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Un petit peu de ci Un petit peu de ça. Et il reste toujours à imaginer la suite, bercée par l'incertitude, et aussi la Certitude que l'on aime trop ces petites choses là. Si je te parle c’est pour mieux t’entendre Si je t’entends je suis sûr de te comprendre Si tu souris c’est pour mieux m’envahir Si tu souris je vois le monde entier Si je t’étreins c’est pour me continuer Si nous vivons tout sera à plaisir Si je te quitte nous nous souviendrons En te quittant nous nous retrouverons.

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A tribute to her hero, Dr. Jane Goodall Some time ago I wrote about the importance of giving our children real heroes to look up to, specially if we have daughters. In this post I shared the panel of real heroes that the girls made for our corridor, and I talked about why I think these panels matter. In it you can see that one of my daughter’s heroes is Dr. Jane Goodall. She just adores this incredible woman. She would love to work with animals when she’ll grow up and in Jane Goodall she sees a wonderful example of what a determined woman can achieve. Yoga Retreats With Babies Innika Choo from fashion blog No Faux Pas and her husband, Pern, just returned from a two-week yoga retreat in Coonoor, India…with their one year old Eadie Bo. She tells suitcases&strollers how she found her inner “om” with a bubba alongside and how it is possible to do yoga retreats with a baby. Where did you go to do your yoga retreat with baby and what was it like?

madame hervé : behind the curtains 2013 was a good year, not superbe, but really ok. I'm looking forward to 2014 and I'm sure it's much better than this last year. We have big plans for 2014, I will tell you more when the time is right! Have a wonderful rest of the year and a perfect start 2014! Enjoy your days off with you're loved ones.. and make time for each other.. Schuyler Samperton Interior Design So far, I’m a big fan of 2013. I realize that it’s pretty early in the game, but I’ve already knocked out one of my resolutions. A few months ago, I read that the Little Flower School of Brooklyn would be teaching a class in LA, and I watched and waited for the registration notice like a thirteen–year-old girl trying to get Justin Beiber tickets. Last Saturday, I was lucky enough to be one of twenty students, and it was AMAZING!

Bambino Goodies This cheery cotton jersey sweatshirt from Jigsaw Junior is like a little injection of sunshine into your day. It’s also the perfect.. Numero 74 Superhero Costumes If you’re looking for some great items to add to the dress up box, check out Numero 74′s superhero costumes. momstory My name is Filippa, I live in Denmark with my husband Claus and our three girls Natascha(11), Olivia (8) and Cleo(3) – we have three cats, 5 fish and five chicken that provide us eggs every day. I am a freelance interior stylist with a love for DIY, and ideas for kids, therefore 70 % of my work is all about kids. My blog is called Cirkus, it started as the place where I could show all the amazing things I find, in hope that someone would be interested and get inspired as I do. I also pin here when I see things I love or need to remember.

blog - upon a fold wheel of life... January 15, 2014 Something very beautiful I just watched and wanted to share. It’s a film by André Gidoin & The Makerie Studio. Blog - Collage CollageCollage Collage Some artists have an incredible way of capturing the essence of childhood, I find this is especially endearing in children’s books. The way a child stands, or the excitement and delight in play, Cale Atkinson is one of those artists. The first time I picked up a copy of To The Sea, I was hooked.

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