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BitTorrent : Le guide complet ! - Retrouvez également BitTorrent sur notre wiki et en téléchargement Avant-Propos : Ce dossier a été co-écrit par Olivier Chalouhi (alias "Gudy"), créateur du client BitTorrent open-source Azureus, que Ratiatum remercie très chaleureusement pour sa participation. BitTorrent est un réseau Peer-to-Peer récent créé par Bram Cohen, dont le principal atout est la rapidité. Tout d'abord, BitTorrent n'est pas réellement un "réseau P2P" dans le sens d'eMule ou de Kazaa. Brad Cohen, créateur de BitTorrent Mais alors, en quoi consiste cette philosophie BitTorrent ? Aperçu global du fonctionnement de BitTorrent Concrètement cela donne quoi ? Techniquement, vous ne partagez un fichier que pendant le téléchargement, ou tant que vous ne fermez pas la fenêtre de téléchargement (le client officiel fonctionnant avec une fenêtre distincte par fichier téléchargé). Avec ces explications, BitTorrent peut ne pas sembler très intéressant ; beaucoup de contraintes, visiblement pas simple à utiliser,...

Rapid It! Free Premium Account Link Generator - Sécurité informatique, mouchard, espiogiciel, spyware, espionnage, intrusion Phishing Initiative Code Your Apps To Deliver The World With Virtual Earth APIs Earthly Delights Code Your Applications To Deliver The World With Virtual Earth APIs Chandu Thota This article is based on a prerelease version of Virtual Earth. Virtual Earth is the mapping technology that powers, the latest local search and mapping site from Microsoft. You can build your own application or Web site that uses Virtual Earth mapping technologies by using the Virtual Earth map control, a JavaScript component that provides all the functionality you need to draw maps, search for locations, and get driving directions. Creating a Map Let's take a look at the Windows Live™ Local Web site. Figure 1 Windows Live Local Web Site Virtual Earth APIs are exposed as a set of JavaScript classes that can be included on your HTML or ASPX page using the script tag: When you include this file on your Web page, the classes listed in Figure 2 will be available for you to program with. Now, let's create a basic map. The map is created with a height of 400px and width of 600px. Events

Fake or SPOOFED email Detection The most obvious method for detecting "SPOOFED" email is to look in the FROM field of the email. If the e-mail address displayed is different from the known e-mail address of the person who supposedly sent it, then you know it's a spoof. These emails come to a lot of individuals quite frequently and appear to be coming from legitimate companies like eBay, PayPal or a major bank. It is also referred to as "PHISHING". It is really easy for con artists to send spoofed email, but there are ways it can be detected. Before we take a look at these methods, tip #1 is that your bank or eBay or PayPal will never ask you for your personal information through an email. Let's take a look at Email 101: The basic flow if email goes like this: Your email is sent via the email program you use (i.e. Another method you can use to detect "SPOOFED" is by taking a look at an email message's "header". Here are some ways to access the headers in some well known email sources. Outlook: select View/Options Yahoo!

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