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Illustration - Gemma Correll

Illustration - Gemma Correll

Nacho Ormaechea - Graphic Design & Art Direction Personal project / Projet personnel Photocollage. Check out other projects on my blog Collage photographique. Venez voir d'autres projets sur mon blog Mid-Century Graphic Design After nearly 8 years of running this Tumblr account, I’m really excited to say that Mid-century Modern Graphic Design is coming soon in book form! It will be published by Batsford Books, who have more info here, on 2nd May 2019. Overall its 256-pages exploring and celebrating post-war graphic design and illustration, with a general introduction followed by chapters on books covers, record sleeves, posters & advertising, magazine covers and illustrated books. It includes over 600 images, most of which haven’t appeared on the blog, and a lot of explanatory text. You can pre-order it now from:

Jaspa Arts Paper Cut Illustrations by Eiko Ojala | Go Get Creative Blog Eiko Ojala is an illustrator, graphic designer and art director living in Tallinn, Estonia. His graphic design illustrations are particularly aimed towards books and magazines. Eiko has been nominated to “Young Illustrators Award” at and has been featured on It’s Nice That, iGnant, Trendland, Fubiz and Etapes.

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juliandenarvaez New set of posters made for ADNEditorial Design, Illustration, Print Design2013 I had the pleasure once again of working with Folio art to produce the illustrations for this Douglas and gordon campaign. Special thanks to Chris Belson from Folio Art, for all his hard work and excellent management, and to Ellie Kingsbury also from Folio Art, for always being ready to collaborate. Drawing, Illustration2013 PAPA SANGRE It was really nice to illustrate this amazing application game in which I work with with two wonderful creative teams, Folio art and Something Else. Papa Sangre is a video game with no video. It’s a first-person thriller, done entirely in audio by an award-winning team of game designers, musicians, sound designers and developers. We’ve created an entire world using the first ever real-time 3D audio engine implemented on a handheld device—an almost impossible feat. Illustration, Visual Arts

Papercut aesthetics with vectors Software Illustrator and Photoshop CS3 or laterTime needed 3-4 hoursSkills-Understand how to layer an image-Use basic layer effects-Increase relevance with colour I’ve always been drawn towards craft-led techniques, and like to find ways to recreate them in a digital environment. I often add some traditional airbrushing into my shading work with Photoshop and a Wacom tablet, for instance. I was recently asked to produce my own take on Diesel’s Only The Brave Eau de Toilette bottle, and decided to emulate a papercut aesthetic to create a fluid and abstract design that would be distinctive and have a sense of depth. Using a juice bottle as a subject, I’ll show you how to digitally produce a papercut look and integrate it with the style of type that you might find on advertising posters or print adverts, for example. 01 Start by sketching a few rough layouts with a pencil. 02 When you’re happy with your design, open Illustrator and create a new document. 11 Next, draw your title.

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