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Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 11 Free Tools to Teach Human Anatomy in 3D

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 11 Free Tools to Teach Human Anatomy in 3D
The following are some good resources to help students explore the human body through interactive imaging, games, exercises and more. Build-a Body: This is a great website that allows students to build the human body using interactive elements system by system. Each system has descriptions and provides some facts about diseases. Students will only drag and drop the parts of body such as bones, organs,..ect. BioDigital Human This is a great resource for anatomy. Medical Animations The university of Pennsylvania Health System has a great website offering medical animations, explanations of several medical problems, resources on anatomy, physiology, and the human body. InnerBody This is a website where students can learn about human anatomy and physiology. Zygote Body This is the the substitute of Google Body. Virtual Eye Dissection and Eye Anatomy As its name suggests, this website lets users view photos from an actual eye dissection, and perform virtual dissection on the eye. Related:  Physical Therapy and Pain

How to Draw Eyes | Stan Prokopenkos Blog For a video version of this tutorial visit This tutorial is a continuation of How to Draw the Head from Any Angle. I will go over the structure of the eye and detailed information on drawing the brow ridge, eyeball, eyelids, eyelashes, iris, cornea, and pupil. The Basic Forms The Eyeball The part of the eyeball that is visible (technical term is Sclera) is commonly called the ‘white of the eye’. The biggest mistake you can make is to leave the ‘white of the eye’ white, when the entire eye is in shadow. The Iris, Cornea, and Pupil Structure of the Iris and Cornea The Pupil It’s important to remember that the pupil is on the iris, not the cornea. Shading the Iris, Cornea, and Pupil Understanding the structure of these forms is important for when you start shading them. The Eyelids Eyelids Are Not Flat Also, the lids have some thickness to them, so showing the bottom plane of the top lid and the top plane of the bottom lid is very important. Eyelashes

Home Page Home - Best Science Visualization Videos of 2009 Some of the most impressive images in science are produced when researchers take numerical data and represent it visually through modeling and computer graphics. The Department of Energy honored 10 of this year’s best scientific visualizations with its annual SciDAC Vis Night awards, at the Scientific Discovery through Advanced Computing conference (SciDAC) in June. Researchers submitted visualizations to the contest, and program participants voted on the best of the best. From earthquakes to jet flames, this gallery of videos and images show how beautiful (and descriptive) visual data can be. (We’ve adapted the captions from the SciDAC Vis Night blurbs.) Above: The Big One This visualization illustrates some of the rupture and wave propagation phenomena of a magnitude 7.8 earthquake on the San Andreas fault in Southern California. Video: DOE SciDAC Program/Amit Chourasia, Kim Olsen, Steven Day, Luis Dalguer, Yifeng Cui, Jing Zhu, David Okaya, Phil Maechling and Thomas H.

ReGame VR Lab Explores Applications of Active Games and Virtual Reality in Rehabilitation | Fitness Gaming The Rehabilitation Games and Virtual Reality (ReGame VR) laboratory at Northeastern University is working on finding ways to integrate active video games and virtual reality technology into rehabilitation. The Rehabilitation Games and Virtual Reality (ReGame VR) laboratory at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts is exploring the ways to improve rehabilitation programs for children and adults with neuro-motor problems by integrating virtual reality and active gaming systems into therapy. The lab is dedicated to promoting evidence-based integration of these innovative interactive technologies to improve different aspects of rehabilitation, including balance, motor learning and functional mobility training. The ReGame VR lab will use a range of commercial, rehabilitation-specific interactive gaming products to conduct research. The ReGame VR lab is also developing brand new rehabilitation equipment and tools.

Tissue.prn: Desktop Printer Technology Used to Lay Down Regenera The same printer technology that sits on your desk could soon be a common fixture in rebuilding human tissue, treating burns by laying down layers of a patients' own skin or even rebuilding whole organs. A team at Wake Forest University has built a "bioprinter" that uses cells instead of ink. It even uses an ordinary, off-the-shelf printhead, connected to test tubes full of different cell types instead of wells full of colored inks. Led by Anthony Atala, director of the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine in Winston–Salem, N.C., the team is working on treating burns. Such wounds can be hard to treat, because in severe cases there might not be enough healthy skin on the patient to harvest or culture for a graft. Currently, grafts are either sheets of skin taken from a donor site on the body, or layers of cells cultured in vitro from the patient. To treat burns, a laser would scan the wounded area and create a three-dimensional map that would be transmitted to the printer.

Tobacco Body Bricolage, ruse et subterfuge La pédagogie instrumentée par le numérique essaime dans la sphère de l'apprentissage et de l'enseignement. L'abondance des communications institutionnelles, universitaires et des usages de terrain est un indicateur de ce foisonnement. essaimer ne signifie pas pour autant stabilisé ou généralisé. Nous sommes entrés, depuis quelques années, dans une phase de diffusion des équipements dans les établissements via les efforts conjugués du ministère et des collectivités locales. L'enquête PROFETIC (prof et TICE) de septembre 2011 (1) montre que 79 % des enseignants disposent facilement d'un ordinateur dans l'établissement, 66 % d'un vidéo projecteur et 59 % d'un ordinateur pour les élèves et tous les enseignants ont un ordinateur à domicile. Les dix années qui se sont écoulées depuis le passage du nouveau siècle donnent la mesure des progrès qui ont été accomplis. Ils bricolent, ce qui ne signifie pas qu'ils font n'importe quoi et qu'ils ne font que cela.

3D Anatomy Atlas App – LINDSAY Virtual Human Zygote 3D Anatomy Atlas & Dissection Lab Explore the human body’s anatomy through an interactive app. Investigate over 4,000 anatomical parts. Build your own virtual specimens. Check out more information on the Zygote 3D Anatomy Atlas & Dissection Lab, an app for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch available on the iTunes App Store. We have created this app in collaboration with our industry partners Zygote Media Group and The Lindsay Project Corp. Special Offer for University of Calgary Students, Staff, and Faculty See our Anatomy Resources page for more details. Remote Control We have built a remote control application for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch devices. Read more in our Activities Report …

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