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18 Great Sites To Learn A New Language Advertisement In Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, interstellar travelers had a little fish, called a Babelfish, that they could slip into their ear and make them instantly literate in any language. We normal, boring humans, however, do not have this luxury, which is why we must rely on the internet. Although there are endless resources to learn languages on the web, it is often difficult to find quality websites that offer structured lesson plans for free. Blue Rabbit's Climate Chaos Home > Adventure Games Blue Rabbit's Climate Chaos is an absolutely stunning 3D adventure game, with amazing graphics and a great storyline (and unique dialogue!). If you like your adventure games you should find this a joy to play. Blue Rabbit's Rocket Rush After the excellent Blue Rabbit's Climate Chaos adventure game, The Super Flash…

Create Something. Donate Login Remember Me Create Your “Hokusai” Japanese Art Online « JAPAN Style Published Oct 8th, 2010 I want to introduce this interesting browser tool that you can make HokusaiW like Japanese wood prints! It is called Hokusai Manga Construction Kit. Adjust Your Car Mirrors Properly To Avoid Accidents Kinja is in read-only mode. We are working to restore service. The problem with figure 1 is that you can't see behind you when you open your door.

A Grain of Truth Walkthrough Guide The Endless Plains may seem unremarkable from the distance, with nigh nothing but grass for as far as the eye can see. Yet look into the clouds and you might find great wisdom, as some say you'll see the thoughts of gods. Myosotis, the witty heroine of the Rudowski brothers' (Marek and Marcin) A Grain of Truth, isn't too sure of that, but as she journeys onward to meet with the Wiseman and hear his stories, she encounters the Cloud Catchers and begins to see the grain of truth in the fairytales of old. Digital Macaroni Art FaceBook Twitter YouTube <p id="noscript">Javascript is currently disabled. Please <a href=" target="_blank">enable javascript</a> for the optimal experience!</p>

4 C's - Diamonds NEW YORK (AP) — Buying a diamond ring can be intimidating. What do you look for? How much should you pay? Should you buy online or in a store? Demystify the process by learning about the four C's: carat, color, clarity and cut. This system of grading diamonds was developed 60 years ago by the Gemological Institute of America. Confira o meu projeto de interiores sensacional no Autodesk Homestyler! © 2012 Autodesk, Inc. All rights reserved. Use of the service is subject to the Homestyler Terms of Use . Autodesk is a registered trademarks or trademarks of Autodesk, Inc., and/or its subsidiaries and/or affiliates. english français is a collective gallery of curious, silly and unusual images (mauvais goût mean “bad taste“ in french). Anyone can add a clip that will be automatically cropped, resized and added to the grid. The whole constitute a kind of digital living poster glorifying the deviance of the visual world around us. est une galerie collective d'images curieuses, ridicules et insolites. Chacun peut ajouter un extrait qui sera automatiquement recadré, redimensionné et ajouté à la grille. 10 Hilariously Outdated Instructional FIlms - Listverse Pop Culture The 1950s and 1960s—it was a simpler time in America, when the men brought home the bacon and the women knew their place. That doesn’t mean there were no dangers lurking . . . dangers like not knowing how to properly stir a cake, how to help your hardworking husband relax, or how to deal with those pesky women who thought they belonged out in the workplace. Fortunately, these informational short films were made to teach young people everything they needed to know in order to navigate the high-demand world of the ’50s and ’60s.

In Jiufen, You Can Eat Your Way Through a Miyazaki Film If you’ve ever wanted to live inside Japanese filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki’s imagination, the first thing you should consider is booking a plane ticket to Taiwan. Southeast of China and southwest of Japan, and covered in endless stretches of lush tropical forests and densely packed yet alarmingly clean modern cities, Taiwan served as the inspiration for Hayao Miyazaki’s beloved 2001 film Spirited Away. And if you want to relive it, all you have to do is retrace Chihiro’s steps. Hop on a bus (or taxi) just outside of Taipei’s city limits. As you barrel toward the uneven edges of the island’s northeast shore, close to an hour outside of the city, you’ll be dropped at the base of a small mountain—at Jiufen. Anagram Solver Sorry also about breaking the ? blank tile function. Carolyn reported the issue and it's fixed We added a new feature on the Scrabble page that allows ENDS with and STARTS with

A Variety of Unprocessed Foods Cut into Uncannily Precise 2.5cm Cubes by Lernert & Sander In 2014, Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant contacted conceptual design studio Lernert & Sander to create a piece for a special documentary photography issue about food. Lernert & Sander responded with this somewhat miraculous photo of 98 unprocessed foods cut into extremely precise 2.5cm cubes aligned on a staggered grid. Looking at the shot it seems practically impossible, but the studio confirms it is indeed the real thing. The photo is available as a limited edition print of 50 copies printed on 40 x 50cm baryta paper signed by the artists for about €500. You can learn more on their website. (via iGNANT)

Ha! Finally, I have a weapon... this drives my cats totally crazy. by betlamed Nov 30

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