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Douglas Adams: Parrots, the universe and everything

Douglas Adams: Parrots, the universe and everything

Drew Curtis makes Farking an art form, propelling quirky humor to national fame By Katie PerkowskiKyForward correspondent For Drew Curtis, founder and manager of one of the most successful news aggregator websites in the world,, it all started in a ninth-grade science class at Jessie Clark Middle more than 20 years ago. Curtis, a 1991 graduate of Lafayette High School, said he first began finding weird news stories in the local paper to post on a bulletin board at school. “It goes a long ways back as it turns out. … I just had my 20th high school reunion, and friends of mine reminded me that back when I was 15, I was doing it,” he said, while enjoying a couple beers during an interview at Chase Tap Room. “There was a ninth-grade science class I had. There was a board where we could post stuff and I started finding weird news and sticking it up … .” Fark, the website states, is all the stuff that fills space when the media run out of news. However, the biggest problem Curtis sees “is that Silicon Valley has zero respect for Washington and they always have.”

Optical Illusions and Visual Phenomena The 5 Most Mind-Blowing Coincidences of All Time We have previously pointed out that the kind of coincidences you'd dismiss as bad writing if you saw them in a movie happen all the time in real life. In fact, history is full of bizarre coincidences that get downright creepy ... John Wilkes Booth's Brother and Abe Lincoln's Son Edwin Booth, perhaps unfairly known today as the brother of assassin John Wilkes Booth, was once upon a time known as the greatest actor in American history. In fact, certain theater historians and steampunk enthusiasts would probably argue that he still is today. That's what having a brother who killed the freaking president gets you -- in his day, Edwin was as famous as George Clooney, as classy as Clive Owen, as lusted after as Johnny Depp and as awesome as Josh Brolin. ... and we bet that most of you have never heard his name before today. But there's something else ... Where it Gets Weird: Booth performed a heroic act, one that would have gotten him into the history books. That's right. Well ... That's right.

Star Wars Out of Office Emails - Home Obviously, galactic matters can't always be dealt with straight away. So with that in mind, herein the auto-responses which ping around the galaxy when there's more urgent matters to attend to, like an Ewok christening or a Wookiee court appearance or something. Help us out... Tags: Star Wars