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CanvasDraw HTML5 drawing app

CanvasDraw HTML5 drawing app

Psykopaint - Create and paint amazing art from photos 8 Creative Uses of Google Drawings You Shouldn't Ignore Advertisement Did you ever click the bright red “New” button inside your Google Drive? Google Drawings isn’t at the forefront of tools. Google Drawings is the freshest among all Google Drive tools. That’s just one. Now, that we have got the limitations of Google Drawings out of the way, let’s look at a few more creative uses. Use It for Collaborative Post-It Notes Think of Google Drawings as an universal whiteboard for sticking Post-It notes. When you can’t be at the same place, a quick Google Drawings share coupled with a Hangouts chat is an easy solution. Create Your Own Graphic Organizers Graphic organizers are diagrams that help organize information visually. Use the library of templates to take a shortcut (e.g. a flowchart template) or create your own from scratch. This webinar by Eric Curts shows you the options you can explore in Google Drawings for your custom needs. Design an Infographic You might not create the next viral infographic with Google Drawings. Annotating Screenshots

The real story of how big data analytics helped Obama win | Big Data Credit: iStockphoto You may have heard how statistical wizard Nate Silver predicted the electoral votes for each state in the 2012 presidential election, showing that raw data crunching of polls is much more reliable than traditional punditry. What you probably haven't heard is how the Obama campaign built a 100-strong analytics staff to churn through dozens of terabytes of data with a combination of the HP Vertica MPP (massively parallel processing) analytic database and predictive models with R and Stata to gain a competitive edge. Credit for the big data approach goes to Obama campaign manager Jim Messina, who decided to dive headfirst into an analytics-driven campaign. Messina commented, "We were going to demand data on everything, we were going to measure everything...we were going to put an analytics team inside of us to study us the entire time to make sure we were being smart about things." To ensure everything was measured, staff were evaluated on whether they entered data.

17 Best Online Photo Editing Tools Compared Do you ever need a photo edited quickly and you do not have Photoshop or Gimp available, and all you have is Internet? Thanks to the online image editor services this isn’t a a problem anymore. reviewed all of them so you do not have to. is the latest offering for web-based photo sharing and editing. Our Rating: Excellent FlauntR flauntR is a privately funded, online photo and effect editor. Snipshot The next time you want to edit an image but don’t have any software available to do so, you might want to go online and take a look at Snipshot – a website which is simple to use and lets you edit images online. Our Rating: Good is a website that allows its users to change and improve their pictures. Picnik Picnik allows you to edit things in a variety of ways. ImproveYourImages ImproveYourImages is another good online image editing tool. Splashup Splashup, formerly known as Fauxto, is a free online image editing program. Cellsea Aviary

Draw on any webpage. Share thoughts. Move ideas. - Markup Drawing tool Free Online Image Editor Gallery Whether you remove the object with our {{cutout_tool}} or use the {{clone_tool}} to cover it up, BeFunky Plus has the tools you need to remove anything from any photo. Take unique to the next level. BeFunky Plus has a collection of {{artsy_effects}} that’ll transform your photos into cartoons, paintings, sketches, and more! With {{batch_processing}} you can crop, resize, and edit hundreds of photos all at the same time. Watch it in action Use our {{fill_light}}, {{vibrance}}, and {{clarity}} tools to fine tune your photos, or let our intuitive {{Enhance DLX}} tools analyze your photos and fix them where they need to be fixed. Unlock hundreds of professionally designed {{templates_link}} that’ll give you the starting point you need to easily create eye-catching designs. No matter how many photos you throw at it, one click of our Collage Wizard and you’ll always get a great looking collage that doesn’t resize or crop any of your photos.

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