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Socrata, Inc.

Socrata, Inc.

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LLC - CommunityViz Promoting informed, collaborative decision making since 2001. CommunityViz planning software is an extension for ArcGIS Desktop. Planners, resource managers, local and regional governments, and many others use CommunityViz to help them make decisions about development, land use, transportation, conservation and more.

How to Create a Minimalist Map Design With OpenStreetMap Mapping can be as much about choosing what data not to include as to include, so you can best focus your audience on the story you are telling. Oftentimes with data visualization projects, the story isn’t about the streets or businesses or parks, but rather about the data you’re trying to layer on the map. To help people visualize data like this, I’ve started to design a new minimal base map for [OpenStreetMap]( What’s great about OpenStreetMap is that the data is all [open]( This means I can take the data and design a totally custom experience. Once finished, the map will serve as another option to the traditional OpenStreetMap baselayer. I’m designing the new map in the open-source map design studio [TileMill]( which Development Seed has written before about [here]( The map can be used as a light, very subtle background to add data on top of for use either with our [MapBox hosting platform’s]( map builder or on its own.

Using OpenSpending Glad to see you here! This site is for enthusiastic doers, citizens and budget nerds from across the world. We care deeply about welcoming everyone regardless of skills and will do what we can to help you getting started! Connect with the Community There’s lots of general and technical discussion happening on our OpenSpending Forums (also in Portuguese!). We also have an IRC channel on Freenode: #openspending. 12 Inspiring Urban Image Galleries 12 Inspiring Urban Image Galleries | 500+ Pictures Jump in and take incredible visual tour of the best of WebUrbanist, from alternative forms of graffiti to amazing green designs and awe-inspiring abandoned places from around the world. Collection 1: Alternative Street Art and Graffiti 20 Light Graffiti Artists and Photographers: Light graffiti is a unique art that takes many forms, from comic and creative to refined and deliberate. These light graffiti artists span the spectrum and use a wide range of tools to create art that can only be captured in the right time and place via photography, itself a difficult art. 3D Graffiti, Sidewalk Chalk Art and Street Painting: Rendering something in two dimensions to appear three dimensional is a difficult art alone – but all the more amazing for the scale at which these 3D artists produce it.

Why the Millennial Architect Won’t Be Your CAD Monkey We are not your Boomer/Gen X'er Architect. The millennial architect will no longer accept long held and outdated traditions in the architectural profession. We speak out against the path to licensure, we start our own firms, and we work for and with people in need. Past generations of architects merrily went about their careers toiling away as interns, while getting little to no pay doing monotonous, low-level drone work. They were told that that’s what it takes to be a great architect.

Carbon Zero: A Short Tour of Your City's Future by Alex Steffen The climate crisis demands that we start rebuilding our cities to become carbon neutral. But what does carbon neutrality mean? What does it look like? florida/1860slavepop Powered by WorldMap florida/1860slavepop Sign in | Create Map | View Map | Help Search for geospatial data Selected Data Refine Search How to Visualize Data With OpenSpending OpenSpending is a database, analysis, and visualization tool for budget- and expenditure-related data. It acts as a data warehouse, giving you access to budgetary data from around the world. One of OpenSpending’s most commonly used features is its ability to easily visualize budgets in two different formats. In this tutorial, we will use data from the World Bank’s BOOST portal and visualize it using OpenSpending.

Direct Democracy, 2.0 Angelika Warmuth/DPA, via Agence France-Presse — Getty Images Members of the Pirate Party attended a conference in Neumünster, Germany, last month. I FIRST took real notice of the Pirates last summer during the campaign for city elections in Berlin. 5 Tips to Work Smarter, Not Harder The more efficiently you run your day-to-day business affairs, the more time you have for other important tasks. Chris Ridd, managing director of small business accounting software provider Xero, spoke to Mashable to offer some pointers. Human beings are creatures of habit. This is equally true of our work lives as it is of our personal lives. When you’re running your own business it’s easy to do things in a particular way because that’s how they’ve always been done. We can end up being blind to new and more efficient ways to do things which would free up time and resources for you to spend expanding your business.

The Building Futures Game - Building Futures The Building Futures Game is the outcome of 3 years research and development work carried out by the Building Futures team, CABE and architectural practice AOC. The toolkit emerged through a shared desire as to how one might enable communities to think about the future of their neighbourhood, while providing stakeholders with an interactive and alternative way of consulting with a wide variety of groups on their concerns and aspirations. The Building Futures Game is a participation tool for visioning and exploring different possible futures for a local area. It is a form of scenario planning, helping groups ‘play out’ a range of possible futures with participants – a mix of policy-makers, service-providers and ‘community members’ – drawing out a set of concerns and aspirations and considering the impacts and implications of their choices. Case studies

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