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Great Ideas in Personality--Theory and Research An Amazing Tattoo Artist - Peter Aursich Peter Aurisch, a tattoo artist based out of Berlin, Germany, creates amazing one of a kind works of art that are unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Each piece mirrors Peter’s signature style, merging a whimsical aesthetic with an overall edgy and visually enticing demeanor. His tattoos are exploding with creativity, as he intermingles a vast array of subjects and figures into his works, somehow they all come together to create an overall brilliant cohesive design. Want to see more? Be sure to check out his Facebook page to view his extensive collection. Fine Tuna - Fine tune a design or image by adding feedback & LittleEngine | Promote Yourself, Network, and Be Found in the local Small Business Community

The Sequence of Archetypes in Individuation DynaPsych Table of Contents James Whitlark Professor of English Texas Tech University Scattered throughout Jung’s writings are a few references to the sequence of archetypes associated with stages of individuation. The meeting with oneself is, at first, the meeting with one’s own shadow.… Whoever looks into the water sees his own image, but behind it …[s]ometimes a nixie gets into the fisherman’s net.… The nixie is an even more instinctive version of a magical feminine being whom I call the anima.… Only when all props and crutches are broken, and no cover from the rear offers even the slightest hope of security does it become possible for us to experience an archetype that up to then had hidden behind the meaningful nonsense played out by the anima. —C. The above description of the archetypes’ sequence sprawls over twenty-two, highly metaphorical paragraphs. Jung had already argued that each major psychology best serves a different group of patients (CW, vol. 7,p. 140). Branded Content In New Media – the PR Trend for 2010 | Online PR If you’re looking for some hard evidence that companies are focusing on communicating directly with existing and prospective consumers with content placed in social media sites, the 2009 Survey on Marketing, Media and Measurement has the data. This ability to use new media channels to reach audiences directly, and to measure the value of their response and interaction, is advancing a trend: companies are abandoning other media platforms in favor of creating their own branded, original content in social media channels. Back in 2002 Forrester Research said success online was all about the content and it seems that part hasn’t changed. “Marketers have been aware of the effectiveness of building relationships and trust with content since long before the Internet,” said Gordon Plutsky, Director of Marketing and Research, King Fish. And it is working: Blendtec has seen a 5X increase in sales since they launched their Will it Blend? Consider upgrading to a social media newsroom in 2010. Tags:

30+ Plugins to Make Your WordPress Blog More Social WordPress blogs are getting increasingly social, giving readers the ability to bookmark your site to a number of services, get to know you better in more ways than just your comments section (and vice versa), and view your activity on a variety of social sites. We've compiled a list of more than 30 plugins that will let you make your WordPress blog more social. This collection of plugins just begins to scratch the surface of what's available out there. As with all WordPress plugin lists, we highly suggest you do not install all of these because not only would it be redundant, it would also slow down the response times of your site. Dedicated Site Plugins Digg Digg - Will let you quickly add the Digg button to your posts with commands for left or right float, before and after content and a few other tweaks. DiggZ-Et - Allows you to automatically insert Digg buttons into the pages and posts of your choice. FriendFeed Activity Widget - Share your FriendFeed activity with readers on your blog.