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The Space We Live In

The Space We Live In

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Beautiful, Intimate Portraits of Bees Beautiful Bee Bees are the workhorses of the insect world. By transferring pollen from one plant to another, they ensure the next generation of the fruits, nuts, vegetables, and wildflowers we so enjoy. Places In Canada You Won't Believe Actually Exist They're real and they're spectacular. This is Mount Thor on Baffin Island in Nunavut (Nestor Lewyckyj) It has the world's highest vertical drop That's 1,250 metres, straight down. 35 Amazing Photos of us Tiny Humans in a Big World. Photo #17 Is Epic! Share on Facebook Share on Twitter We are just ants in this big old universe of ours and even when us humans think that we rule the world we live in, these pictures will quickly show you that nature rules over us. 1) British Columbia Canada

Facial expression analysis Facial expressions refer to movements of the mimetic musculature of the face. The vast majority of these muscles are innervated by the VIIth cranial nerve, emanating from the brainstem between the pons and medulla (Figure 1). 1 The nerve includes a motor root that supplies somatic muscle fibers to the muscles of the face, scalp, and outer ear, enabling the muscle movements that comprise facial expressions. The sensory part of the nerve enables and augments some aspects of taste and sound (Standring, 2005). (The upper eyelid is innervated by a different nerve – the oculomotor nerve; this muscle is used in expressions of surprise, fear and anger.) The facial nerve receives impulses from multiple brain areas. Lower face muscles are represented more fully in the motor cortex than the upper face, allowing for more voluntary and learned control of the lower face; this provides the fine controls of that facial region required for speech articulation.

デザインアイデアをくれる、魅力的なモーショングラフィック動画まとめ 圧倒的なグラフィック力と、そこにユニークな動き、アニメーションが加わることで、わたしたちをたのしませてくれる、モーショングラフィック動画。身近な存在として、テレビコマーシャルがわかりやすいのではないでしょうか。静止画ではなかな伝えることがむずかしい内容も、アニメーションを追加することで、よりユーザーの注目を惹くこともできますね。 海外デザインブログFromUpNorth.comで、見ているだけでもワクワクしてしまう、モーショングラフィック動画をまとめたエントリー「Motion Graphics to and Inspire」が公開されていたので、今回はご紹介します。 10秒ほどの短いアニメーションから、長いものでも3分ほどの作品を中心にまとめています。

Incredible DIY Terrarium Ideas Terrariums have become hugely popular lately. If you're interested in creating your own capsule of green, check out these incredible terrarium ideas plus instructions for making your own. Bring some greenery into your life with these beautiful terrarium ideas… Asian-themed Terrarium Image Source For a bit of Eastern influence for your terrarium, this scene works perfectly.

carsten nicolai sound, large-scale LED screens Carsten Nicolai presented his new work α (alpha) pulse during Art Basel Hong Kong 2014. α (alpha) pulse's generated light patterns pulsated in a synchronized frequency across the entire façade of Hong Kong's iconic 490 meter high International Commerce Centre on the Kowloon harbor front. Like a lighthouse, the tower was sending its pulses into the city, reaching out to Hong Kong residents and visitors.

These 12 Amazing Photos Will Make You Go Camping Camping at 10 000 feet under beautiful night sky. Photo by: David Kaplan Amazing Huai Nam Dang national park, Thailand. Photo by: Preecha Sakhonphantharak Sitting inside tree tent. Notations 21: 165 Musicians Visualize Sheet Music in Unusual Ways by Maria Popova What the color wheel has to do with Beethoven and supporting arts education. There’s something especially mesmerizing about the cross-pollination of the senses, particularly in visualizing music. That’s exactly what Notations 21 explores. Inspired by John Cage’s iconic 1968 Notations and originally released for its 50th anniversary, the ambitious 320-page volume by Theresa Sauer and Mark Batty Publishers reveals how 165 composers and musicians around the world are experiencing, communicating and reconceiving music visually by reinventing notation. From acclaimed musicians like Karlheinz Stockhausen, Earle Brown, Halim El-Dabh, Joan La Barbara, and Yuji Takahashi to emerging global talent, this magnificent tome examines how both the technology and the expectations of this unique synesthetic language have changed over the past half-century.

These 12 Amazing Photos Will Make You Go Kayaking Kayakers in Ashlu creek, Canada. Photo by: Phil Tifo Kayaking in clear cave lake, Thailand. Photo by: John Spies Kayaking extremely close to volcano. Most Stunning Waterfall Photos The Goðafoss is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Iceland with height of 12 meters over a width of 30 meters. Photo by: Valeriy Shcherbina Known locally as Churun Meru, Dragon Falls is an incredible natural formation in Venezuela. BEEPLE Older → # beeple GIF cinema4d c4d design 3d neon Posted 41 minutes ago 70 notes View Larger