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Open Source Energy - Générateur monophasé

Open Source Energy - Générateur monophasé

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Embedded Systems in Egypt: PC Fan Wind Turbine This post is not about Embedded Systems. But it is about a DIY project of mine. Old PC Fan to Wind Turbine. Action to Declassify Secret Energy Patents<br><br> A Proposed Bill to Support New Energy Sources Las Vegas-area Congresswoman Shelley Berkley announced last August, at a meeting in Las Vegas, a bill for the Small Business Administration to annually provide 750 million dollars in energy loan guarantees (see Berkley Reveals Green Energy Solutions). In response to Berkley's subsequent request for responses from the audience, I explained that the U.S. Patent Office has a nine-member committee which screens patents for national security implications, and that a hidden purpose of this committee is to lock up energy-related patents which could threaten the fossil-fuel monopolies and the power grid (nuclear, coal, etc.). When an inventor has his or her energy patent classified, I explained, the inventor faces 20 years in prison for working on or publicizing the invention. Berkley seemed favorably responsive.

The Revolution at Hand La Liberté guidant le peuple is a painting by Eugène Delacroix commemorating the July Revolution of 1830 “Economists and theorists of innovation such as Jeremy Rifkin, Yochai Benkler, Michel Bauwens, and several others have concluded that the Third Industrial Revolution is at hand” are the opening words of a newly published survey by Statistical Studies of Peer Production. It is indeed difficult not to note the success and increasing visibility of peer production — the decentralized alternative to large-scale industrial production first theorized in 2006 by Professor Yochai Benkler in his seminal book The Wealth of Networks — on the network scene and in factual reality. The Economist has dedicated an entire report to the phenomenon. Experts like Michel Bauwens (founder of the P2P Foundation) have been invited to lecture on the topic even at the Vatican’s Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences .

Railguns, weapons of future Are the reserves for the further development of various types of weapons close to being exhausted? Is emergence of new types of weapons with completely different physical principles of action the only way to give it a new impetus? This is true, but the first candidates for the role of weapons of the future already exist. Make a Desk Stand for your Mobile Phone with a Cassette Case 26 Aug 2013 You can convert any old cassette tape cases into a desk stand for holding your mobile phone or the iPod. This is handy for keeping the phone upright or even in landscape mode when you are watching movies on the phone.

Build your own mini wind turbine from printer parts Here's a fun little DIY project that can bring home the clean, quiet nature of wind energy. For all the DIY-ers and parents and teachers who want to get hands-on with renewable energy, building a micro wind turbine could be a great little project. It's not nearly big enough to power anything large, but it could certainly be put to use as a demonstration of wind energy, and might even be worth building as a mini charging station for portable electronics or small outdoor lighting accessories. I'm a big fan of small solar chargers for keeping gadgets and gizmos charged, and while I do know that it is possible to build your own DIY version of these portable power plants, I have yet to see good plans for building one that uses scavenged or repurposed materials, so I've not done that yet. A few more details on the project, as well as instructions for some other DIY electricity and science projects, can be found at ScienceTubeToday.

Did Nikola Tesla Unintentionally Detect Signals From Another Civilization? - An eccentric genius and a man in every respect extraordinary was born exactly 156 hundred years ago today. His name is Nikola Tesla. He was born on the night of 9/10 of July, 1856 in the Croatian village of Smiljan, a village near Gospic Lika, (the Krajina, a military district of Austro-Hungarian Empire, now in the Republic of Croatia). Nikola Tesla could have gone down in history as the man who invented the 20th century. Instead his theories were ridiculed and he died alone in a hotel bedroom.

We must avoid a new wrong turn of cooperativism: the strategic danger of collaborative ‘consumption’ Natalia Fernandez of argues: By severing cooperativism from its communal origins and and focusing on consumption, British cooperativism and the ICA caused lasting damage to the transformative capacity of cooperativism, which we should not repeat today in the debate between the economy of the commons and collaborative consumption. She explains why (please note the original article has many links): “The emerging forms of capital (the commons) and consumption of the P2P mode of production …open two different worlds.

A 15-Year-Old Girl Creates Hollow Thermoelectric Flashlight - Entirely Powered By Heat Of Human Hand - "My objective in my project was to create a flashlight that runs solely on the heat of the human hand," says Ann Makosinski, from British Columbia, who has succeeded with her invention. Makosinski, a 15-year old tenth grade student at St. Michaels University School in Victoria, was among of thousands of ambitious kids from more than 100 countries participating in Google Science Fair project. "If I can capture enough heat from a human hand and convert it efficiently to electricity," she hypothesized, "then I can power a flashlight without any batteries or kinetic energy."

Linux Embedded Devices Comparison: Yun, BeagleBoard, Rascal, Raspi, Cubieboard & pcDuino Awaiting for the new release, Arduino Yun, I think it's very interesting to know more about the new linux devices in the market. There are a lot of emerging ones and many of them agree in the same feature: to be Arduino-compatible. Why?