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Cold Remedy: 18 Real-World Lifestyle Design Case Studies (Now It’s Your Turn) If not in 2010, then when? (Photo: jphilipson) The video case studies that I asked for in the last post really caught me unprepared. I…am…so happy that it’s hard to put it into words. From Denmark to India, from college students to retirees, from yoga instructors to engineers, the stories poured in. The below videos represent a real-life crash course in the many paths and practicalities of lifestyle design. Happy New Year, y’all. It can be. Gary Misner (below) Gary is a 22-year old from Long Island. Chuck Holton (below) From Chuck: My attempts at leaving the corporate world met with very limited success until I read the 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss. Two of Chuck’s children–both under 15 years of age–are also earning $300-500 per month with their own companies. The World’s Best Fruit (below) This video doesn’t include a name, as the narrator wants to quit her job in person :) She and her husband put in 4-6 hours per week and earned an extra $2,200 in their first month of testing. I did it Tim!

The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss — E-mail Detox The following is an e-mail I received from Paul Colligan, which inspired me to finally take the leap and get Facebook under control. To tame the beast and use it, instead of having it use me. I hope you find it useful, or at least entertaining. Paul, if you mind me putting this up, please do let me know. Short version:Moving to a “Fan Page” model at Facebook to make more sense of things. For those interested in seeing my 2nd-round Facebook attempt, which has worked like clockwork and turned out to be both more fun and more useful, take a glance at Tim Ferriss 2.0. If you own a business or brand, the analytics alone are worth the effort of setting it up as a complement to your existing profile. Use your tools. Auto-response from Gary Vaynerchuk: Subject line: Thanks for the email — click the linkHey, here’s a link that will explain everything! Pete and I discussed/answered: 1. Have a great weekend! Bonus video for those left out of my tweets this evening. This isn’t pure fantasy. [P.S. 1. 2.

Caring for Your Introvert - Magazine From Atlantic Unbound: Interviews: "Introverts of the World, Unite!" (February 14, 2006) A conversation with Jonathan Rauch, the author who—thanks to an astonishingly popular essay in the March 2003 Atlantic—may have unwittingly touched off an Introverts' Rights revolution. Follow-up: The Introversy Continues Jonathan Rauch comments on reader feedback about introvert dating—and poses a new question Do you know someone who needs hours alone every day? If so, do you tell this person he is "too serious," or ask if he is okay? If you answered yes to these questions, chances are that you have an introvert on your hands—and that you aren't caring for him properly. I know. Oh, for years I denied it. What is introversion? Extroverts are energized by people, and wilt or fade when alone. How many people are introverts? Are introverts misunderstood? Are introverts oppressed? Extroverts therefore dominate public life. Are introverts arrogant? Third, don't say anything else, either.

Escape Your Location: How to Become Free From the Office | zen habits Nothing happens unless first a dream. – Carl Sandburg Ever wanted to escape from the confines of your location, and be do your work from anywhere in the world? That’s been my dream, especially this year (see my full-time blogger plea). Be able to move anywhere I want and still do the work I’m passionate about. Join me! Why would someone want to make becoming a “Location-Independent Professional” one of their top goals? You can travel. There are many drawbacks, of course — from greater expenses to less security to all the problems of administering a business and more — but for some of us, the opportunities and freedom of being free from an office have too great an appeal to let those drawbacks stand in our way.Options for Freedom One of the great things about being free of the office is that it doesn’t just come in one flavor. Freelancer. Tips So how do you achieve this dream? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. , one of the most amazing personal-finance and life-changing books you can read. 9. 10.

The Happiness Project Peace and Projects — A very good-looking reader recently asked if I write my books in longhand first, or start on the computer. The answer is: Both. I highly recommend this way. Suggestion: Buy a nice writing notebook that opens flat. My process At the beginning of my writing day, I take out my notebook and pen and write a brief, messy, unedited synopsis of the scene I want to write. My notes are vague and terribly written. Olive, Jason and her brothers load the whiskey into the milk truck and they go over the plan to unload it early the next morning, then begin the process of getting it through the tunnel. Not pretty, but at least I know what the characters will be doing. I give myself a half-hour to write in my notebook, then take my notes to the computer. Tip: Not sure what to write? When the scenes are written, I start the process again, and repeat until I write the whole book. Imagine.Scribble.Type.

Burnout is Beautiful | zen habits Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Melissa Gorzelanczyk of Peace & Projects. Everyone experiences burnout. Maybe you feel overworked, sick of your marriage or stressed about money. Maybe you’re living a daily cliché: one step forward, two steps back. Life can be tricky like that. Believe it or not, burnout can be a beautiful thing. Four years ago I was overworked, stressed and a bit burned out. Quit smoking for good (after failing more than eight times)Eliminated over $42,000 in debt.Convinced my employer to let me work from home two days a week.Stuck to a budget so we could live on one income which allowed me to …Quit my day job.Started to eat right and exercise.Ended my relationship with stuff.Wrote a novel in a month.Defined myself as a hybrid homemaker. None of this would have been possible without burnout. I’m here to show you how you can rise from the ashes, too. Burnout is beautiful. Imagine. I never thought we could live on one income until I imagined a life without debt.

Defining Your Core Values Companies traditionally define their core values, mission and vision statements that influence their decisions and client relationships, but individuals also benefit greatly by identifying their own personal core values. Your core values are a series of words or phrases defining who you are and what you stand for. They represent the internal navigation system for your life and the filter through which you process all of life’s decisions. They are the values you would fight for and the attributes you hope others say about you in your absence or after your death. They become key elements of your personal brand and define your character. Think of the last time you did something that you knew deep down inside was wrong. If you will take the time to establish and live by a set of core values congruent with the context of this lesson, you will make better decisions, enjoy healthier relationships, be happier, and enjoy a more peaceful and satisfying life. Related Posts: What’s Your Brand?

How to be more interesting to other For a while, I was a visual artist. Well, sort of. I mean, I made money from it. But I did learn some lessons from my visual art mentors, and one really cool thing someone taught me is that the color I choose is most interesting where it intersects with another color. The same is true for writing. When I taught writing at Boston University, it took most of the semester to get students to get to that moment. That’s why most people do not appear to be as interesting as they really are. We each have spots in our lives where two colors are coming together and we’re not sure what will happen. A while back I wrote about Moira Gunn, and how she is good at interviewing people because she can find what’s interesting about them. You can do this with any subject. And then I don’t use them. So look, interesting does not come from greatness.