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2D Game art for HTML5 Game Programmers Posted 16:16PM on March 17 2012 by Pascal Rettig Chris Hildenbrand has a great blog called 2D Game Art for Programmers targeted at programmers designing art for 2D games, focusing on using open-source tools such as Inkscape. Also check out Chris' introductory post on GamaSutra which covers a lot of the basics and is a huge boom to indie-developers without design skills. Here's a sampling of recent posts: All-in-all, great, well-illustrated tutorials that should greatly help programmers with an "Art Problem", here's a sample of how the tutorials are illustrated (click through for the tank tut):

Let’s Make a 3D Game with HTML5: 00 | cyborgDino Welcome to part 00 of Let’s Make a 3D Game with HTML5, a new tutoiral about building an HTML5 game with three.js. This series will walk you through building a game from the ground up with three.js, covering all the major areas you’ll need to face when building your own 3D game. Selected Frameworks and Tools The game we are going to build will utilize several components: JavaScript: Our language of choice and no, it has nothing to do with Java! The choices are all down to context. Concepts and Game Play We can’t have a game with out a slick game concept. Now that we got some ideas for our game, I could have gone ahead and started working on developing the game in code by using just basic shapes as standins. For the last step in the initial design process, I utilized my 3d application to create a basic animation of how the ship would function. Game Engineering and Architecture What do you mean game engineering and architecture! So lets get down to brass tacks. Class Structure Conclusion Next

JavaScript Physics Engines Comparison In this article we will take a look at three popular Javascript physics libraries and one that is currently in development: box2dweb, Ammo.js, JigLibJS, and Cannon.js. For each one, a quick introduction will be given and then the library will be rated based on ease of use, performance, and feature set. Though it is possible to run any of these libraries without a visual representation, that isn’t much fun, so we will set up a small environment to see the results as the simulation runs. I’ll use Three.js and its CanvasRenderer for this due to its popularity and how simple it is to use. Setup Our base scene that will be used in each example has two ramps which lead down to the ground. box2dweb box2dweb is a port of the C++ box2d project and is unique on our list of libraries in that it is designed to only simulate two-dimensional scenes. Collision detection with box2dweb is easy to do by using the b2ContactListener object. Overview: Ammo.js JigLibJS Cannon.js Conclusion

Game based learning Educational games are games explicitly designed with educational purposes, or which have incidental or secondary educational value. All types of games may be used in an educational environment. Educational games are games that are designed to help people to learn about certain subjects, expand concepts, reinforce development, understand an historical event or culture, or assist them in learning a skill as they play. Game types include board, card, and video games. An educational game is a game designed to teach humans about a specific subject and to teach them a skill. As educators, governments, and parents realize the psychological need and benefits of gaming have on learning, this educational tool has become mainstream. Video games[edit] With the increase and availability of technological devises, there has been a shift in what types of games people play. Game based learning[edit] Game-based learning (GBL) is a type of game play that has defined learning outcomes. Origins[edit] [edit]

Emmet — the essential toolkit for web-developers Mobile Game Primer Until recently, performance of browser-based games for mobile devices has lagged significantly behind desktop performance. If you wanted to create a Canvas-based mobile game, performance was terrible and you needed to build your game around the limitations of the platform. Developing a usable game meant using tricks like scaling up from very low resolutions or doing partial screen updates instead of full refreshes, meaning your game design was limited by the platform’s weaknesses rather than your creativity. Luckily, this has changed. iOS5 now ships with Nitro Javascript Chrome for Android browser is now available on Android 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) Windows Phone 7 Mango launched IE9 mobile with hardware acceleration All feature a GPU hardware-accelerated HTML5 Canvas element and both feature multi-touch support inside of the browser, a must for any but the simplest games. Developing HTML5 games that work in the mobile browser comes with its own special set of requirements. Touch Controls

