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Stunning black and white photography by Hengki Koentjoro

Black and white photography is one of my favorite things on Earth, and let’s call Hengki Koentjoro’s work Exhibit A as to why. I love the way fog, mist, and water are used as natural special effects to soften and distort the images, and how they take on a life of their own. The key to great black and white photography is contrast, and these photos have it in spades. via If you liked these, check out these stunning black and white photos of animals Related:  Photography Collections

Stephen Oachs Wild Photography Stephen W. Oachs is an award-winning photographer, successful entrepreneur and technology veteran, who began his journey in photography the moment he picked up his first SLR camera. Ever since, his lenses have focused on the inspiring majesty of mother earth and the unflinching beauty of the animal kingdom. ↑ Back to top Is this Atlantis?: Photographer creates magnificent underwater world for exhibition that can only be viewed 145 feet under the sea By Daily Mail Reporter Published: 00:04 GMT, 1 August 2012 | Updated: 00:57 GMT, 1 August 2012 Greek philosopher Plato wrote of the legendary city of Atlantis, that sunk to the bottom of the ocean. Now photographer Andreas Franke has created a similar mythical underwater world for a new exhibition - but you can only see it with your scuba gear on. Armed with his camera, Mr Franke dove down to the Vandenberg, a United States missile tracking ship that sunk in 2009 off the coast of Key West, Florida, and used the spectacular images he took as a canvas for a surreal civilisation that never existed. Ballet: Ballerinas practice their art The collection of photographs capture people going about their daily lives, whether ballerinas en barre, young lovers at the cinema, a patient being wheeled along by a nurse, or young children playing. The ballerinas rest their points on one of the wreck's many railings while instead of catching butterflies, a young girl catches fish with her net.

Photography by Hengki Koentjoro Hengki Koentjoro is an amateur photographer from Jakarta, Indonesia. ↑ Back to top Pics that won't make you laugh but are still cool I hop you don't mind if I use this thread as an excuse to post some Earth porn: My current Wallpaper, The Havasu Falls The Guilin Mountains "Elephant Foot" Glacier My favorite at the moment: Rainbow(Northern Lights?) Click the images for the full-sized versions.

portfolio about // portfolio // contact human // natural & landscape "To Adrian Rodriguez, With Love" series by Melanie Willhide Melanie Willhide. (This post contains nudity.) For most photographers, having your computer stolen is the stuff of nightmares—it happened to photographer Melanie Willhide, and she knows your next question: “Yes, [the thief] also took our backup drive.” Convinced she would never see the images again, Willhide was shocked when the Pasadena, Calif., police contacted her after they found her computer in the back seat of a car they had pulled over. “It’s kind of like winning the lottery; it seemed so implausible,” Willhide said. She was given back the computer (the keyboard wasn’t recovered) and quickly discovered the thief had crudely wiped out her hard-drive. Willhide did what anyone would do: She ran recovery software to try to salvage the corrupted images. Looking for support, Willhide and her friend and business partner Betsy sat in front of the computer zooming through the recovered images to check out exactly what would be salvageable. As the images popped up, both women sat in shock.

Amazingly Precise Exploding Water Balloon By timing his photographs to fractions of split-seconds, Edward Horsford produces amazing photography of exploding, colorful water balloons. About the series that brought him fame and loads of Internet popularity, he says “I started these as a way to challenge myself technically and creatively.” The photographer essentially aims to reveal to the human eye, those instants that usually escape us, as they are too elusive and at the same time too mundane to be noticed. He times his shots beautifully and manages to do this thanks to a customized, self-made trigger he produced in order to capture the precise speeds he requires in order to create his art. He also experiments with composition, strobe lighting, angles, and color combos, in order to keep his art fresh and visually exciting, albeit immensely precise. Source: ↑ Back to top

Pencil Vs Camera by Ben Heine Ben Heine (born June 12, 1983 in Abidjan, Ivory coast) is a Belgian multidisciplinary visual artist. He is best known for his original series “Pencil Vs Camera”, “Digital Circlism” and “Flesh and Acrylic”. “Pencil Vs Camera” mixes drawing and photography, imagination and reality. Chek him at Enjoy The Gallery very good hands thanks Leave a Reply 40 Of The Most Powerful Photographs Ever Taken Sisters pose for the same photo three separate times, years apart. A Russian war veteran kneels beside the tank he spent the war in, now a monument. A Romanian child hands a heart-shaped balloon to riot police during protests against austerity measures in Bucharest. Retired Philadelphia Police Captain Ray Lewis is arrested for participating in the Occupy Wall Street protests in 2011. A monk prays for an elderly man who had died suddenly while waiting for a train in Shanxi Taiyuan, China. A dog named "Leao" sits for a second consecutive day at the grave of her owner, who died in the disastrous landslides near Rio de Janiero on January 15, 2011. The 1968 Olympics Black Power Salute: African American athletes Tommie Smith and John Carlos raise their fists in a gesture of solidarity at the 1968 Olympic games. Jewish prisoners at the moment of their liberation from an internment camp "death train" near the Elbe in 1945. John F. "Wait For Me Daddy," by Claude P. U.S.