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Copycat Recipe: Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs

Copycat Recipe: Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs
As of right now, the Chocolate Covered Katie Cookbook is the #1 Amazon Best Seller for dessert cookbooks and #4 on the Best Seller list for cookbooks overall. I am forever grateful to everyone who has been spreading the word! Dear Easter Bunny, I want just one thing for Easter: a basket filled sky-high with these chocolate peanut butter eggs. Peeps shmeeps. This past month, I received many requests for a healthy Reeses eggs makeover. No, seriously, they really do. Homemade Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs Print This Recipe 5/5 Ingredients 1/4 cup peanut butter OR allergy-friendly alternative dash salt (I also use salted pb) 1/4 cup powdered sugar or *Sugar-Free Powdered Sugar* 2 tbsp cocoa powder 2 tbsp virgin coconut oil (for substitutions, see note below) Liquid stevia to taste OR 2 tbsp agave or pure maple syrup 2 more tbsp of the sugar/sf sugar, if needed Yield: Makes 6-9 eggs Instructions Mix the first three ingredients together in a bowl until it becomes a crumbly dough.

Gluten-free Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownies | Texanerin Baking These healthier chocolate peanut butter brownies use ground up oats in place of flour, making them gluten-free and 100% whole grain! This recipe really gets around. It first appeared on Dashing Dish, then on Sally’s Baking Addiction (did you know that she makes a lot of healthier recipes?! Well, she does :)) then again just recently on Butter Baking and I couldn’t stand it! I had to make these. Natasha’s version uses half the sugar the other versions do but then I went and did something not so healthy. I love how intensely chocolaty these are. One thing to note is that I used an awkward sized pan that was slightly smaller than 8″x8″, meaning the brownies in the pictures are slightly thicker than yours will be. Have a great weekend everyone! Prep Time: 10 minCook Time: 23 minReady in: 33 minYield: 16 brownies Ingredients Directions Preheat the oven to 350°F (176°C). Recipe by Texanerin Baking |

Healthy Cookie Dough Dip If you received an email from Pinterest saying I didn’t want you to pin my recipes, this is NOT true! I am so sorry for this and have no idea why they would send such messages out! Please accept my apologies… I’m so honored when people pin things from my site or follow my Chocolate Covered Katie Pinterest Board. Healthy Cookie Dough Dip… it’s like an unbaked form of those popular White Bean Chickpea Blondies. I don’t know about you, but when I make the blondies, quite a bit of the raw dough gets consumed in the process! But will “normal” people like it? Often, I’m unsure if a recipe with which I am in love will be a hit with the general population of people who aren’t used to healthy food. The following is directly from my About Chocolate Covered Katie page. I refuse to believe one must give up delicious food in order to be healthy… Healthy food can taste incredible when it’s prepared the right way. I brought this healthy cookie dough dip to a party. Something amazing happened… Ingredients

Almond Flour Biscuits (GF) These grain-free biscuits are delicious topped with butter, raw honey or homemade jam. Almond flour is a good source of protein and is high in dietary fiber, vitamin E, calcium, riboflavin, copper, zinc and magnesium. If you’re living grain-free/gluten-free, it’s important to choose nutritionally dense options such as almond flour and coconut flour, in contrast to baking with gluten-free flours that contain nutritionally-poor ingredients like white rice flour, tapioca flour and potato starch. The only drawback is the cost, as blanched almond flour can be quite expensive. For a classic-looking biscuit, scoop a large spoonful of batter into your hands and roll into a ball about the size of an apricot. P.S. Looking for more scrumptious blanched almond flour recipes? Here are a few readers favorites… • Fluffy Little Almond Flour Pancakes(GF) • Cinnamon Streusel Muffins(GF) • Our Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies(GF) • Great Grain-Free Crackers(GF) Ingredients Instructions You Might Also Like:

Healthy Chocolate Chip Blondies (with beans!) So a blonde walks into a bar. Or in this case, the blonde is the bar! I’d tell you these are healthy. But then, if you try them, you will think I am a liar and you will never believe another word I say. Smart blondes do exist Low in calories, rich in omega-3s, and gluten-free… These might just be the smartest blondies in the world. For the past year, I’ve been seeing “black bean brownie” recipes popping up all over the blogworld. But I really enjoy putting a different, creative spin on old trends. Genius Chocolate-Chip Blondies (makes an 8×8 pan) 1 1/2 cups chickpeas or white beans (1 can, drained and rinsed) (250g after draining)3/4 tsp baking powder1/8 tsp baking sodalevel 1/4 tsp salt3/4 cup brown sugar or coconut sugar (See note below, for substitutions)2 tsp vanilla extract1/4 cup ground flax or quick oats (20g)1/4 cup peanut butter (or other fat source) (see nutrition link below, for lower-cal options)optional: 1/2 cup chocolate chips (Not “optional” if you’re CCK!) But um, ewww?

Wheat-free Buttermilk Biscuits. Wheat-free Buttermilk Biscuits. Try the following scrumptious wheat-free recipe to help get rid of your wheat belly. Buttermilk biscuits 1 cup almond flour ¼ cup coconut flour ¼ cup parmesan cheese ½ cup baking soda ¼ cup cold salted butter 1 large egg ¼ cup buttermilk Heat oven to 350*F In bowl, combine almond flour, coconut flour, parmesan cheese and baking soda until blended Using pastry blender or knife, cut butter into flour mixture until pea-size pieces form. On work surface, shape dough into a round, 1” thick slab. Look for more wheat-free recipes on other posts.

