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Ecouter de la musique gratuitement | 100% musique Music | Bad Panda Records Delicieuse Musique Craftspiration Archives - Handimania You’re looking for jewelry idea? Check these crazy mini planters! Get inspired to renovate an old house! Do you want your cat to travel in time? Get inspired to play with your food! Get inspired by these untypical selfies! Dreaming of a treehouse you could live in? Get motivated to grow your own flock of chickens! A hanger or a trophy? Would you like to bounce around underground? Get inspired to grab a needle and embroider whatever you want! Apprendre l'accordéon diatonique | blocSonic Netlabel: The best in Creative Commons music, netlabel music & netaudio

In The Morning Mag Metropolis II: A Kinetic Sculpture That Circulates 100,000 Miniature Cars Every Hour This is a lovely video about Metropolis II, an impressive kinetic installation that circulates 100,000 toy cars every hour through a vast network of 18 tracks. Created by conceptual artist Chris Burden, the piece has been on view since 2011 at the Los Angeles Museum of Art. Via the museum: Chris Burden’s Metropolis II is an intense kinetic sculpture, modeled after a fast paced, frenetic modern city. Video by Supermarché. Biographies, discographies, toute l'info sur la musique, les liens...

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