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Bamboo Wing / Vo Trong Nghia

Bamboo Wing / Vo Trong Nghia
Architects: Vo Trong Nghia Location: Flamingo Dai Lai Resort, Vinh Phuc province, Vietnam Completion Year: 2010 Construction Area: 1,600 sqm Photo credit (construction): Vo TrongNghia Co., Ltd. Photographs: Hiroyuki Oki Inspired by nature, “Bamboo wing” takes the form of bird wings and floats over the natural landscape of the site situated near Hanoi, Vietnam. The aim of the project was to study bamboo and the potential space it can create by using bamboo not only as a finishing material but as a structural one. This building is a pure bamboo structure, using no steel or other man-made structural materials. This unique structure, flying over the sky as bird wings, allows us to experience a 12 meter open space without any vertical columns.The open space can be used for many purposes such as wedding parties, live music concerts, ceremonies etc. The shape of the roof as bird wings is good for capturing the wind inside the building. * Location to be used only as a reference.

Sou Fujimoto Architects / 藤本壮介建築設計事務所 i29 interior architects | home 09 (1/10) Дизайн интерьера квартир - дизайн интерьеров, квартиры - дизайнер Павел Войтов Humbert & Poyet Accessibilité bâtiment - Accueil Re-Cell - Ecological Wall by Stanislaw Mlynski Pandora-ish Imagine a waste bin (you heard me). Take that bin and fill it with compostable products like grass cuttings, tea bags, & cardboard (just do it). Now attach your new plant-worthy cell to the facade of an ugly building with thousands of other composting bins (don’t forget the plant). You’re all finished! Now watch it grow, reduce CO2, collect rainfall for reuse, and transform your least favorite eyesores into a recycled, green, and overall cool looking structure. This, in essence, is what designer Stanislaw Mlynski was imagining when he designed the award winning Re-cell ecological wall. Designer: Stanislaw Mlynski

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