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socat - Vimperator dest-unreach / socat Abstract what: "netcat++" (extended design, new implementation) OS: AIX, BSD, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris e.a. (UNIX) lic: GPL2 inst: tar x...; ./configure; make; make install doc: README; socat.html, socat.1; ui: command line exa: socat TCP6-LISTEN:8080,reuseaddr,fork keyw: tcp, udp, ipv6, raw ip, unix-socket, pty, pipe, listen, socks4, socks4a, proxy-connect, ssl-client, filedescriptor, readline, stdio, exec, system, file, open, tail -f, termios, setsockopt, chroot, fork, perm, owner, trace, dump, dgram, ext3, resolver, datagram, multicast, broadcast, interface, socket, sctp, generic, ioctl

GNU Project Software - Free Software Directory - Free Software Foundation GNU is a Unix-like operating system that is free software—it respects your freedom. You can install Linux-based versions of GNU which are entirely free software. The GNU System provides a collection of applications, libraries, and developer tools, plus a program to allocate resources and talk to the hardware, known as a kernel. For a complete list of GNU packages and more, visit

New Linux Distro for Mobile Security, Malware Analysis, and Forensics - Vimperator Yes, you read the title right and I hope I just grabbed your attention! A new GNU/Linux distribution or distro designed for helping you in every aspect of your mobile forensics, mobile malware analysis, reverse engineering and security testing needs and experience has just been unleashed and its alpha version is now available for download for you to try out. Guys, meet the new Santoku Linux! Building applications using Mayavi — Mayavi v3.4.1 documentation Mayavi can be used as a fully integrated and interactive 3D plotting tool in a GUI application. Using the event model behind Traits and TVTK, all the different properties of a visualization can be changed dynamically, including the data visualized itself. In this section, we first show how an interactive dialog embedding a Mayavi scene can be built, using Traits. Then we show how to integrate this dialog in a WxPython or a PyQt (or PySide) application.

Smartphone Pentest Framework v.0.1 - Vimperator The Smartphone Pentest Framework (SPF) is an open source tool designed to allow users to assess the security posture of the smartphones deployed in an environment. The tool allows for assessment of remote vulnerabilities, client side attacks, social engineering attacks, post exploitation and localprivilege escalation. This is an initial release, with a subset of features from each section. SPF is theproduct of DARPA Cyber Fast Track grant. SPF is made up of several parts that may be mixed and matched to meet users' needs. SPF v0.1 includes the following:

BASH Help - A Bash Tutorial What is the Bash Shell? Bash's Configuration Files Modifying the Bash Shell with the set Command Useful Commands and Features Aliasing Commands Altering the Command Prompt Look and Information Fierce Domain Scan - Vimperator Written by RSnake with input from id, Vacuum and Robert E Lee. A special thanks to IceShaman to porting it to use multi-threading. Fierce domain scan was born out of personal frustration after performing a web application security audit. It is traditionally very difficult to discover large swaths of a corporate network that is non-contiguous. It's terribly easy to run a scanner against an IP range, but if the IP ranges are nowhere near one another you can miss huge chunks of networks. First what Fierce is not.

wgms3d Installation Instructions Installation wgms3d is written in C++ / FORTRAN and needs to be compiled on a Unix-like system (e.g., Linux). The installation follows the more or less standard method of configure / make / make install. However, before installing wgms3d, several other libraries need to be installed on your system; just follow the order on this page. If you have trouble installing wgms3d, contact the contact the author including the shell output of the compilation process in your mail. Prerequisite #1: SuperLU

Project Objectives - Vimperator Project Objectives The project's short term objectives, which are planned to be achieved in 2009 are: Duplicate the amount of w3af community members w3af is much more than a piece of software, w3af is a community that breathes Web Application Security. NetWire first Multi-platform RAT - Vimperator NetWire claim to be the first Multi-platform RAT, it can generate output for Windows, Linux, Solaris and Mac OS X. But the client work only in Windows. Netwire team clashing DarkComet: