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Online Payment Systems & Credit Card Payment Processing Services by Braintree

Online Payment Systems & Credit Card Payment Processing Services by Braintree

CRE Secure – Easy Path to PCI Compliance - CRE Secure Bootstrapped, Profitable, & Proud: Braintree Braintree’s Bryan Johnson will answer your questions in the comments section. In 2003, Bryan Johnson (right) was hired for a commission-only job selling credit card services to businesses. “I was broke,” says Johnson. “The job was brutal. Business owners were tired of the industry’s deception and trickery and didn’t hesitate when given an opportunity to vent.” Johnson quickly excelled, though. But by 2007, Johnson was sick of working for a big corporation. He started figuring out what it would take to do his own thing. He took a few days off work and flew out to Utah, where his old customers resided. Premium, not freemium Early on, Johnson decided to stay away from the freemium model so popular among tech companies. So Braintree went the opposite route and charged a premium. Who are the customers Braintree decided to write off? Revenue growth The formula is working so far. Johnson is quick to note the difference between Braintree and other emerging payment companies. Visit Braintree.

Vend FastSpring - Experience E-Commerce 2.0 - Payment and ... PayPal En utilisant, vous consentez à notre utilisation des cookies pour améliorer votre expérience en ligne. Fermer Le paiement en ligne, simple et sécurisé. Ouvrir un compte gratuitement Vous êtes entrepreneur ? Ouvrez un compte Professionnel Particuliers Faites vos achats en ligne. En savoir plus Professionnels Acceptez tous les types de paiement en ligne : par carte, par compte bancaire ou par solde PayPal. En savoir plus Partenaires et développeurs Proposez à vos clients des solutions de paiement en ligne innovantes avec PayPal. En savoir plus Ouvrez un compte gratuitement, en quelques clics seulement. Enregistrez de manière sécurisée votre carte ou votre compte bancaire. Payez vos achats en ligne avec votre adresse email et votre mot de passe. Configurez votre compte Professionnel. Personnalisez votre solution. Intégrez PayPal vous-même, avec un partenaire ou avec l’aide d’un développeur. La sécurité avant tout En savoir plus Pratique et rapide En savoir plus Partout avec vous Pas de frais cachés

Amazon Payments Amazon Payments, Inc., is a wholly owned subsidiary of [1] that provides a means to process transactions online. Launched in 2007,[2] Amazon Payments uses the consumer base of and focuses on giving users the same checkout experience available on Amazon Payments has several products for consumers, businesses, and developers. Consumers[edit] Online purchases[edit] Other consumer products[edit] Amazon TextBuyIt is an SMS-based service which allows users to find items, check prices, or purchase items simply by sending a text message to "262966[clarification needed]" (AMAZON). Businesses[edit] Checkout by Amazon[edit] Checkout by Amazon (CBA) is an e-commerce solution that allows US based web merchants to accept Amazon account information and use Amazon for payment processing. Amazon Simple Pay[edit] Amazon PayPhrase[edit] Amazon Acquisition of GoPago[edit] Amazon recently acquired GoPago’s technology (mPayment) and hired their engineering and product teams.

Web apps, credit cards, merchant accounts and | There is an inevitable and unavoidable point in the life of many successful web applications where you, as the creator of your amazing app, are going to have to accept your customers’ money. As fantastic as this is, it is also a complete headache. went through this process last year and it is only just getting entirely sorted out. There are bank accounts, merchant accounts, payment gateways and recurring billing systems… and they all have to talk to each other! Actually, this Futurama quote popped into my head on more than one occasion: You can’t just waltz into the Central Bureaucracy. This is going to take you a few months to get set up, but the only task which will really consume your time is integrating the billing system into your app. But why not use PayPal? PayPal has the potential to simplify this whole process considerably. We didn’t go with PayPal for a few reasons, but really came down to the fact that we just didn’t trust them with our startup’s revenue stream.

I Have Never Been So Happy to Give PayPal $30/month ... If you're trying to grow your startup you've come to the right place. Get my 170-page ebook on how to grow a startup and join thousands of self-funded entrepreneurs by subscribing to my newsletter at right. Photo by The Consumerist The process of opening a credit card merchant account is like getting an enema with a rusty potato peeler. It’s something you don’t really want in the first place, and the longer it drags on the more you regret doing it. This was the situation I found myself starting almost a year ago today (applying for a merchant account, not getting an enema). Even though I’ve coded more than a dozen custom credit card integrations, have accepted payments online for 10+ years, and sell invoicing software that supports half a dozen credit card gateways, I had never been through the application process myself. For I have stared into the countenance of evil and lived to speak the tale… A Long Time Ago (In Internet Years)About a year ago I acquired a product called WeddingToolbox.

Kwixo 2Checkout | Sell Online using 2Checkout’s Online Credit Card Processing [Exclu] Levée de fonds de 3 millions d’euros pour Up&Net Fondée en 2005 par Florent Guibert et Stéphane Wallart, Up&Net vient de finaliser une levée de fonds de 3 millions d’euros auprès de CM-CIC Capital Privé et CapDécisif Management, investisseur historique dans la société. Up&Net a développé la 1ere plateforme de paiement dématérialisé en marque blanche permettant de faire accepter tout type de moyens de paiement sur des centaines de sites e-commerce. Cette levée de fonds va permettre d’industrialiser cette plateforme, de consolider les équipes techniques et commerciales et de développer de nouveaux produits monétiques en marque blanche en s’appuyant sur une technologie inédite. Pour Alexandre Micouleau, Directeur de Participations de CM-CIC Capital Privé « Up&Net intervient sur un marché en pleine explosion sur laquelle elle apparait comme idéalement positionnée. La solution technologique proposée, la qualité du management et la traction commerciale dont bénéficie cette jeune société nous ont rapidement convaincu de les accompagner ».

Active Merchant Accept Payments From Your Site in Minutes With PintPay For startups and small businesses operating online, one of the biggest headaches can be setting up the ability to accept payments from one's Website. The latest attempt at relieving this pain point is PintPay, a Web app created by former Scribd developer James Yu, who also authored a JavaScript API for Gmail called Gmailr. PintPay promises to be a hassle-free way of adding payments and recurring payments to one's Website. It forgoes the need to deal with payment gateways, merchant accounts and coding of any sort in favor of a simple dashboard from which one can set up new products, set their prices, track customer history and configure the design of the payment pages. It's these features that Yu says sets PintPay apart from similar products like Chargify, Recurly and CheddarGetter. Another difference is in its pricing model. PintPay is ideal for charging customers for things like software upgrades or recurring subscriptions, rather than for building out a complex shopping cart.

Build a .NET App for Google Checkout by Martin Omander 01/09/2007 Google Checkout is a new service designed to make online shopping faster, safer, and more convenient by integrating with sites to help people pay for goods and services online. In this article, I'll explain how Google Checkout works, give you an overview of its API, and then show you how to develop an application for it using .NET. I've also included sample code for the application. (Full disclosure: I work for Google, where I help large merchants integrate with Google Checkout.) To start, let's take Google Checkout for a spin. Figure 1: Google Checkout, integrated with If you click the Google Checkout button, you are taken to Google's website, where you can either log in or create a Google account (Figure 2). Figure 2: Google Checkout Figure 3: Placing an order with Google Checkout In other words, Google Checkout is an alternative checkout process, not a form of payment. What's in It for the Merchant? Figure 4: The Google Checkout shopping cart symbol

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