Zucchini Bluffin’s & Other Ways To Sneak Veggies Into Your Food | Because, shucks, these babies ain’t got in ‘em, and gee, when you taste ‘em, . They are also a fantastic source of Omega 3s and fibre! , especially when you least expect them. Carrot cake , spinach smoothies , beet-chocolate tart , pumpkin hummus , lemon chiffon avocado pudding , or even sweet potato truffles ! It’s hard to believe that those often wrongfully associated with nose-wrinkling are not only so versatile, but also delicious…And let me tell you something… Of course, they add extra vitamins, minerals, and fibre to a dish, but when you bake with vegetables, pureed or grated, they lend a wonderful moistness and lightness to a muffin or a cake. Any kind of squash or sweet potato can easily be added into to many baked goods. Used raw, avocadoes are fantastic for adding a healthy creaminess to puddings, smoothies, and raw pie/tart fillings. Spinach is also surprisingly neutral, so long as you aren’t put off by the green colour! 1 1/4 c rolled oats 1/2 c brown rice flour 1 t baking soda

Cornbread {using almond & coconut flour} I’ve never done this before, but I’m going to try it this year—cornbread dressing. But first I’ll need to bake a grain-free, gluten-free cornbread. I thought a little longer than usual about how to title this post. Like the mashed potato posts, the title “Cornbread” is somewhat misleading. This recipe is for cornbread, but there’s no hint of corn anywhere in it. So I’ve tried to change my expectations. Almond flour happens to make a great base for cornbread, even when it doesn’t contain a single grain of cornmeal. It’s a slightly sweet, slightly salty, slightly buttery version of cornbread. You can also turn this into brown butter cornbread by browning the butter in a pan before adding it to the batter. And if you like your cornbread to have a slightly grainy taste, as if you were using a medium grind cornmeal instead of a fine grind, cut the milk in the recipe by about half (reduce to a 1/4 cup). Ingredients Method Makes 9 or 16 servings when baked in an 8-inch by 8-inch pan.

DIY Instant Oatmeal Jars | amyBITES This post is inspired by my friend Lauren, who eats instan t oatmeal almost every day for lunch at work. While I think this is a great idea since oatmeal is wholesome and delicious, instant oatmeal packets make me sad. They often have an off-putting texture, contain gums and artificial sweeteners, and the taste never reaches its nutty, oat-y potential. told Lauren she should make her own instant oatmeal. "620" height="412" /> Today, I’m sharing recipes for four varieties, but I’d like this post to be more inspiration than prescription. add-ins, make your own flavor profiles, make swaps. and protein to back it up). I made my instant oatmeal in mason jars, but you can use any microwave-safe container or one that can hold boiled water. How to Make Your Own Quick Oats Measure out old-fashioned oats and place in food processor. Notes: These instant oatmeal jars couldn’t be easier to make. Recipes Cranberry-Orange DIY Instant Oatmeal Makes 1 serving Apple Pie DIY Instant Oatmeal Other Flavor Ideas

chickpea and flaxseed homemade pasta (vegan, gluten-free) If this elimination diet has taught me nothing else, it has opened me up to the world of gluten-free flours, and more specifically, my newly-beloved chickpea flour. Made from finely ground chickpeas (garbanzo beans), the flour is packed with protein and fiber, and slight chickpea flavor that can be either complimented or hidden with other flavors depending on your end goal. So far with chickpea flour, we’ve made pancakes, socca, and the world’s creamiest and smoothest hummus. Besides the hummus, my favorite thing to come out of the discovery of chickpea flour is homemade pasta. The beauty of this pasta dough is its total simplicity. My favorite pasta-making method is 100% (wo)man-powered. If you have a pasta roller and cutter, awesome blossom! If you are going the ghetto simple method, like I did, try to stick with pasta shapes that can accept some imperfection. Now, before I give you my recipe (ha! Alright, now you can have the recipe. Chickpea and Flaxseed Homemade Pasta Serves two

Vegan Cheese Substitutes | Cheeky Chicago Who doesn’t love cheese? The fact is, cheese doesn’t always love us. Whenever I walk into Whole Foods or a fresh market, I marvel at the distinct wedged shapes, the pungent aromas and the hefty price tags. Having become vegan, I have not found a good cheese substitute (I loathe the very concept of soy cheese – plastic does not taste like cheese!). The fact is, cheese if full of casein, which clogs arteries and is loaded with saturated fat. And here’s a fun cheese fact: most cheeses contain rennet, which is usually made from using sliced up pieces of dried-out calf stomachs. This week, I am taking a few cues from the book, The Complete Guide to Vegan Food Substitutions so you can make your own “cheese” from the following ingredients: cashews, walnuts, nutritional yeast, tofu, maca powder, agar and miso. Walnut Parmesan Sprinkles Ingredients: 1/2 cup walnut pieces 1/2 cup nutritional yeast 1/2 cup panko bread crumbs 1/2 tsp. dried basil 1/4 tsp. salt (optional) Tofu Feta 2 tbsp. lemon juice

All about Frying Cheese (159) Pictured above: Move over, mozzarella sticks! A new, cheesy, kid is going to take your milk money. Fry the cheese, if you please. OK, so it’s not “Fry-day”, but there’s no reason we can’t all be a bit of a Wisconsinite a few times per week. Frying cheese is my Valentine! I only just bought some recently at my new favorite organic crack outlet– I mean Sprouts– and just used it yesterday for the first time ever. I then immediately swooned across three fainting sofas and fanned myself with the empty plastic cheese wrapper. An example of a grilling cheese, labeled, ironically enough, “Grilling Cheese.” What is frying cheese? Queso blanco (white cheese, typically from cows) or queso fresco (fresh cheese, typically from cow–and sometimes with goat’s milk) are natural, creamy, soft, unaged cheeses that don’t melt into the long, lugubrious, stringy masses you’re likely used to when you make a grilled cheese sandwich from a more aged cheddar or a mozzarella. Brands? Make your own How do you use it?