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God Save The Pallet! Reclaimed Pallets Revamped

God Save The Pallet! Reclaimed Pallets Revamped
Used in the shipping industry, wood pallets are typically a low end commodity. Usually, pallets will get reused a few times and then they will either be scrapped as trash or used as firewood. Most often made from inexpensive junk species of lumber (whatever is most widely available), wood pallets are the perfect candidate for upcycling. DIY garden pallet fence (above and below) from Camelot Art CreationsA great way to hide trash cans or air conditioning units! Painted wood wall art by Inspired by Charm Pallet headboard Wonderful wine storage in the kitchen pallet stairs lead to loft On a final note: A word about safety and wood pallets Be advised that some pallets are chemically treated and could actually be hazardous to your health. What's your favorite pallet upcycle? Pin this post! Enjoy your day! Love, Laura Related:  Inexpensive fixes and ideas

Trampoline Uses - Recycle Trampoline | Atlantic Trampolines Blog If your trampoline was damaged beyond economic repair in the recent storms you might have some imaginative ways to recycle the trampoline and the parts that are undamaged. This photo shows an innovative idea which makes use of the trampoline frame ring, the trampoline bounce mat and trampoline springs. The trampoline frame has been covered in soft padding and the whole trampoline mat is covered with a sheet. The frame is suspended from the ceiling by strong rope to make a large suspended swinging bed or relaxation area. Suspended Swinging Trampoline Bed Trampoline frame used to create a swinging bed In our experience some extra strenghtening may be required to the trampoline frame to keep it perfectly flat when suspended in this way. If you have any other examples of innovative uses for redundant trampolines then please let us know so we can share the ideas. Here are some examples of the same idea, installed both inside and outside. Trampoline Bed Examples Suspended Trampoline Bed

Institut de formation Croix-Rouge - Aquitaine - IRFSS Aquitaine Two Ways to Create Custom Ceramic Tiles - Hello Brit - Living We've been seeing custom tiles pop up all over the place. Whether you're looking to create a modular piece of wall art, a set of coasters, playful Instagram-ish magnets, or a creative kitchen backsplash, ceramic tiles are there for you. So today, we're please to bring you custom tiles two ways: the DIY method and the online design-and-order method. First, the DIY method. Materials: - magazines, catalogs or print-outs of your choice - Mod Podge - Spray Shellac - Xacto knife Thumb through your latest pile of magazines and catalogs and pick out some images you like. Cut out your image. After 5 or 10 minutes, take your tile out from under the pile and place on a mat cutting board (or piece of cardboard). Take your tile outside, and seal the deal with a coat (or three) of Spray Shellac. If you want them to be waterproof, lacquer or varnish will do the trick. Voila! Secondly, we have the Design-and-Order Method. ImageSnap creates similar photo tiles… in a snap!

Vitor Penha What is it about Brazillian design that makes it so hot?! It's bold and brash, brave and beautiful. It's never precious but always fun. How To Refinish Formica Cabinets + Unique Chalk Paint Recipe - Do-It-Yourself Fun Ideas Hi All! I’m excited to share my latest DIY. I just finished (finally) refinishing an old formica cabinet at my parents house (that I had left hanging for a little while). First, I apologize for the quality of the before pictures. I started this project in February, before I started blogging — yes, it’s only been a little over 2 months since I started the site — so I wasn’t planning on anyone seeing the pictures but me, so the photos were taken with my crappy cell phone. There are three things I did to refinish the ugly formica cabinet: 1) paint, 2) add trim to the doors, and 3) add crown molding. Let’s start with the paint. . Jenise’s Chalk Paint Recipe: 2 TBSP unsanded grout ~ 1-2 TBSP water 1 cup latex paint with Floetrol mixed in at a ratio of 1 cup Floetrol per gallon of paint Dissolve the unsanded grout in about a tablespoon of water. Before you start painting, make sure to thoroughly clean your cabinet. Painted doors & new trim Cut your wood trim to length Painted trim Clamped corner

Folded leather basket :: a minimalistic DIY I love minimalism, as I truly believe less is more. I have always loved geometry. I love figuring out how things are built. Lately I have been drawn into building shapes, going from something flat to something three dimensional and functional with the least steps involved. The teddy bear key chain is one example. So, when I came across this fabulous basket and DIY on Pinterest, I couldn't get to my craft's table fast enough. This is an easy and fast craft, which requires minimal supplies: a (small) piece of leather, a hole punch, rivets and rivet setter, a cutting tool, and a ruler and pencil. Now if you don't have access to leather, try using heavy weight felt as in the original tutorial, or use foam sheets. Before you get started and especially when using precious materials like leather, I recommend making a paper version first, just to make sure you got the dimensions right. Instructions: 1.

