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AppCoda - Learn iOS Programming

AppCoda - Learn iOS Programming
During an application development process, a quite significant part is the way developers manage to keep track of the changes been made over time. It really consists of a necessary need to be able to store and handle copies of working code versions in various stable stages, and revert back to them when bugs or problems arise. Even more, when a number of programmers work at the same project, keeping track of all changes is a one-way path. Fortunately, developers don’t have to discover their own way to do all that, as there are special software solutions, called Version Control Systems. A version control system, or in other words a revision control system, is actually a (software) mechanism that is capable of monitoring changes performed to code files over time and storing them for future reference.

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Guidelines to Follow when Building for the App Store (iOS & Android) There are a lot of factors to consider before building and submitting a mobile application. Developers have plenty of resources on the web for consulting official documentation. But there are some traits you should consider about the overall process. Whether you are building for Apple or Android-powered devices will make all the difference. How to make basic edits in iPhoto for iOS Half the fun of iPhone photography is editing and altering your photos in various photo apps. And now that Apple has introduced its iPhoto app for the iPhone and iPad, bringing its desktop photo management and editing software to the touchscreen interface, users have a great, all-in-one photo-editing tool at their fingertips. iPhoto is one of the most packed and powerful iOS photo apps we’ve seen, so there’s a slight learning curve when using it to spruce up your photos. Here’s how to use some of the app’s tools to make basic edits.

Node.js Tutorials and Resources Node.js is increasingly gaining popularity among web developers. Due to all hosting companies Node.js remains the prerogative of dedicated servers and VPS. Actually VPS is a solution that even a small startup can afford. iPhone App Comprehensive Course Got programming experience, but still don't know how to make an iPhone app? Learn how to create iOS apps from start to finish! This course uses a see and do approach. You will be walked through the app creation process, learning the basic concepts and essentials to iPhone programming. The instructor, Shawn Arney, is a professional software developer who developed iPhone banking apps for over 30 Credit Unions. Shawn taught professional software developers how to develop professional, ‘commercial’ apps as well.

Learn Web Design - Educational Resources Tutorials & Guides Free or Low Cost Keep your hard-earned dollars in your pocket Text-Based Easily Create Beautiful iOS App Icons with this DIY Retina Icon Kit It’s rare that app developers and web developers double as graphic designers, leaving some apps and websites to include fairly hideous iOS icons. As we’ve said before, icons matter, however superficial they may be, so instead of shipping an app or site with an ugly icon do yourself a favor and download this do-it-yourself retina icon kit. The DIY template from KillerIcons comes as a deeply layered and easily workable PSD file containing a 512×512 app icon, letting you easily create a very attractive icon just by switching on or off some layers, adding an element or two, and adjusting as necessary. PSD’s are best opened with Photoshop, but if you don’t have it go ahead and download CS6 beta for free and use it until the final version comes out, the template works fine. Get the free DIY icon kit from These icon templates are useful website owners as well, use them to create an Apple touch icon PNG file to set as a custom bookmark icon for iOS home screens.

An Introduction to Hire iPhone App Developer and Hire iPad App developer Services - How to choose them? How to Hire iPhone App Developer or Hire iPad App Developer? Most of you are concerned about the security of your money and data when outsourcing your projects of part of projects to companies and have many questions in mind before making the decision, this article will ease up the thing bit and will help your decide what is best for you. I have mentioned in my previous article about outsourcing your projects on fixed cost basis for development in iPhone and iPad. This article will provide you with information on how to outsource your projects of iPhone or iPad on hourly basis, i.e. How to Hire iPhone App Developer or Hire iPad App Developer?

Calgary Web Design & iPhone App Development by Mediumrare I’ve compiled the 5 tools below to help optimize the process of designing an iPhone or iPad app. They are all relatively simple tools, but they all serve their own little purpose by optimizing a part of the process of when going from idea to completion. Rarepad wireframe templates Developing my first iPhone game: the inside story Editor's Note: From time to time, TUAW does cover commercial apps developed by our staffers, although it is relatively rare for individuals to write about their own projects (with some notable exceptions). In this case, Mike's experience of his app development process -- going from a code-naive start to a spot in the App Store -- is definitely worth sharing. Last Tuesday, having covered the App Store for TUAW since before there was an App Store to cover (remember the "sweet solution"?), I finally did something I've been thinking about doing for a couple of years now: I released an iPhone app. I write about lots of apps every day here on TUAW, but I'm a writer by trade, not a programmer.

The Art Of Launching An App: A Case Study Advertisement You’ve made your first app! Now what? Anyone in the app business knows that marketing an app is tough.