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UNESCO Astronomy and World Heritage Webportal - Home

UNESCO Astronomy and World Heritage Webportal - Home
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Xpedition Hall Interactive Archive: Xpedition Hall Welcome to the Interactive “Museum” That Takes You on Geography Journeys See other versions of this page: About Xpedition Hall Xpedition Hall is an archived interactive from the National Geographic Xpeditions website. Find More Interactives Check out our other interactives and games! Find more » Mapping MapMaker Interactive Looking for a dynamic map with layers of information about our world? Xpeditions is now archived in National Geographic Education's new website— If you liked Xpeditions, you'll love the new media-rich Please note: to search for Xpeditions content, check the "include archive" filter. Welcome to! Would you be willing to give us brief (1 minute) feedback? YesNoRemind me later Thanks for helping us improve our website! Feedback Analytics by What is this?

Theories of The Deep Understanding of Things Art & Language. Sea Ghost II. 2014. Acrylic with ink and mixed media on canvas. 176 x 149.5 cm. "If they play “My Way” at your funeral, you were probably kind of an asshole." Chandra Education Data Analysis Software & Activities Healthy Eating: Easy Tips for Planning a Healthy Diet & Sticking to It Healthy eating tip 1: Set yourself up for success To set yourself up for success, think about planning a healthy diet as a number of small, manageable steps rather than one big drastic change. If you approach the changes gradually and with commitment, you will have a healthy diet sooner than you think. Simplify. Think of water and exercise as food groups in your diet. Water. Exercise. Healthy eating tip 2: Moderation is key People often think of healthy eating as an all or nothing proposition, but a key foundation for any healthy diet is moderation. For most of us, moderation or balance means eating less than we do now. Try not to think of certain foods as “off-limits.” Healthy eating tip 3: It's not just what you eat, it's how you eat Healthy eating is about more than the food on your plate—it is also about how you think about food. Eat with others whenever possible. Healthy eating tip 4: Fill up on colorful fruits and vegetables Fruits and vegetables are the foundation of a healthy diet.

20 Clever Ads on Buildings EmailEmail Some time ago I was walking by an office building, looked up and saw a huge sign on it: “Affection”. As it turned out, it was the name of an IT company that was renting some office space in that building. However, from a mere mortal’s point of view, it seemed that the whole building belonged to them. I thought to myself, “if a plain logo can have such a strong impact when placed on a building, what would happen if somebody put some creativity in it”. After doing a little research we’ve come up with 20 of the most creative advertisements on building , now the only question is, how come I never run into anything like that in the real life? Coop’s Paints (Insurance Ad) Advertising Agency: TM Advertising , USA, Dallas Penline Stationery: Strong tape Agency: Euro RSCG, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Discovery Channel: Shark To celebrate Shark Week 2010, Discovery Channel turned their office building in Silver Spring, Maryland into a giant shark. Alco: Wash Me Kill Bill Vol. 1 Nike Sport Nike: Ball 2.7M Telescope Control System This is a quick and dirty guide to get up and running with the 2.7M TCS system. Please consult the 2.7M TCS Users Manual for complete instructions and information (found at Please note that TCS MUST be running fefore you move the telescope for any reason! NOTE: It is the user's responsibility to see that the telescope is operated in a safe manner. All users should fully read the 2.7M TCS Users Manual prior to running this system. Go here for the apogee guider user's manual. Quick instructions: ssh into apogee or apogee2 as appropriate. To run the 2.7M TCS: Go to the old 2.7M control room (just northwest of the north telescope pier) and locate colossus (located in the electronics rack just to the left as you enter the room). To shut down the system for the night, stow the telescope and then press any of the emergency stop buttons. Login to Oberon as yourself.

Active science modules GlaxoSmithKline's Active Science website is no longer available. The majority of the content from this site has been transferred to the ABPI Resources for Schools website. You may access the modules as follows: Age 5-7 Humans and Animals Human and Animal Habitats Illustrated Materials Database and Mission Material combined into Materials Age 7-11 Energy Challenge Population Growth and Population Growth and Predators combined into Population Growth Body Builder Age 11-14 Interactive Periodic table Balanced diet Age 14-16 Enzymes in Biotechnology Age 16+ The following modules have not been transferred; if you wish to use the information from one of these modules please contact ABPI at The Heart Elements Database Selective Breeding and Genetic Engineering Please note that there are interactive resources on the ABPI site covering the Heart and Circulation, Digestion and Genes and Inheritance.

33 Creative Ads Using Oversized Objects EmailEmail Are you ready for a dose of creative advertising? We’ve handpicked an awesome collection of creative ads that use oversized objects and now we want to share it with you. 1. Advertising agency: BBDO, New York, USA 2. Was that a BMW 7 series? 3. The installations were an instant motive of interest for photographers, intriguing many tourists; becoming an attraction of their own. 4. Advertising School: Miami Ad School 5. Advertising Agency: Grey Canada, Toronto 6. To get Mondo Pasta on everyone’s mind, Jung von Matt, advertising agency from Germany created a bigger than life promotion at the most frequented place in Hamburg: the harbor. 7. Advertising agency: unknown 8. A sculpture made by the Berlin artist Stefan von Essen which looks like a giant banana peel, was set in various shopping malls. 9. A car, crushed by a 7-foot cigarette, grabbed attention for National Non-Smoking Week and the British Columbia Lung Association. 10. 11. “Termites Eat 24 hours a day.” 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.

Astronomy at SFA Science Cass Technical High School: Now and Then A 1988 basketball game superimposed over the present-day condition of the old gymnasium. Second floor hallway. The library, from a picture in an early 90's yearbook. The yearbook room has suffered especially badly. The arts mural on floor 3, 1988. Security station on the first floor. Exploratorium: the museum of science, art and human perception