HOW TO REMOVE POPCORN CEILINGS IN 30 MINUTES It all started with a great big hole in the ceiling caused by a drain line back up in the central air conditioning system. Not a pretty sight. Luckily, the damage was covered by the AC warranty. So I didn’t have to roll up my sleeves for that one. I did hate the existing popcorn ceiling. I’m really glad I did that. I do recommend that if your home was build before the 80’s, have the popcorn checked for asbestos before tackling the job. Anyway, there are three things you’ll need to make this job quick and easy: Pre-taped Plastic Sheeting – This stuff is AWESOME! So, let’s get on with the tutorial… Removing popcorn ceilings can make a heck of a mess! Step 1 ) My repair guy started by covering all the walls and the floor with the pre-taped plastic sheeting. You can see where the taped edge is along the ceiling. Step 2) Once you get your plastic up, you need to wet the ceiling. filled with water. , but you can use any kind of sprayer. Step 3) My repair guy used a 6″ putty knife Enjoy! Jenise

5 Cool DIY Crafts Of Scrabble Scrabble is a game that many of us love but could you imagine that scrabble may be used at your wedding? Here are some ideas how to do that. You can make coasters, napkin rings, magnets, some table signs, thumb tacks. You’ll need scrabble tiles, scrabble trays, beacon multi-grip glue, magnet dots, thumb tacks, napkin rings, cork or bamboo coasters. How To Refinish Your Kitchen Counter Tops For Only $30! Umm, can you say impressive?! This is quite an amazing refinish job. My parents’ still have their old formica laminate counters and I’ve been thinking of getting them updated, but I think I’m going to try this first. Anywho, follow link for full tutorial on how to refinish your laminate counter tops, then keep scrolling down to check out the other great counter refinish tutorials below. Link=> [Oct 27, 2014 Update: The above link appears to be temporarily down. , but I’ve read that one of those long-nosed grill lighters work fine too) to make any air bubbles come to the surface and release.] For more great and inexpensive kitchen counter refurbs, check these out… DIY Concrete Countertop With Integral Sink Easy Step By Step Concrete Countertop Tutorial Easy DIY Concrete Overlay Gorgeous & Easy DIY Budget Concrete Counters source: DIY Stainless Steel Counter Tops On A Budget source:

DIY Project: How to craft a twine-ball light garland Time for another DIY craft project and today I’ll be showing you exactly how you can make this twine-ball light garland yourself. It’s one of those projects that’s a little bit messy and does take quite a bit of time, but it is so much fun. Plus you have a really cool piece of decor at the end of it. How-to make a Twine Ball Light Garland I’ve seen twine balls used for all sorts of purposes, from chandeliers to dining table decor, so I thought I’d have a go at making a light garland using this idea. I chose to use coloured twine, alternating between pink and purple twine balls. {You will need} Twine ~ Either plain or in colours of your choosingPVA Glue ~ About 1/2 litreCornflourWarm waterBalloonsMarker penVaselineOld tray for the glue mixtureA broom or long piece of wood to hand the balloons fromTwinkly light garland to attach the twine-balls toFishing wireSpraypaint in the colours of your choice ~ I used Rustoleum painters touch multi-purpose paint {Four} This is the really messy part.

HOW TO MAKE A CONCRETE COUNTERTOP OR VANITY WITH INTEGRAL SINK - Do-It-Yourself Fun Ideas Hi folks! I just finished my first big project of the year and I’m so excited to share the tutorial with you. I’ve been working on updating one of the bathrooms at my parents’ place, and today I’m sharing the first of the updates. I made a concrete vanity top with an integral sink using the Ashby System, a decorative concrete technique. After the class I wrote up a 4-part tutorial that includes: 1) Templating 2) Form Building 3) Mixing & Pouring Your Concrete 4) Grouting & Sealing The technique I used for today’s project is the same, with the exception of adding the integral sink. Before we start, though, let me show you what I was replacing. I know… Scary… Right? Here’s another view… but you might want to look away. ‘Nuff said about that. The first part of building a concrete vanity or countertop is to create a template. My vanity top was a 22″x24″ rectangle so I have to admit that I didn’t make a template. Here’s what my finished forms looked like… Notice my open laptop in the image?