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Worst Album Covers of All Time · Tastebuds Blog

Worst Album Covers of All Time · Tastebuds Blog

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Nine Hilariously Awkward Facebook Interactions What happens when you insult the boss you’ve added as a friend and ask a friend if their child is stoned? The most hilariously awkward Facebook interactions ever: My Goatee Isn’t Stupid A Tribute To Clients From Hell I have worked with clients as a freelancer for years now, and like most of you, I have met many a client from hell. We have all had bad clients. Some are worse than others but we can all relate to the stories we hear because we know dat feel! Today we have some of the funniest, and most unfortunate examples of this client abuse that the freelancers of the world deal with on a daily basis.

Parenting Test This page is brought to you by UC Berkeley Parents Network Back to the Jokes & Quotes Collection HOW TO KNOW WHETHER OR NOT YOU ARE READY TO HAVE A BABY MESS TEST Smear peanut butter on the sofa and curtains. Now rub your hands in the wet flower bed and rub on the walls. Place a fish stick behind the couch and leave it there all summer. Obtain a 55-gallon box of Legos. Crank Up 24 of the Worst Album Covers - The Funny Art of the Worst Album Covers Music to Your Ears. Horror to Your Eyes. Featuring the hits: “Oh, God!

11 Things You Won't Believe Governments Have Banned - (banned, governments...) Australia: Porn Featuring Small Breasts Are you an adult woman in Australia with a cup breasts? According to Australia, you don't exist. Do you happen to be a man who likes to watch adult films starring small-breasted women? Bay of Fundie» Blog Archive » Asshole Jesus I’ve seen the original versions of these pictures floating around the internet for quite a while now. They’re somehow supposed to be “inspirational”. I find the whole idea that there’s an invisible guy following me around and watching everything I do to be quite creepy. Maybe that’s just me. Anyway, I found these recaptioned versions over at Boredville. These captions are much more appropriate.

Worst Album Covers Vol III: 23 Funny & Bad - Team Jimmy Joe Hey-O! Put yer eye on more of the Worst Album Covers Ever! These really bad examples of album cover art are as funny as they are downright deranged. awful client feedback In the spirit of Clients from Hell, several Irish creative companies joined forces on a series called “Sharp Suits”… Ad creatives, designers, animators, directors, illustrators and more took time out to dress up their favourite worst feedback from clients, transforming quotes that would normally give you a twitch, into a diverse collection of posters. As a non-designer, I think the popularity of mocking the people that keep designers employed is kind of petty and patronizing…but that doesn’t mean it isn’t funny.

The 21 most ridiculous Yugoslav album covers ever As you probably already know the Balkan area composed by Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia was in the past a unified country called Yugoslavia (Here is the full history, if you’re interested). These are all beautiful countries, with a strong and ancient culture. But what caught our attention is its pop and folk music from the 70′s and 80′s. We don’t really know the artists we are reporting in this post, but their album covers are simply hilarious, authentic pieces of art in their ingenuity.

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