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Jarring Effects - label indépendant

Jarring Effects - label indépendant

Pioucube | Réalisation vidéo, film corporate, communication et publicité à Lyon Radio Campus Paris | de 17h30 à 5h30 sur le 93.9 FM et 24h/24 sur le net ZZK Records Aufgang- Infiné artist The epic tale of Aufgang starts with the new century in the star city of the New World. Rami Khalifé and Francesco Tristano met in the year 2000 in New York where they were both studying the piano at the very prestigious Juilliard School. Being almost as assiduous in their clubbing than in their studies, the two began a passionate affair with electronic music on the side of their classical training, focussing on House Music, New York being one of its hotspot. Things started shaping-up in 2001 when Aymeric Westrich, a musician (former drummer) from the same school as Rami, went to New York and, guided by his two friends, immersed himself in electronic music. The band was put on the back burner for a time while they each pursued their individual projects. Considered one of the most talented pianists of his generation, Francesco published several well-noticed recordings (including Bach’s Goldberg Variations in 2001) and was rewarded with a multitude of prizes.

Gfilm : Studio de création vidéo ::: Florent & Rémy Gaillard Volume ! - La revue des musiques populaires About « Yoruba Records Yoruba Records Yoruba Records has been a force in the dance music scene since its first release in 1999. Operated by acclaimed artist, producer Osunlade. Yoruba was founded on the ideals of the beliefs of Ifa and has given us some of the most consistent and diverse music ranging from deep house to soulful jazz. Osunlade Osunlade is an artist who personifies art. His professional journey began in 1988, at age seventeen during a visit to Hollywood. Within the next years and over twenty albums credited, Osunlade felt the pressures and practices of the music business overshadowed his passion of music. In 1999, Osunlade would embark on what is now his dream come true. As the success of the label grew, so did the demand for Osunlade to expand. Now known for his legendary dj sets, remixes and albums including several mix cd’s, Osunlade has placed himself on solid ground maintaining his reputation of unparallel quality in music.

Références de l'agence Mute- Branding | Motion | Digital La révolution est en marche ! Accompagner les talents innovants… Ensemble tissons des liens… 4 vidéos pour construire la maison de vos rêves ! Une identité visuelle révélée… L’élégance du sur-mesure. Les remboursements santé enfin élucidés ! Deux smartphones sublimés… À l’épreuve de la piste la plus rapide du web ! Diffusez vos talents, sur iPad évidemment ! La vitrine des grandes signatures du design. 1,2 millions de stats en 1 clic ! Un site, toute la scène musicale française ! Et en une vidéo, la lumière fut !

Faut que ça rock ou que ça dise pourquoi