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The 10 Best Places To Find How-To Videos Once upon a time, how-to guides were all about numbered lists and badly-drawn diagrams. Now those guides have gone multimedia, with a slew of new sites offering video how-tos from the users themselves. Here are 10 of the best. 1. VideoJug: VideoJug mixes user generated clips with professionally made content. Videos are accompanied by a text version, and you can download clips to your iPod or PSP. 2. 3. 4. 5min: 5min is a "videopedia" with a large amount of content. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Sound Types FindSounds Search the Web for Sounds What types of sounds can be found on the Web using FindSounds? Below is a partial list. Click on any link below to perform a search, or enter one or more words in the search box above and then click on the Search button. Animal Sounds alligator, baboon, bat, bear, bobcat, buffalo, bullfrog, camel, cat, cheetah, chimpanzee, chinchilla, chipmunk, cougar, cow, coyote, crocodile, deer, dinosaur, dog, dolphin, donkey, elephant, elk, ferret, fox, frog, gibbon, goat, gorilla, grizzly bear, guinea pig, hippo, horse, hyena, jaguar, kitten, lamb, lemur, leopard, lion, llama, marmot, monkey, moose, mouse, orca, panda, panther, pig, polar bear, prairie dog, puppy, rabbit, raccoon, rat, rattlesnake, rhinoceros, rodent, sea lion, seal, sheep, snake, squirrel, sugar glider, tiger, toad, whale, wolf, zebra Insect Sounds bee, cicada, cricket, insects, katydid, mosquito, wasp

Projects - Web Application Security Consortium WASC applies a selective process to assigning project leaders, with the key goal of qualified expertise throughout the project with timely delivery. Web Application Security Scanner Evaluation Criteria The Web Application Security Evaluation Criteria is a set of guidelines to evaluate web application security scanners on their identification of web application vulnerabilities and its completeness. more... Web Security Articles The Web Application Security Consortium (WASC) is seeking contributed 'Guest Articles' by industry professionals on the latest in trends, techniques, defenses, best practices and lessons learned relevant to the field of web application security. more... The Web Hacking Incidents Database The web hacking incident database (WHID) is a Web Application Security Consortium project dedicated to maintaining a list of web applications related security incidents.

Insights show how consumers use different devices together How many times have you started reading an email on your phone while commuting, and then continued it on your laptop when you got home? Or perhaps you saw a commercial for a new car and then used your tablet to search for the specs and see it in action? If these things sound familiar, that’s because they’re all part of the new norm in multi-screen behavior. In “The New Multi-screen World: Understanding Cross-Platform Consumer Behavior,” we discovered that 90% of people move between devices to accomplish a goal, whether that’s on smartphones, PCs, tablets or TV. Click to enlarge Two primary ways we multi-screenIn understanding what it means to multi-screen, we discovered two main modes of usage:Sequential screening where we move from one device to another to complete a single goalSimultaneous screening where we use multiple devices at the same time So what does this all mean for marketers?

100 links para clicar antes de morrer Este post é uma atualização de um post publicado em 2011 com o título “100 links para clicar antes de morrer”. Em dois foram mais de meio milhão de compartilhamentos. Atualizamos as informações e acrescentamos novos links. A lista faz uma espécie de inventário do que teve de melhor na internet nos últimos anos. Toda a obra de Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart para download O site disponibilizou para download legal e para audição on-line, toda a obra do compositor austríaco Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, composta por cerca de 700 peças, totalizando mais de 180 horas de música. 1001 álbuns para ouvir antes de morrer O “1001 Álbuns” é um projeto audacioso. As 100 maiores canções de jazz da história (com vídeo e áudio incorporados) Os sites Jazz24 e NPR Música fizeram uma enquete mundial para eleger as 100 melhores canções de jazz em todos os tempos. 1500 canções foram citadas por cerca de 10 mil participantes. A melhor rádio on-line do mundo Um clássico do Rádio brasileiro

1000+ great Photoshop free brushes by PaulW | Abduzeedo - graphic design | design inspiration | design tutorials by aloa Wed, 05/21/2008 - 15:24 My friend PaulW has uploaded a lot of great Photoshop brushes over at . If youre interested in abstract art you have to download them. PaulW is an awesome graphic designer from the UK who made great brushes like abstract, grunge or vector brushes for you. Here you can download his whole collection. What Is A Cash Flow Statement? Operations Measuring the cash inflows and outflows caused by core business operations, the operations component of cash flow reflects how much cash is generated from a company's products or services. Generally, changes made in cash, accounts receivable, depreciation, inventory and accounts payable are reflected in cash from operations. Cash flow is calculated by making certain adjustments to net income by adding or subtracting differences in revenue, expenses and credit transactions (appearing on the balance sheet and income statement) resulting from transactions that occur from one period to the next. These adjustments are made because non-cash items are calculated into net income (income statement) and total assets and liabilities (balance sheet). So, because not all transactions involve actual cash items, many items have to be re-evaluated when calculating cash flow from operations. The same logic holds true for taxes payable, salaries payable and prepaid insurance.

Top 5 push notification tools that bloggers can use to boost traffic Web push notifications are a great marketing channel for bloggers. They are permission based and are capable of pushing personalized content to prospects. Right from delivering relevant and targeted content to building a strong base of loyal audience, web push notifications can do everything to enhance customer re-engagement. Given the multitude of choices, it can be a difficult task to choose the best push notification tool. Let’s delve into details. 1. This web-based push notification platform is popular among online content publishers and ecommerce store owners. PushCrew lets digital marketers add not only images and CTAs but also emoticons to push notifications. PushCrew also gives a detailed status and tracking report. Other Top Features Drip Campaign DashboardNotification Consultant and Implementation EngineerMulti website and multi user support 2. Are you looking for a web and mobile-based push notification platform? This push notification tool can bring down cart abandonment rate. 3.

100 Best DIY Sites on the Web 100 Best DIY Sites on the Web Saturday, February 26, 2011 at 6:06pm by Site Administrator DIY offers a great way to take on personal projects and make things your own. Home Improvement In these sites, you’ll find fun and useful projects to take on at home. Arts & Crafts Whether you want to learn how to make your own macro lens, or just find a knitting pattern, these sites will have what you’re looking for. Tech Find everything you want to know about hacking gadgets, electronics, and more from these sites. Makezine: Learn how to make your own fun electronic and tech toys with this site.Freedom to Tinker: Check out this site to learn how to modify and repair tech devices.Hack This Site! Lifehacking These sites present great ways to apply the DIY principle to everyday life. General Check out these sites to find anything and everything DIY. If you enjoyed this article, please bookmark it at »