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Business ideas for small business and home business. Advice, start-up, marketing and management information and resources from Business Know-How

Business ideas for small business and home business. Advice, start-up, marketing and management information and resources from Business Know-How
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Advice for Deciding Which Business Idea to Pursue : Launch While Working Surfing the web is dangerous for me. The rush of information, a new tool, or service is like a drug to those of us who LOVE new stuff. One brilliantly titled headline and I am just like Alice in Wonderland down the rabbit hole begrudgingly finding my way back to the surface after an hour (or two) of exploration. Sometimes I end up finding amazing resources other times it’s a real time waster. And then there are times when the overload of new ideas and information leads to mental paralysis and indecision. Have you ever been there? When too many ideas has whipped me into a mentally chaotic state that keeps me from moving forward I get clarity by focusing on two simple questions: What now? Based on the vision I have for what I want my life to look like, taking a look at what milestone I am working towards right now snaps me back into reality. Are you having a tough time trying to choose which idea to pursue? What big ideas are deciding between? The following two tabs change content below.

Irish Times Brings Five Startups into Newsroom for Shakeup Do we define the future of the newspaper based on the product and its medium? Or do we look to the interaction between the product and the reader, and ask the digital realm to reinvent the relationship? These are big questions, and the fundamental ones underlying the The Irish Times Digital Challenge, the latest attempt to transform the newspaper. The eight-week project follows five startups brought into the print institution’s offices. One winner will be named in September and awarded €50,000 (about $62,700) in investment, in the form of a convertible loan note. A number of groups, mentors and investors are involved in the challenge, which includes €10,000 ($12,500) worth of marketing for each of the five finalists and legal expertise totaling another €20,000 ($25,000). Johnny Ryan, author of “A History of the Internet and the Digital Future” and the chief innovation officer at the paper, said they have already learned lessons from the process and want to be an example for others. Related

Startup Ideas We'd Like to Fund Startup Ideas We'd Like to Fund Paul Graham July 2008 When we read Y Combinator applications there are always ideas we're hoping to see. In the past we've never said publicly what they are. If we say we're looking for x, we'll get applications proposing x, certainly. We don't like to sit on these ideas, though, because we really want people to work on them. Please don't feel that if you want to apply to Y Combinator, you have to work on one of these types of ideas. 1. The answer may be far afield. 2. 3. News will morph significantly in the more competitive environment of the web. 4. 5. One way to start is to make things for smaller companies, because they can't afford the overpriced stuff made for big ones. 6. 7. So if you're working for a big company and you want to strike out on your own, here's a recipe for an idea. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. What we have now is basically print and TV advertising translated to the web. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30.

How to get good ideas for startups The majority of people in the US would like to be self-employed, according to Dartmouth economist, David Blanchflower. This makes sense because people who work for themselves are happier than people who work at someone else’s company, according to research from Estaban Calvo at the Harvard School of Public Health. However the majority are not self-employed, and one of the most important reasons for this is that people do not know how to come up with an idea for a business. 1. Read all the time, among broad sources and materials. This information should make almost everyone happy, since obviously just graduating from Harvard isn’t enough to guarantee happiness. 2. That’s when we were only seeing each other once a week so you can imagine how much he doesn’t want to go into business with me now that I’m living with him. Still, I run all my ideas by him, which is another sign of a good entrepreneur. 3. 4. Another idea I had is to buy a herd of Waygu cattle. “No,” I say. 5. “Oh. I look. 6.

Y Combinator Founder: 3 Tips for Coming Up With Start-up Ideas You're burning to do a start-up and think you have what it takes to succeed. Only problem: First, you need a great idea. As a co-founder of wildly successful incubator Y Combinator, Paul Graham has had a hand in shaping some of the best start-up ideas of the past few years. Now, helpfully, he has shed his insights on where they usually come from. If you are the person described in the first paragraph, seriously, read it in full. Those are the first couple of sentences of Graham's post, so there's no confusion about his essential advice. Go for Depth, Not Breadth To avoid bad but vaguely plausible start-up ideas--what the Y Combinator team calls sitcom ideas, i.e., the kind of ideas TV writers would make up if a character on a show had a start-up--choose something that some people want a lot rather than something lots of people might sort of want a little. Live in the Future Being at the leading edge of a field makes you more able to recognize good ideas. Turn Off the Filters

How to Validate Your Start-up Idea At my marketing agency, Ciplex, I deal with a lot of clients who hire us to build a website for their business idea--based solely on their gut feeling that idea will be successful. They skip the step of figuring out first if they're solving a real problem in the world. Big mistake. Before investing any time and money in a business, you need to validate your idea. I asked members of the Young Entrepreneur Council, an invite-only organization for young, successful entrepreneurs about the best ways to validate ideas. Use smoke tests. An easy way to gauge interest in an idea is to run some basic tests fist. Travis Steffan, a serial entrepreneur, says he generally places an idea on a site like LaunchRock, which helps people to quickly set up a "Launching Soon" page. Assess yourself. This one sounds basic but it's worth remembering. Find a mentor or industry advisor. There are always going to be people who have expertise or experience you lack. Conduct a survey. Trust your gut.

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