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| Freedomsponsors Blog Edency, crowdsourcing éditorial Personal Funding What Is Gittip? Gittip is a way to give small weekly cash gifts to people you love and are inspired by. Gifts are weekly. The intention is for people to depend on money received through Gittip in order to pay their bills, and bills are recurring. Gifts come with no strings attached. You don't know exactly where your gifts come from, and the maximum gift from one person to another is $100 per week. Gifts are public. Give by answering Who inspires you? Details Gifts are distributed every Thursday. For example, let's say that you have $2.00 in your account, and you are set up to give $1.00 each to 20 people. $ 1.00 x 20 people $20.00 total gittips -$ 2.00 current balance $18.00 amount needed +$ 0.30 fee $18.30 / .971 fee $18.85 amount to charge -$18.00 $ 0.85 total fee Participants in the U.S. can connect a bank account to have funds deposited weekly. [Gimp-developer] 3 months of Flattr, a summary From: Michael Schumacher <schumaml gmx de>To: gimp-developer-list gnome org, gimp-user-list gnome orgSubject: [Gimp-developer] 3 months of Flattr, a summaryDate: Thu, 18 Oct 2012 01:27:27 +0200 Moin, three months ago, on 2012-07-16, the Flattr button on went public. Its corresponding Flattr thing had already existed a little while longer (since the beginning of June) to cater to a specific donation request. We didn't expect much of a revenue. We were wrong. In July, 76 clicks turned into EUR 56,40. These amounts are quite a lot more than expected. To put them into relation to our planned expenses, I looked up plane ticket prices from Germany to Madrid - the location for Libre Graphics Meeting 2013, - and found them to be in the 170-200 Euros price range. There are 111 Flattrs for October, so far. Our experience with Flattr has been an overall success so far. -- Regards, Michael

Small-business funding platform Kabbage wins CloudBeat’s Innovation Showdown Seven companies presented on stage today, but only one won CloudBeat 2012′s Innovation Showdown. That was Kabbage, a small-business funding platform that uses cloud power to connect companies with cash. “The average business has grown by 266 percent since they’ve started using us,” Rob Frohwein, CEO and co-founder of Kabbage, said on stage during his presentation. The CloudBeat Innovation Showdown, sponsored by Silicon Valley Bank, featured seven finalists from more than 200 applicants that hope to disrupt business using cloud-based technologies. Upon winning, we asked Frohwein (pictured, far left) why his company potentially beat out the other promising finalists. “People want to connect to problems they relate to,” Frohwein told VentureBeat. Check out the other six finalists from the Innovation Showdown below: Adaptive Planning Adaptive Planning offers a SaaS-based solution for budgeting, planning, and forecasting for companies big and small. Appsecute CircleCi Cloudessa Fiverun MuleSoft

The EZ-EV Open Source Electric Kit Car This will be a very simple-to-assemble three-wheel all-electric kit car that anybody could build and maintain. Short Summary Let's improve our economy, our national security and our environment all in one simple step - by driving electric! $1.5T per year is leaving our economy for foreign oil and military support and that is way too much ( What We Need & What You Get I've already built a prototype and it works well. The main focus is the frame design. The Impact Not even counting the big stuff like Global Warming and the fate of future generations, there is war, terrorism and more oil spills. Other Ways You Can Help Open Source means that anybody and everybody can help, and provide input along the way. CambYoCar | To change the world, we have to change the car.

Community Center Earthship: Flower Prototype - Malawi by Michael Reynolds Kickstarter Collections Projects We Love Trending Nearly Funded Just Launched Everything Categories On Our Radar The Ocean Cleanup, developing technologies to extract, prevent and intercept plastic pollution Hydrogen: Next-Generation Supercapacitor-Powered Portable Speaker | Crowd Supply Funding ends Nov 13, 2014 at 11:59pm PDT Blueshift speakers charge in five minutes. Simple, beautiful devices - built to last in Portland, Oregon. Today, we're launching Hydrogen, our brand-new Bluetooth speaker. It charges fully in 5 minutes – so it's always ready to go, wherever you go. It looks and sounds awesome. We've also redesigned our original Helium speakers. Open hardware. As Featured On "these gorgeous bamboo speakers charge in minutes and sound amazing for hours." "Bamboo also sounds good, and happens to look pretty awesome too..." "Blueshift makes Bluetooth speakers that are truly unique." "the Hydrogen speaker will be able to charge in just 5 minutes and will last for 4 hours" Introducing Hydrogen Our new, super-portable Bluetooth speaker. Product Specifications About Supercapacitors Batteries store energy chemically. Supercapacitors store energy physically, in an electric field. They remain much more expensive and much bulkier than batteries, but are improving rapidly. New Products

To purchase 145 Lackluster CDs to re-sell them. | Indiegogo Update #4: We have reached our initial goal of $600 in the Lackluster Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to reclaim lost CDs from a defunct record label. Thanks to each and every one of you, it's been a wild ride so far. So! We're making it even wilder! Now that U-Cover is taken care of, thanks to all of you, we're focusing our sights on the United Kingdom next. Dun dun dunn! For $1111 everyone gets two previously unreleased, rare and obscure Lackluster EPs exclusively delivered via WeTransfer to their e-mail address of choice - these EPs will never become available elsewhere, so they are truly exclusive to you, folks! For $1354 everyone gets the Merck Package (*) and my latest album Lexicon of Goods as digital downloads via Bandcamp, plus (obviously) everyone will get the previously mentioned two unreleased EPs and Spaces/Slice download codes. (*) "But but, what's that Merck Package?" Here comes to the original text: Fingers crossed!

Esa Ruoho Crowdfund campaign to get to Free Energy conference + visit Earthship in April 2015 Esa has been in the FE movement for a decade, and wants to make a pilgrimage to the UK for the Renaissance Charge conference as well as to visit the Earthship, a sustainable off-grid demo house in Brighton. He visited Steorn during the 2009 demo and the Schauberger and Tesla museums in 2010. Hi, I’m Esa Ruoho, a composer of electronic music. You might know me from the Steorn images + video taken at the Dublin 2009 Steorn demonstration (PESN). I also visited the Viktor Schauberger museum (flickr) and the Tesla Museum in 2010 (flickr). I’m reaching out to you guys at PESN to help me get to the Renaissance Charge April 10-12th conference in the United Kingdom. If you donate to my crowdfunding campaign, you can also get electronic music in MP3/FLAC format as a bonus. I’ve been interested in Free Energy as a source of inspiration for the past decade, and have tried to include as many references to FE material as possible in my music. I'm pleased to feature Esa's quest to make this pilgrimage.