loop, you might need to miter (angle) the leather end and pull it through with pliers. Other design options: Have fun creating your own wrapped bracelets! Need supplies? Other how-to’s: (answers selected from replies to blog comments)

DIY Advent 5: Ethnic Wool Necklace DIY - Outfits, Shoes & Accessories Dana I often have ideas in mind, which are difficult to realize. With this necklace it turned out after the first attempt, the upper chain has to be shorter than the lower one, because otherwise the jewelry will not rest beautifully on the neckline. Material And Tools – For The Ethnic Wool Necklace You Need Wool (3 colors)Large-unit anchor chain (about 70 cm, from the hardware store)ScissorsForceps DIY Tutorial: The Step-By-Step Craft Instructions DIY Step 1 Temporarily fold the chain twice and try it in front of a mirror to get the best fitting size. DIY Step 2 If you have found the fitting length for your chain, you can open a chain link and tie the two ends together. DIY Step 3 Cut three strands from each color of the wool (about 85 centimeters long) ant tie them together. DIY Step 4 Tie each color on one chain link like at the picture. DIY Step 5 Now make a braid by pulling the strings always through the chain links (see picture). DIY Step 6 DIY Step 7 Once again at the end tie each single color.

La esferificación del granny! {A granny spherification tutorial} 1ª VUELTA {1} 4 cad. en anillo mágico {2}*punto alto, 1 cad.* 11 veces {3} cerrar con un punto raso en la 3ª cad. 3ª VUELTA {15} 3 cad. en cad. vuelta 2, {16} 2 puntos altos, {17} y {18} *3 puntos altos en cad. vuelta 2* 11 veces MONTAJE {19} a {21} unir dos grannies semiesféricos con punto raso {22} a {25} cubrir el cable. 1st ROW {1} chain 4 in magic circle {2} *1 dc, chain 1* 11 times {3}slip stitch in the 3rd chain. 3rd ROW {15} chain 3 under 2nd row chain {16} 2 dc {17} y {18} *3 dc under next 2nd row chain* 11 times ASSEMBLY {19} to {21} join 2 semi spherical grannies with slip stitch {22} to {25} wrap the yarn around the cable.

Tuto bijoux: fabriquer des bracelets en corde naturelle avec des perles et des boutons de bois Je vous propose aujourd'hui un tutoriel bijoux écos! Ces jolis bracelets sont fait à partir de cordes de chanvre et de perles / boutons de bois. Vous pouvez facilement modifier et adapter les couleurs et la grandeur à votre goût. Vous aurez besoin de: -Cordes de chanvre ou tout autre corde naturelle -Boutons de bois, perles de bois -Crochet, anneaux et embouts de fermeture On commence par enrouler 7 fois la corde sur un guide. J'ai ensuite fixé un bout à la machine à coudre pour que les 14 bouts de cordes tiennent bien ensemble. Il a été nécessaire pour moi de passer un petit coup de vapeur au fer à repasser sur mes cordes pour qu'elles soient bien droites et sans plis. Je n'ai pas fait de noeuds. L'étape la plus délicate consiste à fixer toutes les cordes dans l'embout de fermeture. On fixe ensuite deux anneaux à une extrémité; un petit et un grand. Même chose à l'autre bout mais on inverse les anneaux et on ajoute un fermoir. Voilà! J'espère que vous aimerez fabriquer ces bracelets!