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Adobe Illustrator CS6 has been available since late April 2012, so more and more users were starting to wonder when Scriptographer for CS6 will finally be released. Aware that it is time for an official answer, I am finally taking time to formulate one. It was far from easy, but a decision has been made: I am not able to spend more time on making CS6 a reality, and instead will focus my time on creating a very decent alternative and escape route with Paper.js, a JavaScript library for the open web and the HTML5 canvas element that Jonathan Puckey and I have launched in 2011 and are very actively developing since. The idea for Paper.js grew out of a research and teaching project at ECAL that we have been conducting during 2008 - 2011, in which we used Scriptographer to teach programming to visually thinking students in blocks of one-week workshops.

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Coolvetica Font Coolvetica is a scratch-built, sans-serif typeface, inspired by 1970's American logo designs. This was an era where everyone was modifying Helvetica with funky curls, mixed-case and effects. Coolvetica recreates that 1970's custom display lettering look with really tight kerning and funky curls. The tails on the R and a have been left out to allow even tighter spacing. Pixate We’re really excited to announce the release of Pixate Studio 1.0. We’ve been working on it for many months now, and after some great feedback from our beta users, we’re very proud to make it available to all Pixate users. Pixate Studio is everything you know and love about Pixate, in a completely standalone app that runs on your Mac (Windows coming soon).

Best Photoshop Tutorials 2014: 10 inspiring step-by-step guides to creating amazing art, illustrations and graphics in Photoshop The 10 most popular Photoshop tutorials from 2014 by leading illustrators, designers and photographers. Over the past year, we've had the pleasure of publshing some amazing Photoshop tutorials created by some of the most talented visual creatives in the world. While easy to follow step-by-step, these aren't the usual 'how to remove red-eye' and 'how to turn a photo into a terrible painted artwork' tutorials that you'll find all over the Internet. They're not for beginners and don't waste your time teaching you things you already know - but instead for talented people like you who know their way around Photoshop and want to learn how to make your art better.

Codes - GENERATIVE GESTALTUNG 2016-03-15RT @bndktgrs: 幸せなコーディング! Launched: Our #GenerativeDesign book has also a 🇯🇵 website now!👍 [Link] Cheers @BugNews! @Proce… 2016-03-05RT @bndktgrs: Our #GenerativeDesign book made it to 🇯🇵 #Japan! Scripting Adobe Illustrator CS using JavaScript Creating PDFs in Processing and post-processing them in Adobe Illustrator, I frequently find myself wanting to do things like adjust global transparency levels, colors etc. So far that’s been frustrated by the rather poor color adjustment options built into Illustrator, but today I finally got impatient enough to look into a scripting solution. Illustrator has had Javascript support since CS 1, exposing the document object model to anyone with a bit of scripting savvy. Adobe is good about publishing technical documents, perhaps a holdover from the days when they relied on PostScript to build their empire. So anyone can go to the online scripting documentation and download a complete PDF with a description of the Illustrator API. As might be expected, coding Javascript is not without its troubles, and I found myself having dotcom flashbacks to the days when I would do client-side scripting.

DataViz: Programming languages, toolkits and libraries This is part of a series of posts to share with readers a useful collection of some of the most important, effective and practical data visualisation resources. This post presents the range of data visualisation programming languages, toolkits and libraries, sometimes used in isolation, often used in partnership to accomplish specific functions. Please note, I may not have personally used all the packages or tools presented but have seen sufficient evidence of their value from other sources. Whilst some inclusions may be contentious from a quality/best-practice perspective, they may still provide some good features and provide value to a certain audience out there.

Scrbtle Scrbtle is a generative drawing tool that consists of a scripting language with a simple set of commands and predefined variables. The idea behind it is to create nice graphics and to learn how to code in a playful way. Feel free to join the flickr group and share your images and code. About Scriptographer is a scripting plugin for Adobe Illustrator™. It gives the user the possibility to extend Illustrator’s functionality by the use of the JavaScript language. The user is no longer limited to the same tools that are used by most graphic designers around the globe. Scriptographer allows the creation of mouse controlled drawing-tools, effects that modify existing graphics and scripts that create new ones.

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