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Know Your Rights: What To Do If You're Stopped By Police, Immigration Agents or the FBI

Know Your Rights: What To Do If You're Stopped By Police, Immigration Agents or the FBI
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Occupy 2.0: The Great Turning by Michael Nagler Michael Nagler on building a movement to build a new reality. posted Apr 05, 2012 The spinning wheel, and the spinning wheel alone, will solve the problem of the deepening poverty of India. —Mahatma Gandhi Anyone who thinks consumption can expand forever on a finite planet is either insane or an economist. During the May 27, 2011 protests in Barcelona, protesters wore flowers and painted their hands white to reinforce their commitment to nonviolence. After a roaring start, the Occupy movement hit a wall in the form of rough-handling and evictions by the police. It’s time to step back, take stock of the situation we’re in, and work out a roadmap of the way home. If our movement is about raising the dignity and value of the human being, we cannot use the method of violence, which degrades. The worship of wealth that has brought corporations into a position of dominance in the world today has also brought in its wake two unexpected benefits. Michael Nagler wrote this article for YES! Interested?

US freezes Chicago Palestinian leader's bank accounts The US government has frozen the bank accounts belonging to Hatem Abudayyeh, a Palestinian community organizer and director of a social service organization serving the Arab community in Chicago, and his wife, Naima. Meanwhile, several members of Congress have written to the Obama administration to express their concerns about violations in civil liberties as a result of earlier government actions toward Abudayyeh and other activists. The freezing of the Abudayyeh family’s bank accounts on Friday, 6 May is the latest development in a secret grand jury investigation that has been launched by US District Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald’s office in Chicago. The freezing of the accounts has raised concerns that criminal indictments in the case may be imminent. “I was downtown [in Chicago] on Friday, I had parked my car in a garage and when I tried to use my debit card to get out, it was declined,” Hatem Abudayyeh, director of the Arab American Action Network, told The Electronic Intifada.

Spy Car Protects Against Unscrupulous Cops Mindful Occupation | Rising Up Without Burning Out The Constitution Project How to build your in-car surveillance system for under $300 In the past decade or so, our police departments have become rather unruly with their application of the law, and have chosen to abandon the law completely when dealing with people would prefer to not consider themselves subservient to those who wear the magic costumes issued by the state. This occasionally results in beatings, false charges being levied against motorists, and even roadside body cavity searches being perpetrated as a punitive measure for those who choose to assert their rights as free individuals. Most police cars these days are equipped with onboard recording devices that capture both audio and video of traffic stops, but they are most often only released to the public when the footage benefits the police. Over the past several years, the “smart phone” has gone from a cellular telephone with an attached camera to a full-on computer that happens to be equipped with a telephone...and also has audiovisual recording capabilities. So what's the solution? Huh? BOOOOOOOM!

Cthulhu Dagon 2012 | Archive for News So, let’s start with the obvious question: You’re the Great Cthulhu; is that right? Only in the literal sense. Great. Terrible. All Powerful Oz. How does that work? Impressively well. I have to ask, as I’m sure others are wondering by now: Why don’t you sound especially—what—Cthulhian? Cthuuloid. You’re going hipster. Granting that I still think of fixed gear bicycles as a new thing? That actually leads to a pertinent question: Obviously, you’re over thirty-five— Years? Right. I wasn’t in fact born. Interesting. Like you’re the only one. That’s a real thing you’re doing? Far as you know. So, to clarify: you’re well over thirty-five years of age, and you’re claiming parental citisenship in the person of Howard Phillips Lovecraft, allowing that you could originate from beyond the sea? Out of the limits of the United States. ‘is/was’? The fourth dimension is no more impressive to me than the third; Vhoorl—the planet from which I originate—is for example in the twenty-third. It’s not me. No need.

Groups Hail Obama's Order for Mass Atrocities Board - IPS | Rights & Liberties | WASHINGTON, Aug 4, 2011 (IPS) - Human rights groups here have welcomed Thursday's directive by President Barack Obama to create a new, high-level inter- agency mechanism designed to help prevent mass atrocities overseas before they occur. They also praised a second White House order barring the entry into the United States of persons "who organize or participate in war crimes, crimes against humanity, and serious violations of human rights". "These actions are critical steps toward institutionalising prevention mechanisms in a more permanent way, rather than relying on the personal commitment and passion of current officials in key posts," said Elisa Massimino, the executive director of Human Rights First. "If 'never again' and 'not on our watch' are to be more than feel- good slogans, the United States must untie the bureaucratic knots that have at times undermined its ability to prevent and effectively confront mass atrocities," she added.

Gun Confiscation Has Begun in New York Written By : John HawkinsDecember 6, 2013 It doesn’t matter what gun laws liberals propose, their ultimate goal is ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS confiscating your guns. In liberal -controlled New York, they’ve gotten started on it. The New York City Police Department is taking aim at owners of certain shotguns and rifles, telling them all long guns with a five-round or more capacity must be turned in, altered or taken out of town.An estimated 500 recipients of the notices, which were mailed on Nov. 18, were given the options to surrender their gun, permanently move the gun out of city jurisdiction or employ a licensed gunsmith to modify the weapon to get into compliance with the law. The same people demanding you turn in your guns will turn out to be the ones demanding that the government force you to do things at gunpoint later on. They do not mean well. Also see, 13 Things About America That Would Make The Founding Fathers Turn Over In Their Graves