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Almacenamiento de archivos en línea

Almacenamiento de archivos en línea
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Escribir Simple, pantalla completa de edición de texto Word Templates - Collection of Free Microsoft Word Templates Figshare: a carrot for sharing - Helping researchers share their research more quickly. | Réseaux sociaux scientifiques | Helping researchers share their research more quickly. Figshare, a tool designed to enable researchers to release all of their research outputs quickly, and in an easily citable, sharable and discoverable manner, has just launched a significantly upgraded site today. Originally launched in March 2011, Figshare has since received support from Nature’s sister company, Digital Science. Figshare uses creative commons licensing (CC0 for the datasets; CC-BY for everything else) so others can re-use the data whilst allowing authors to maintain their ownership. “Our starting point is a commitment by the coalition to transparency and open access to publicly funded data” and there are now sustained and increasing efforts from governments worldwide to encourage researchers to share their research data. “figshare has focused on providing immediate ‘carrots’ for researchers, demonstrating how they can improve their career prospects through open science. Upload, Annotate, Share. Online document review and collaboration - PDF, Word and HTML Abrir documento local en Google Docs About | SciGit Blog SciGit is an online platform that helps scientists collaborate on documents easily. SciGit’s goals are to help scientists track changes made to their documents, not require any alteration of workflow or environment for it to be used, and provide easy to use publishing tools with peer review. SciGit provides three services: A website where you can browse projects, including their history, team members, and files.A desktop client that provides a simple, Dropbox-like interface where you drag and drop files into a folder to have them automatically cloud-synced.A publishing service on the website with integrated crowdsourced peer review. Website The SciGit website is where the most action happens. Client The client syncs files and provides merging functionality. Publishing The website will also include publishing tools. Like this: Like Loading...

Alliance Overview Alliance is a private and secure place to share files and communicate with people you know. It is easy to use and free. Technically Alliance takes the best parts of BitTorrent (advanced multi-source downloading), DirectConnect (community) and WASTE (security). With Alliance users create their own networks. Chat Find files Download files Connect to friends Alliance is free and open source. Encryption is an important part of Alliance. Go ahead and try Alliance now! Procesador de textos gratuito basado en Microsoft WordPad Engine Penflip - collaborative writing and version control - Free File Hosting

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