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Living with less, but only the best

Living with less, but only the best
– 11 May , 2010Posted in: Minimalism Great article from the New York Times on how this lovely flight attendant packs for 10 day trips. I love it being shown in pictures. I am definitely going to do something like this before packing for Europe for 6 weeks. I promise This is what she packs: Three pairs of shortsThree pairs of dress pantsOne skirtThree pairs of casual pants or jeansThree nightgownsThree bathing suitsOne sarongThree lightweight sweatersFour dresses10 casual shirtsSix dress shirtsA clutchToiletriesTwo pairs of shoes She’ll wear the third pair of shoes, as well as jeans and a longer sweater. Personally, I wouldn’t bring nightgowns, shorts or bathing suits, or as many casual shirts, but I’ll post my list and justifications for my lifestyle before Europe. This is the way she manages to pack her suitcase carefully: And she ends up with this: Instead of this, with the traditional flat pack way with the SAME amount of stuff (incredible, huh?) Related:  Trucchi e astuzie

Travel Top 10s | Global Grasshopper | Travel Tips and Inspiration Ultramodern, shimmering and chic—Hong Kong’s cosmopolitan cityscape easily boasts some of the world’s best shopping and dining experiences in the world. But though there might be enough Luis Vuittons and Michelin-starred restaurants to drain even the deepest of wallets…. Pack Light and Travel Happy Think in Terms of What You Can Do Without By Rick Steves You’ll never meet a traveler who, after five trips, brags, “Every year I pack heavier.” The measure of a good traveler is how light she travels. You can’t travel heavy, happy, and cheap. Limit yourself to 20 pounds in a carry-on-size bag. Pack light . . . and pack smart. What to Bring? How do you fit a whole trip’s worth of luggage into a small suitcase or backpack? Spread out everything you think you might need on the living room floor. Don’t pack for the worst scenario. Unless you plan to camp or sleep out a lot, a sleeping bag is a bulky security blanket. Backpack or Suitcase? If you’d like the ease of a backpack without forgoing the “respectability” of a suitcase, try a convertible suitcase/backpack with zip-away shoulder straps. As for backpacks, sturdy stitching, front and side pouches, padded shoulder straps, and a low-profile color all are virtues. Clothing The bulk of your luggage is clothing. Electricity • 5 shirts.

Leisure / Business Travel Packing List - Travel Light (One Bag)! The Traveller’s Medicine Cabinet: 5 Essential Drugs While out roving you aren’t always (or even often) anywhere near a hospital or pharmacy. But, if you pack these nutritional supplements and natural medications wherever you go, you’ll be able to cope just fine. #1: Kratom The Situation You’re hiking the Appalachian trail in the dead of winter. It’s freezing cold, the terrain is rough, and you’ve got another four hours of trudging through the snow before you reach your destination for the night. Suddenly the worst happens; your boot gets caught between two rocks, you lose your footing and tumble to the ground, wrenching your ankle in the process. © Miserlou What It Is A leafy green plant grown mainly in Southeast Asia. Uses First and foremost, Kratom is a powerful painkiller similar to Morphine or Opium. Side-Effects Kratom is mildly addictive, about on par with caffeine. Forms Kratom can be purchased in dried leafy form, as an extract, a resin, or in pill form. Legality Kratom is legal in most of the developed world. #2: Kava Kava Kava Kava None.

Les 9 règles d’or du voyage, selon Paulo Coelho L’écrivain Paulo Coelho, qui se décrit comme un pèlerin dans l’âme, vient de publier sur son blogue les 9 principaux trucs qu’il préconise pour bien voyager. En voici un aperçu (traduction libre). Désert blanc, Égypte - Gary Lawrence 1-Évitez les musées: si vous êtes dans une ville, n’est-il pas plus intéressant de vous attarder au présent plutôt qu’au passé? Certes, les musées ont leur utilité, mais ils nécessitent temps et objectivité – vous devez savoir à quoi vous y attendre, sinon vous en sortirez avec l’impression d’avoir vu quelque chose d’essentiel, sans vous rappeler ce que c’était. 2-Traînez dans les bars populaires: c’est là qu’une ville se révèle, là où se retrouve le commun des mortels, là où on peut tâter le pouls d’une population. 4-Voyagez seul – ou avec votre épouse, si vous êtes marié: ça vous demandera plus d’efforts, mais c’est la seule façon de laisser votre pays derrière vous, contrairement aux voyages organisés.

How to Efficiently Pack Your Suitcase So You Don't Arrive With a Crumpled Mess 24 Of The Smartest Travel Hacks You'll Ever Need. #22 Is Crucial. Share on Facebook Here are some travel tips that will make your next adventure a little bit easier. #1. When booking flights and hotels online enable private browsing. Travel sites often track your visits and will raise the price simply because you’ve visited before. #2. #3. #4. #5. #6. #7. #8. #9. #10. #11. #12. #13. #14. #15. #16. #17. #18. #19. #20. #21. #22. #23. #24. Credit: I wish I had known some of these years ago, they would have saved me so much time and money.

Homemade Moleskine Travel Guide: Low Tech—Highly HelpfulGuide to Budget Backpacking in Europe I think I got lost in every new city I visited. The second I stepped off the train… lost. I thought I was being pretty clever because I would write down directions from the train station to the hostel. Three weeks of constantly getting lost taught me that I needed a map. Creation I chose a small Moleskine notebook because I am pretentious, and it makes me feel cool. Whenever I needed a map (e.g. from the train station to my hostel) I would use GoogleMaps. I used a glue-stick to glue the maps into the journal. On the opposite side of the page I would write all the important information about the hostel or desired location. NameAddressDatesPhone NumberReservation NumberTotal Cost of ReservationAny Other Helpful Information Other Good Stuff To Put In Your Journal Credit Card Company Phone Number: If your cards get stolen you’ll want your bank’s number so you can report the loss. Embassy Phone Number: You’ll never know when you might need to call your embassy.