How to make Angry Birds – part 2 Hello and welcome back to my blog! This is the 2nd part of my series on how to make a game like Angry Birds by Rovio - and its been a while coming… You can read the first part here. The Game Ok, so here is the game so far; there are three demo levels to show the level progress system and some simple looking characters and block types. Apologies for the programmer art Catch up Ok, so last time I had covered how to draw the background graphics and made a start on how the world is going to be composed in terms of collision. What I’m going to cover in this article is the physics part; stability and optimisations. Physics engines for dummiesCollision detection for dummiesSpeculative contacts – a continuous collision engine approach Level A level must inherit the base class Code.Level. Characters and blocks Each of the two characters and every block used in the game are designed in the Flash IDE, and each of them references a base class that I’ve defined in the code. Rigid-bodies Level sequence

hot barrel Every Day The Same Dream Plot[edit] Gameplay[edit] The game gives the player simple controls, only enough to walk left or right using the arrow keys and interact using the spacebar.[6] Using these limited controls, the gameplay encourages the player to "subvert the limitations of the world" however possible until the narrative changes.[7] Critical Response & Analysis[edit] Interactive Experience[edit] Some find the label "game" unfit for this work, offering "interactive experience" as a more accurate definition.[8][9] Interactive Media and Design[edit] Gamasutra hosts an article discussing the importance of the game as an example of an interactive medium's capacity "to offer experiences that passive media can't possibly Interactive Media and Meaning[edit] The game demonstrates how an interactive work can convey meaning "every bit as effectively as linear media, perhaps even more so Traditional Analysis[edit] Soundtrack[edit] Pedercini originally produced a soundtrack consisting of "crappy drones [on] an electric guitar

Web API reference - Web technology reference The Web offers a wide variety of APIs to perform various useful tasks. These can be accessed using JavaScript code, and let you do anything from making minor adjustments to any window or element, to generating intricate graphical and audio effects using APIs such as WebGL and Web Audio. Each individual interface across all APIs is listed in the index. There's also a listing of all available events in the event reference. Document Object Model The DOM is an API that allows access to and modification of the current document. Device APIs This set of APIs allows access to various hardware features available to Web pages and applications. Communication APIs These APIs let Web pages and applications communicate with other pages or devices. Data management APIs User data can be stored and managed using this set of APIs. In addition to these APIs that are available to any Web site or app, a set of more powerful Mozilla APIs are available to privileged and certified applications. Privileged APIs

Adventures in JavaScript Development Slynk's Revenge - Beginning HTML5 Game Development Goals: Learn to use the <canvas> tag. Learn to separate logic to separate source files. Setup a basic game loop. One thing I never liked about programming tutorials is that most are derived from some completed project. We’ll start off with the <canvas> tag. <div align="center"> <canvas id="canvas" width="800" height="600"> Canvas not supported. :( </canvas> </div> This will place a 800 x 600 canvas in the center of the screen. The canvas is pretty pointless if you can’t draw to it, so create a JavaScript file for your game (mine’s called xong.js). Now your variables and class definitions are part of the global namespace for the page. Let’s look at a basic game loop to place in your js file. This is pretty long so I’ll explain it chunk by chunk. Next we define a class called Game. The function should be called before you call ; it sets up the canvas, buffer, your objects, etc. The function is pretty simple. The function is where you… update your game logic.

FPS TACTICS: Strategy guide to first person shooter online multiplayer gaming Secret Page with cool stuff – How To Unlock Wii Congratulations!!! You have made it to the Super Secret Page filled with cool stuff. You should bookmark this page so you can find a way to this page later in case you want to download these games again. Here you can download all 30 of the Nintendo Wii homebrew games. This is what you’ll need to play these games - 1. 2. 3. 4. Below is a list of all the games along with the link to download them. General instructions. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 1. Download the game here Extract the files to a folder. Copy the /apps/smw-wii folder to the apps folder in your SD card Copy the /smw folder to the root directory of your SD card. 2. Download the Game here Copy the /Wiiero v1.3 – 20091030/Wiiero folder to the apps folder in your SD card 3. Download the Game here Copy the /helium folder to the apps folder in your SD card 4. Download the Game here Copy the /apps/splatter folder to the /apps folder in your SD card Copy the /splatter folder to the root directory of your SD card 5. Download the Game here 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.

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