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Actualités Tunisie ! tuniZien - Le site tunisien de l'actualité en Tunisie ! Les petites cases DEBATunisie Adscriptor Maliss Online Blog » BexLife I lost both of my parents in 2013. My father lost his battle with cancer on April 19, and my mother passed on November 21, ten days after suffering a sudden, massive stroke. If losing my father threw me off balance, my mother’s death finished the job and knocked me right over the edge. The holidays that followed her passing were a rushed, hazy mishmash of attempts at keeping-with-tradition, forced smiles, and lots and lots of less-than-ideal eating and exercise habits. What I mean by “less-than-ideal” is that I ate a lot of crap-tastic food and engaged in absolutely no exercise. I was breaking my own rule. “Does this serve me and my purpose?” I had forgotten to ask. My roots had seemingly disappeared, and I was floating – disconnected like a helium balloon caught up in a directionless wind. I forgot my purpose. You may wonder why I’m bringing this up right now. Because today, I ate cake. I’m a blogger who loves lists, so while eating my delicious cake, I wrote a list: 1. That’s all. 2. 3.

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