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A Smart Collection of Games, Puzzles, Books, CD/DVD and more. - Marbles: The Brain Store

A Smart Collection of Games, Puzzles, Books, CD/DVD and more. - Marbles: The Brain Store
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newest View More Page 8 Heartbleed Keychain - Everyones Favourite Exploit - #PrintADay by hodginsa Apr 12, 2014 " \m/ " rock on insignia by sjteo Apr 12, 2014 Plain ring band 2 smaller less chunky elagant by lokilaufeysen Apr 12, 2014 Fish Pen Pot by HEJHEJ Solid / Full by PrototypeAsia Apr 11, 2014 build a ring more realistic ring with gem two parts by lokilaufeysen Apr 11, 2014 Smart fortwo keychain by Djeetos Apr 11, 2014 plain ring feel free to remix and add stuff by lokilaufeysen Apr 11, 2014 Page 9 ID Card Holder / Ausweishülle by elbarto Apr 10, 2014 Ingress Interitus Badge by natcarson Apr 10, 2014 Devil skull keychain remix by 24pe7 Apr 10, 2014 call of duty zombies perk rings by DEATHBANE666 Apr 10, 2014 SparkFun Electronics Logo Keychain - #PrintADay by hodginsa Apr 10, 2014 Ninjaflex LED Spikes by adafruit Apr 9, 2014 Jeep Grill Keychain by albiuz Apr 9, 2014 Braccialetto 2 - Bracelets 2 by doctormao Apr 9, 2014 Top

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Futures Fundamentals || Hedger and Speculator: The Two Types of Futures Traders Meet the hedger The hedger buys futures contracts because he wants to protect himself from price swings in the future. By using futures to lock in a future price for a product, he makes his costs—and his profits—more predictable. But that risk doesn’t just disappear into thin air—it gets transferred to the speculator. Meet the speculator The speculator accepts price risk in pursuit of profit. It takes two Hedgers and speculators go hand in hand—if you took one away, there simply would be no market. 6.2 | an innovation lab | Imagine > Design > Deploy Gann Online Help: Boolean Searches Words and Phrases Words in Boolean searches are not case sensitive.Short words such as "to" or connectors such as and, or or and not are not specifically searched as words. So a search for right to know would return any file containing the word right followed by any intervening word followed by the word know. Return to Top Connectors Connectors are search commands that help you narrow a search and to indicate the relationship among the words you are using in your search term. And Use the connector and when both words in your search term must be present. Or Use the connector or when either or both words in your search term must be present. And Not Use the connector and not when only one word in your search term must be present. Combining Connectors If you use more than one connector, you should use parentheses to indicate precisely what you want to search for. Special Characters Asterisk ( * ) appl* would match apple, application, etc. Question Mark ( ? A question mark ( ? d? Tilde ( ~ ) Punctuation

Edit Your Life, Part 1: Commitments By Leo Babauta I’m a former newspaper editor, and one of the things I learned was to edit brutally (no sarcastic comments about why I don’t do that with my blog posts). Cut out everything that’s not necessary, and you’ve got a more meaningful story. I highly recommend editing your life. Today’s edit: All the commitments in your life. Take an inventory of the commitments in your life. Work - we have multiple commitments at our jobs. You might have other categories. Now take a close look at each thing on the list, and consider: How does this give my life value? These are tough questions, but I suggest seeing if you can eliminate just one thing — the thing that gives you the least return for your invested time and effort. Each time you cut a commitment, it may give you a feeling of guilt, because others want you to keep that commitment. Take the time to edit your commitments, and your life will be greatly simplified.

Life balance, life change and work-life balance - personal happiness, well-being, fulfillment - how to change it home » self/personal development » life balance, happiness and life change ideas for happiness and life change - tips and tools for work-life balance The traditional pattern of work/life is becoming obsolete, and it needs to, because for many people it's extremely unbalanced. No wonder the life insurance and pensions industries are (were) so profitable.. This is the work/life mindset of the mid-1900s. You have a choice to create your own mindset, and to reject the ideas of past generations and old-style employers and the government of the day (who even with the best intentions will always tend to be a generation behind modern ideas). A 2006 study by the Work Foundation ('The good worker: A survey of attitudes towards work in the UK') found that among UK workers 51% of people regarded their work as 'a means to an end', and 24% of people considered their work not to be a source of personal fulfilment. 1. 2. Very few people make a fortune doing something they hate. life balance tool see also